Your Guide to November’s Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

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When: November 8th, 2022, at 3:02 am PT — the same date as midterm elections in the US

What: Lunar eclipse in Taurus

Takeaway: This second and final eclipse of the season brings a power surge and a plot twist. Happening on the same day as a Mercury cazimi (aka a conjunction between the messenger planet and the Sun), this eclipse has a truth-serum quality to it. Because it comes with a call for radical honesty, the best approach will be to practice candor with yourself first.

The finale of eclipse season, and the next chapter of a longer story

The first eclipse of the season occurred on October 25th, in Scorpio. Now it’s time for part two: a lunar eclipse in Taurus.

We’ve had two Taurus eclipses in this series so far — the first was on November 19th, 2021, and the second was on April 30th, 2022. That means we’re more than halfway through this journey. By now, each of us knows what these eclipses are dredging up in the Taurus areas of our lives. So what surfaces now probably won’t shock you — this is a story you’ve been living for nearly a year, after all. With one more eclipse in Taurus occurring on October 28th, 2023, this eclipse on November 8th will tick the three-quarter mark. We’re nearly there.

To learn what this means for you specifically, go to the Transits section of the CHANI app. If you have any short-term transits from the Sun or Moon around November 8th, or any long-term transits from Saturn or Uranus, the planet or point impacted will receive an extra surge of energy from this eclipse.

What you need to know about this lunar eclipse in Taurus

The eclipse on November 8th is a lunar eclipse, which means it happens when the Moon is full. During a lunar eclipse, the Sun, Moon, and Earth line up in such a way that the Moon gets obscured by Earth’s shadow. These lunations are known to stir the deep waters of our emotions. They magnetize dreams and memories to the surface and seek closure. And this one is no exception.

Happening near the North Node, this particular eclipse also taps an insatiable hunger for expansion and growth. It makes us ravenous for the next chapter in our story, and leaves us craving more with each twist and turn. A word of caution: This endless thirst for what’s next can make it easy for us to miss when we’ve already arrived at (or passed) our destination. Write down your goals, so you can keep track of them. Take note when you accomplish an objective, no matter how small you perceive it. Then celebrate yourself generously. Granting yourself moments of gratification is as crucial to your progress as striving — and it’s a helpful antidote to North Node eclipses.

Why this lunar eclipse is one to watch

This lunar eclipse packs even more punch because it also occurs next to Uranus (the planet of disruption) on the same day as a Mercury cazimi and in a square to Saturn, the wet blanket of the cosmos. When the messenger planet makes its auspicious conjunction with the Sun, powerful revelations come through — and with Uranus involved, these downloads will defy expectations. But because Saturn is in the picture too, these epiphanies may be hard to swallow. Think of them as the “complex carbohydrates” of truth — they’re ultimately good for us, even if they take a bit more time to digest.

Consider this eclipse an invitation to be more candid with yourself and others. This combination of events doesn’t happen every day, every year, or even every decade. As subterranean information and desires are unearthed, view it as a call to live your life more honestly. It may come with a price — i.e., convenience — but the more inconvenient the truth, the more likely we need to integrate its medicine now, even if it tastes a little sour going down. 

Astrology can be both descriptive and prescriptive. When descriptive, it serves as a mirror, reflecting the state of the world and major events. When prescriptive, it can be used as a guide to inform our next steps. This eclipse is both. Happening on the same day as a very significant midterm election in the US, this transit certainly “describes” a moment of political disruption that will deliver stunning insights. But we can work with this astrology prescriptively too. If we’re interested in creating change and disrupting systems of inequity, we can channel this energy to usher in an important collective shift. We need a diversity of tactics to interrupt injustice. Collective power can and must be used in a variety of ways, consistently, toward the common goal of a society that prioritizes the wellbeing of the masses. This eclipse reminds us of that.

8 ways to work with eclipse season 

In traditional astrology, eclipses are times to lay low and take it easy. Here are some ways to make your experience as smooth as possible:

  1. Expect the unexpected. Schedule some breathing room into your calendar as a buffer against unforeseeable events. If you are voting, get to the polls early and be prepared for unpredictable wait times.
  2. Rest deeply and often. Anywhere and anytime you can get some shut-eye, take it. Give yourself ample time to integrate system updates.
  3. Practice grounding activities. Venture into nature, tend to your house plants, or spend time with pets. 
  4. Weave consistency into your days to offset the impact of any surprises. Keeping a regular bedtime or sticking to your morning meditation practice will help you feel calm amid periods of instability. 
  5. Give yourself permission to silence your phone, RSVP “no thank you,” and prioritize quality time with the people and activities that replenish your system. 
  6. Find out how these eclipses will impact you by reading Your Horoscope for Scorpio season.
  7. Listen to the Week Ahead podcast, as well as Your Reading in the This Week tab of the CHANI app.
  8. Work through any emotions these eclipses push to the surface by utilizing the guided meditation, journal prompts, and grounding ritual in the This Week tab of the CHANI app.

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