Your Guide to the Week of June 6th ~ WEEKLY ASTROLOGY GUIDE

Mage of Pentacles Tarot Card

Read your Astrology Guide to the Week of June 6th: a usable and concise toolkit for the week’s upcoming astrology.

How to make the most of this week 🎯 The week begins without a lot of noise. As the waxing Moon grows in light, the skies are mostly quiet until June 10th when Mercury trines Pluto. This transit asks us to spelunk our mind’s deepest caves. 

What difficult truth are you beginning to find words for? 

By the weekend, there’s a crackle of electricity in the air as Venus and Uranus cross wires. Allow yourself to be disarmed by your most off-the-wall desires. What relationships are asking you to throw the rule book out the window altogether? What beauty or pleasure status quos are you preparing to disrupt? As Venus and Uranus connect in the earth sign Taurus, sinking into a mindfulness practice, body scan, or an elaborate recipe can help jump-start your senses.

The breakdown 🔮 … 

  • June 10th: 
    • Mercury trines Pluto at 2:21 pm PT
  • June 11th: 
    • Venus conjoins Uranus at 3:58 pm PT

Tarot card of the week 🃏 … We chose the Mage (aka Page) of Pentacles for its affinity with Taurus, where Venus is at home and currently residing. The Mage brings its mirth, practical magic, and curiosity to the sensual world. From pondering the perfection of a blade of grass, to beginning a knitting circle, to setting up a savings account titled “Dream Home,” this archetype sees the material realm as a text to endlessly pore over. 

When reflecting on this card, ask: how are you learning to manifest and magnetize the resources you need? Which of your pleasure principles could be spun into gold? What further training or business plan does this require?

Affirmation of the week 😌 … I question the narratives I’ve been told about wealth. I immerse myself in tales that highlight the abundance of the earth and how to be in relationship with it. The moral of this story is that nothing in nature exists on its own. I sink into the ecosystems where everyone thrives.

What to read and listen to 📚 … Your horoscopes for Mercury and Venus in Taurus; your reading and guided meditation for the week. 

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