What to Know About the Disruptive Astrology of July and August, 2022

Collage for the Astrology of July and August 2022

The last part of July and the beginning of August are all about change — and breakthroughs. When Uranus and Mars conjoin the North Node between July 31st and August 1st, an electric, frenzied moment is unearthed. After meeting up with the North Node and Uranus, Mars then goes on to confront Saturn, the planet of obstacles and restriction, on August 7th. 

Is this period complicated? Yes. Is it challenging? Absolutely. But we don’t believe in fearing this (or any other) astrology. We do, however, believe in heeding and working with it. 

We like to think of the sky as a mirror — or a cosmic support hotline — that gives us warning signs and green lights, and encourages us to get to know our growth edges and remember our agency. These transits will clarify our greatest challenges and help us to mobilize toward necessary action. They may even offer us a breakthrough or two along the way. 

The bottom line is that this astrology will show us what in our life and world needs a major system update. Luckily, knowing this information ahead of time can help us feel a little less destabilized by it, and more prepared for it. 

Here’s everything you need to know about this transformational period. 

What’s Happening

  • July 31st: The North Node conjoins Uranus at 11:23 am PT
  • August 1st: Mars conjoins the North Node at 10:55 am PT and Uranus at 4:53 pm PT
  • August 7th: Mars squares Saturn at 12:57 pm PT

Mars is the hot-headed planet of motivation, assertion, action, strife, conflict, and heat. Uranus is the planet of innovation, unexpected change, breakthroughs, and disruption. The North Node is a point that creates an insatiable urge to reach toward an unattainable horizon — this is the place where eclipses happen. 

When these three come together, life gets turbulent, chaotic, and very complex. Their collective influence in Taurus initiates change in our lives, the world, and the earth itself at a dizzying speed. But their union also encourages us to innovate the systems that no longer work for us or the planet at large. Like an alarm sounding, this message is loud and clear. 

How can we sleep while the earth is burning?

What’s Impacted

Because Taurus is a sign that deals with earthly realities — money, material life, practical matters, and the natural world — the astrology of this moment mirrors the economic and environmental destabilization that we are experiencing the world over. 

On top of this, Mars’ square to Saturn — the planet of obstacles — adds its own roadblock. Here, we’re prompted to start and suddenly stop, caught between the urgency to barrel toward our goals and the need to screech to a halt when we reach a red light. This kind of astrology makes every barrier that’s in our way obvious, undeniable, and clearly labeled. In doing so, it gives us an opportunity to reevaluate, take inventory, and commit to the long-haul process required to create something new. 

Since Saturn entered Aquarius in March of 2020, tense aspects between Saturn and Mars have correlated with the introduction of the Coronavirus, and the significant and challenging iterations of the pandemic. This is the last square they will make to one another while Saturn is still in Aquarius. It’s a kind of disturbing finale. With the recent variant strains of COVID and the added spread of Monkeypox (which was just labeled as a global health emergency), it’s clear that this moment brings with it an abundance of caution and the need to move thoughtfully through the world, with copious amounts of care. 

If Saturn teaches us anything, it’s that healthy boundaries are a major part of how we show up for one another.

Who’s Affected

Everyone will feel this astrology on some level, though maybe not personally. These events — be they economic, health-related, or environmental in nature — impact the entire world. We are in this together, and the only way through it is to find and join the people who are doing the work we feel most called to contribute to.  

That said, because Mars, Uranus, and the North Node are all meeting up in the slow-and-steady sign of Taurus, we know that every fixed sign will be impacted by this gathering. This is because all fixed signs — Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius — are configured to each other by square aspects or oppositions (i.e., aspects that carry significant charge and friction). If you have one of these signs as your rising sign, or if you have any planets or points in those four fixed signs, this pileup could bring a major event, breakthrough, or opportunity to assert your boundaries. You might even be the one evolving so fast that others have to scramble to keep up the pace. 

So stay hydrated. Give yourself ample quiet time. Remember that the people have the power and there’s never been a better time to learn how to organize, strategize, and lean into all that is replenishing.

Tips, Tricks, & Hacks 

What to Do before the Transits

  • Listen to your reading for the week of July 25th in the Workshops tab of the CHANI app to better understand how this astrology will show up in your life. 
  • Learn how this moment will impact you specifically by looking up your Taurus — and other fixed-sign (read: Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) — placements in the CHANI app. You can also pull up your chart here

What to Do during the Transits

  • Become a radical dreamer and a thoughtful strategist. Suspend your disbelief and imagine the world rising up to tend to all that is burning, broken, and in need of rest. 
  • Remember that this time is supposed to be unnerving, so do what you can to counter that. Sip soothing teas or work with essential oils that feel calming to you.
  • Give your impulses time to air out before acting on them and explore ways to cool off when things get heated. Vent to a friend or pour it all out into your journal. Let the emotions move through you when they surface.
  • Under-schedule yourself with abandon and interrogate feelings of urgency.
  • Dream up (and act on) changes to your schedule or usual way of doing things. Try a new route home, re-work your daily routine, or take the leap of faith you’ve been considering all season. 
  • Listen to guided meditations and repeat affirmations that validate your drive and downtime. Make this moment as constructive as possible. (If you need ideas, check out our meditation library in the CHANI app.)

The Takeaway 

This astrology will press our collective and personal reset buttons. It will remind us that everything shifts, breaks open, and re-arranges. And whatever we come to understand during this time will nudge us awake.  

Our job is to stay awake to our personal and collective power. 

Prioritize rest. Learn how you personally self-regulate. Make small, but better, choices that will support you through the rocky patches and necessary revolutions. However the dust settles after this astrology, we’re sure to come out the other side with more clarity. A reboot is its own kind of new beginning — and the world most definitely needs one now.

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