What does it mean for a planet to be ‘in domicile’ and why is it important?

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Did you know that each of the traditional planets has a “room of one’s own”? (I.e., a sign that they rule and feel at home in.) 

Every sign has a planetary ruler, and when a planet passes through the sign(s) it rules, it is said to be “in domicile.” When a planet is in domicile, all of its tools and resources are ready at hand. That means within its ordered sanctum, Mercury doesn’t have to rifle through drawers searching for the measuring cups. Venus can be assured that its bed will be made with only the highest thread-count sheets. Saturn can draw its black-out curtains and curmudgeon in total privacy. 

Traditionally, every planet rules two signs, except the Sun and Moon, which each rule one sign each. 

The planets and their domiciles: 

  • Sun — Leo
  • Moon — Cancer 
  • Mercury — Gemini & Virgo 
  • Venus — Taurus & Libra
  • Mars — Aries & Scorpio 
  • Jupiter — Sagittarius & Pisces
  • Saturn — Capricorn & Aquarius

How can you find out if you have planets in domicile in your birth chart?

Great question. Look at your birth chart on the CHANI app or via our online tool. If you have any planets in the sign combinations listed above, that means those planets are in domicile. Once you’ve pinpointed them, reflect on how you find ease or resources in these areas of your life.

Now, let’s unpack that.

The magic of each planet’s domiciles:

The Sun and Moon

Because the Sun and Moon shine the brightest, they rule the signs that correspond to summer in the Northern Hemisphere. The Sun’s home turf is Leo, while the Moon’s is Cancer. Sol’s vitality and generativity are a perfect match for Leo’s radiant self-expression, and the Moon’s ebbs and flows find a homey holding vessel within Cancer’s crab shell.


Mercury prefers to swing it bi-coastal, befitting the duality of its nature. Its two domiciles are the mutable signs of Gemini and Virgo. Within its airy Gemini, Mercury has the freedom to weave intricate mental patterns and far-flung topics together with ease. In Virgo, Mercury’s earthen abode, the spice rack is alphabetized and even the sock drawer is curated. Mercury’s love of classification finds its stride in the sign known for organizational prowess. 


Venus’ two home signs — Libra and Taurus — are where the planet of love can bask in sensual pleasure and aesthetic harmony. The cerebral domicile of Libra brings delights of the mind. Here, a calligraphy set is at the ready and the room’s color story is honed. In earthy Taurus, Venus propagates spider plant cuttings on window sills and has a cache of “emergency” Diptyque candles. 


Mars finds its domiciles in the signs of Aries and Scorpio. Mars’ courage and daring are sympatico with Aries, the fast-paced fire sign that needs to be there yesterday. In Scorpio, Mars wields its power in more concentrated ways. With the precision of a surgeon’s scalpel and a flair for back-room politicking, Mars in Scorpio has a tactical edge.


Jupiter rules the expansive territory of Pisces and Sagittarius. In Pisces, its water domicile, there are no limits to the blessings our fairy godmother pours out. The boundless compassion and imagination of Pisces complement Jupiter’s desire to expand beyond the material world. In its fiery domicile of Sagittarius, on the other hand, Jupiter gets VIP access to the TED Talk stage. Within the sign of spiritual questing, its wildfires of knowledge can spread through the whole collective. 


Finally, Saturn’s home turf is in the two most wintry signs, opposite those of the Sun and Moon. Within its earth domicile of Capricorn, Saturn’s desire to create everlasting systems and structures finds a sturdy place to land. In airy Aquarius, however, the planet is more concerned with shaping ideologies, political platforms, and social systems for the good of the entire group. Here, the contemplative side of Saturn enjoys ample room to breathe. 

The homework:

Both Mars and Venus are currently traveling through their home signs — Aries for Mars and Taurus for Venus. That makes it the perfect time to read your Mars in Aries and Venus in Taurus horoscopes and learn how those sparkling placements will impact your life.

Once you do this, remember to also take note of what starts to feel easier or more seamless in your life as Venus and Mars move through their home signs. Identify the places you feel well-resourced and empowered. 

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