Top Ten List Of What To Do And What Not

The List Of Top Ten What to Do And What Not To Do In a Relationship

Most of us who have been through this anger and developed a relationship with someone know that relationship is like riding a bike. Excellent when the material is good. When things go wrong, they get really bad. As a relationship trainer, I’ve created a top 10 list for men and women of 10 do’s and don’ts in relationships.


To do

A. Listen to your partner without instructions.
2. Trust and respect him.
3. Make him an equal partner in your relationship. 4. Be with her and support her when she has feelings. He seeks an understanding, not a solution.
5. Carry on after he promises you to. Continue to build love in your relationship.
6. Do little things regularly. He doesn’t care if you call at work to tell him you love him or buy him a new TV for his living room. Small things are as valuable as big things. 7. Follow any agreements you have with him.
8. Support its purpose and direction.
9. Find out what your partner wants to do and go with it.
10. Say you’re sorry when you do something you regret or hurt your partner, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

Do not

1. Go to bed angry at your partner. 2. Try to offer advice or solutions when your partner wants you to listen quietly.
3. Pretend to listen when you’re not.
4. Block your partner when you need to prepare your head. Explain that you need a place. Tell your partner that you will come back without getting angry.
5. Pay close attention to your partner, especially their appearance.
6. Call your partner as if you were his father.
7. Follow every word he says. When women are angry, they like to say: you didn’t listen to me. What it really means is that you’re not listening to it in time.
8. Allow jealousy to build trust, love, and respect in your relationship.
9. Invade.
10. Forget special days. Men and women have different communication skills, different needs and thoughts, and different problems. Learning about these differences can help strengthen your current and future relationships. John Gray begins the discovery in his book, Man is from Mars. Women come from Venus.


To do

1. When you want to have a good time with your man, make it as comfortable as possible. 2. Trust and respect him.
3. Don’t be sad.
4. Keep time away from you without giving your partner a 3 star rating.
5. Thank the little thing he does for you and tell him.
6. Get creative and have sex multiple times. Don’t be afraid to start a conversation.
7. Keep the promises you made with him.
8. Support its goals and direction. 9. Ask what you want! (Father doesn’t believe, no matter how much he loves you, he can’t read your heart.)
10. Accept his disbelief, believing he will be able to do it.

Do not

1. Go to bed angry at your partner. 2. Ask him to always share his thoughts with you. Thoughts are what women want the most.
3. Try talking to your partner during a good movie or a football game. 4. When you’re upset, keep letting go of what you think is a bad relationship.
5. Criticise or insult him, especially if he does.
6. Offend your partner like a child.
7. Using sex as a reward for good behaviour or sexual abstinence as a punishment for bad behaviour.
8. Compare it to misbehaviour in a book, movie, or drama and find out what it lacks. 9. Hate.
10. Try changing it. Check it now. There’s so much to learn about relationships that your parents didn’t teach you. Don’t make one of the divorce statistics. Or, better yet, make the relationship difficult so that you don’t regret your life too much while holding your marriage.

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