Top 10 Can’t-Miss Tourist Attractions in Canada

In today’s fast-paced world, people try to maintain an active lifestyle and often forget that their bodies need rest. It’s important to allow the body and mind to relax.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and burned out, it’s your sign to take a vacation and regain strength. One way to spend your idle time is by mastering a new hobby, such as graphic design or calligraphy.

Another way to unwind is by traveling and visiting new places. If you’ve never been to Canada, you’re clearly missing the boat. This country has a rich history, vibrant cities, and magnificent natural landmarks. Keep reading to learn more about 10 locations in Canada that are indeed aesthetically pleasing to look at.

Niagara Falls

The best-known natural attraction in Canada with awe-inspiring scenery is situated only one hour’s drive away from Toronto. Visiting Niagara Falls State Park, you will enjoy an adventure-packing experience, as there are many activities you might want to try: sightseeing, hiking, camping, photographing, and so on.

On the park’s territory, landowners created a truly family-friendly environment. You can bring your family to a meal together in the fine evening air on the hotel’s terrace.

Ice Caves

An ideal destination for adventurers that like chilly weather. This region is eternally covered in ice and snow. You’ll like this spot if you’re into the cool winter atmosphere.

You can book an appointment with a guide and spend some time exploring natural wonders and taking pictures. If you’re doing extreme sports, you can clamber up the walls and take in the stunning view. It’s worth mentioning that this option is available only for experienced climbers, as even the slightest mistake can lead to horrendous consequences.

Toronto’s CN Tower

Travelers that prefer city views over nature reserves will be interested in CN Towers – an enormous skyline that rises 553 meters up. Since 1976, this iconic construction has been on the honorary place in the list of the tallest free-standing structures in the world.

Here’s an interesting fact: walking around Toronto, you’ll be able to see this building literally from any district. Voyagers can take an elevator to view an entire townscape from an alluring sightseeing platform. At night, this tower is lit in all rainbow colors. To raise your interest, we’ll share some fascinating facts about CN Towers below:

  • Twice a year, owners host fundraising stair climbs. This event attracts more than 20,000 participants annually and helps to gather money for charity funds.
  • In 1976, landowners placed a secret time capsule inside the CN Towers. This surprise box contains three newspapers, local coins, letters from children, and a letter from former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.
  • CN Towers have brilliant visibility. On a clear day, you can use binoculars to see Niagara Falls.

Hotel de Glacé

It’s one of the most unusual venues in the whole world. This fantastic place is located only a few minutes away from Quebec City. Wanderers can visit this boarding house to snap some photos or spend the night here. Despite the fact that this place looks like a magical realm, rooms inside are equipped with the latest devices and free Wi-Fi, so you’ll get to enjoy wagering at online casinos after a long hard day here.

Regardless of your choice, hotel workers will surround you with love and care. Upon entrance, you’ll be offered to try their signature drink served in the ice glass. Fun fact: even though this hotel looks like an ice kingdom, it’s built from glass.

Hotel de Glacé


When we were little, we all dreamed about getting into Hogwarts. Once you see this place, you’ll roar in delight, as Petit-Champlain is a true winter wonderland. This neighborhood is decorated with fancy light strings that instantly put you in the magical Christmas mood.

Walking along the street, you can take inspiration from mural paintings and explore historical architecture. When you get tired or cold, you can get warm in the local boutique shops and buy fabulous presents for your loved ones, or get comfortable in nice restaurants. Below, we’ll offer some attractions for you to see:

Rue du Petit-Champlain A pretty street claimed to be the oldest commercial district in North America.
Rue du Petit-Champlain fresco A gorgeous painting on the wall represents the rich history of this district.
Breakneck Stairs The oldest stairs in Quebec City were built back in 1635.

Moraine Lake

The most recognizable lake in the world is well-known for its ultramarine color and heart-stopping surroundings: high mountains with snowy peaks and cobalt blue sky. If you’re looking for coziness and tranquility, this is an ideal place.

Here, you can clear your head and let your worries and anxieties go. Then, you can settle down and gamble in the hotel room during the snug evenings. Their local apartments have an excellent Wi-Fi connection, so you can easily perform Luxury Casino login Canada and have a great time

Pippy Park

This recreation area is located in St. John’s – the most brightly colored city in the world with a chilly climate. An ensuing atmosphere here reminds you of a warm movie, where the main heroes fall in love and live their lives to the fullest.

This town has an active cultural field: visiting this place, you’ll delight in its art galleries and museums. However, you can try hiking or swimming here if you’re into more energetic activities.

Parliament Hill

This aristocratic building can be found in downtown Ottawa, Ontario. Built in a gothic revival style, this architectural structure fits beautifully with the rich and indomitable Canadian history. Take a guided tour to learn more about Canada’s colonial past and prominent figures that managed the nation to prosperity.

Parliament Hill

Château Frontenac

A resplendent 19th-century-built royal residence located in Quebec City. According to the reviews on TripAdvisor, this palace has the most fantastic landscape in the world. If you want to step into this place, make sure to book your entry days or weeks in advance, as this place is enormously popular among tourists.

Royal Tyrrell Museum

If you’re enthusiastic about dinosaurs and everything related to their existence, you shouldn’t miss this brilliant place. You’ll get a unique opportunity to wander through 13 galleries dedicated to extinct creatures and learn fascinating details about their life.

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