Your daily horoscopes are here!

Collage of daily horoscopes in the CHANI app

Since we launched the app in 2020, our most-requested feature has been daily horoscopes. And at long last — they’re here. Head over to the CHANI app (or click here for Android users) to read yours.

When you update your CHANI app, you will be met with an expanded homepage view:

  • TODAY — Stay present with daily horoscopes, meditations, and a snapshot of the Moon phase and sign.
  • THIS WEEK — Prepare and reflect with the Week Ahead Podcast, affirmations for each week, weekly tarot cards, and weekly workshops featuring personalized readings for your sign, journal prompts, guided meditations, rituals, and altar suggestions.
  • THIS YEAR — Plan ahead with your yearly horoscope, Your 2022 Readings, and more.

How to use our new homepage

Our new homepage has three distinct views so you can easily navigate your personalized astrology guidance.

aka the daily view

Image of "Today" view of the CHANI app

This homepage view lets you check your Daily Horoscope, read about the Current Moon Phase and Sign, and listen to the Meditation of the Day.

This Week
aka the weekly view

Image of "This Week" view on the CHANI app

This homepage view allows you to listen to the Week Ahead podcast, read about the Tarot Card of the Week, view your Affirmation of the Week, and dive deeper into the week’s astrology with Your Reading, Journal Prompts, Guided Mediation, Altar Suggestions, and Ritual.

This Year
aka the yearly view

Image of "This Year" view of the CHANI app

This homepage view is where you can read your annual horoscope, delve into Your 2022 Readings, and explore 2022’s Astrological Themes and Key Dates. Here, you also get a bird’s-eye view of the year’s New and Full Moons, lunar and solar eclipses, and Mercury retrogrades.

How to update your app 

  1. Go to the CHANI app page in the Apple App Store.
  2. Click the button that says “UPDATE” and wait for the app to finish updating. 
  3. Reopen the app and enjoy.

Learn more about the latest update here. If you run into difficulties with the app, reach out to us at”

download on the App store

You can find and read more of your horoscopes for the current astrology here!

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