Why You Are Single And Lonely

Why You Are Single And Lonely – Dating The Pervert In The Corner.

Have you ever wondered why you are single and lonely – have you ever stopped to think that this should not be the case – have you ever cried yourself to sleep believing you are going to be left on the shelf. Well now it is time to stop wondering because your ideal partner is out there but how can they possibly meet their perfect match when you are sitting at home wondering.

What is it that is holding you back apart from yourself – is it the actual approach to ask for a date or is it fear of rejection that worries you?
These are two fear factors you have to overcome if you are to leave your world of loneliness. Why are you single and lonely – do you pine for companionship.

So what – if the opposite sex declines your invite for a date – you are not on your own. There are thousands of people single and lonely experiencing refusals and rejection but continues to carry on regardless till they strike lucky. The good thing about rejection is you have just found out that this particular person you liked is not who you will be settling down with – therefore not your ideal partner. Heartache is involved when dating the wrong partner.

Is it the actual face to face approach that causes you concern. Well stop concerning yourself over trivial matters because there are so many other options for you to liberate yourself from asking yourself why you are single and lonely.

Okay keep your distance if that`s the way you want it. If you think your ideal partner is across the other side of the room then be sure to send a warm smile over in their direction – if this is responded to with a smile back then fine. This is a great start because you have caught the attention from a confused person who is now a slight unsure as to whether the smile was meant for them. It is now that they may approach to ask about the smile – then you take it from there. (Not in all cases do they come over) Do the talking with your eyes – eye contact along with the facial expression saying I am interested in you can work wonders for most. Don`t be alarmed at some responses you may get by this glance approach because what you may have thought was good facial expression may have come across to the person on the other side of the room like that of a pervert in the corner.

Practice expression techniques at home in the mirror till you like what see – and if you want to go out with you – then why wouldn’t any one else.

If the thought of being single and lonely worries you then why not try the hand written message tactics. Remember with the right choice of words there maybe a glimpse of hope. Nothing to soppy and not I love me who do you love – this can kill any chance you may have had. If you show enough interest in a certain person in the right way you will get a reaction – not always the one you want but at least you know where you stand.

If only the lonely would choose to mingle – then single they will not be.

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