True love can happen

True love is something that can happen in any situation. Even if you are a poor beggar seeking the heart of a princess, a brave and courageous knight who loves infinitely the king you have promised to protect, or an enemy your family hates each other, love is possible. To plant and bloom. It could also be a simple attraction for the opposite that we don’t have. However, this love created a wonderful and inspiring story. Stories about couples like Aladdin, Sir Lancelot, Romeo and their beautiful wives helped make dreams come true. It is a dream that may seem forbidden or incapable of love, but it can happen if you make a good sacrifice.

“I can show you a world that is bright and shiny. Princess, when was the last time you decided? Aladdin and Jasmine rode the train through the night sky, the clouds and the glorious desert city of Agraba , which will be remembered forever. from Love Limits: Aladdin, a poor beggar on the streets of Agrabah, wanted to prove to everyone that he was much more than he thought he was “a rat in the street”. While helping a girl, he begins to fall in love, with him not knowing each other at first. Indeed, the little girl was none other than Princess Jasmine, the princess of her kingdom, and luckily she was in love again. A princess can only be a pretend queen, but Aladdin thinks that one day he will have his own princess. If you’re lucky, an immature old man sees a magic light and takes him to a beautiful fantasy cave. Aladdin uses this light to place Genie inside. With the help of Genie, Aladdin was able to save the kingdom from impending disaster. This virtue led the Sultan to believe that Aladdin was the right suitor for his daughter Jasmine.

Kings, kings and knights in shining armor are all you need to pull off an epic grand romance. This story concerns Sir Lancelot’s love affair with the Queen of Guinevere whom he promised to protect. Guinevere is the favorite queen of King Arthur, founder of Camelot. Conqueror of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere and commander of the royal Arthur family, Lancelot was an unstoppable warrior. He suffered several times and quickly defeated all those he possessed or shut them down, regardless of the number of enemies. But it really fails, but only through the power of love. He couldn’t control his love for Queen Camelot and he returned his love, making it hard for both of them to deny it. They felt this love for each other so much that they were ready to unite and destroy everything King Arthur had done for the rest of his life. Lancelot was Arthur’s best friend and most trusted soldier, and Guinevere was his wife and queen, but they continued their relationship. Camelot, as they know, lost and, feeling guilty, decided that Guinevere and Lancelot should join. Lancelot became an idol and lived to die, and Guinevere almost did. He repented and went to church, spending his life serving God, hoping to be forgiven for what he and Lancelot had done. Such novels are extremely unfortunate, but such incidents affect all history and the stories of the time before them.

“Aw Romeo, Romeo. Why are you Romeo? Take your father away and deny your name or promise to love me if you don’t want to. Then I will no longer be a Capulet. ‘My enemy is just your name. Rose with a different name, fragrant. “Romeo Montaigu and Juliet Capulet are the finest arguments in history. Their love is limited by the relationship. Their family has more than acknowledged their love for each other. Montaigu and Capulet are enemies. Hundreds of years of hate bloodies them, but the love in their hearts provokes hate with every challenge. It’s sad that their love doesn’t last long. When Romeo hears the news of Juliet’s death, she goes to see for herself and finds out for sure. He took his own life next to his body, not wanting to live a moment in this world without his beloved Juliet. After his death, Juliet wakes up from her sleep-induced coma to find Romeo committing suicide because she thinks Romeo is really dead. Juliette, engulfed in sin for causing her lover to die, also committed suicide. Both Romeo and Juliet choose not to live without each other.

These stories are just a few examples of limited love. We do not know what this story is or is not a story, but a fact: many people are forbidden to have this kind of love. Love sees its way and its feelings cannot be suppressed by law or order. It’s a fabric that won’t fade no matter how many times you wash it in aching water. Love is the force that drives hope, and hope is what makes tomorrow today what it was yesterday. Aladdin and Jasmine, Sir Lancelot and Madame Guinevere, Romeo and Juliet have all seen this and pursued their love, proving that even the most restrictive love can last as long as they are willing to sacrifice it. 

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