The Ultimate 2022 Gift Guide for Virgo and Virgo Rising

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If you’re shopping for a ritualistic and detail-devoted Virgo or Virgo rising, be sure to take their affinity for hobbies, tinkering, and collecting into account. Think: niche interest books on traditional agricultural activities from an Indigenous-owned bookstore, or a DIY zero-waste vase kit to hone their crafting skills. 

In case you need more ideas, here are a few suggestions for that special Virgo in your life:

Mercury Planetary Candle from Gifted by FreeFrom

Image of Mercury Planetary Candle from Gifted by FreeFrom

This small-batch planetary candle was poured at an auspicious time for Mercury (Virgo’s ruling planet) and supports communication. It’s made with pure beeswax and responsibly sourced ingredients, and 100% of the revenue goes directly to survivors of gender-based violence through our partnership with Gifted by FreeFrom. Shop Now →

Screw Earrings from Automic

Image of Screw Earrings from Automic

Celebrating Virgo’s tinkering habits, these studs pay homage to their attention to detail. Automic is a queer and trans-owned company based that believes in creating radically wearable fine jewelry for everyone with fair and accessible pricing. Their products are also made with reclaimed gold and shipped in recyclable packing materials. Shop Now →

The 2023 Astro Planner

image of the 2023 astro planner

This 282-page planner is filled with rituals, reflections, exercises, astro cheat sheets, planetary movements, and daily and monthly calendars to map out their year, track their intentions for each day, and make the most of the current astrology (all things that Mercury-ruled signs love to do). Plus, it’s packed and shipped by survivors of gender-based violence making a living wage of $38.45 per hour for their labor via Gifted by FreeFrom. Shop Now →

Ink of Exalted Mercury from Sphere + Sundry

Image of Ink of Exalted Mercury from Sphere + Sundry

This Mercurial ink empowers communication, commerce, way-opening, and a stronger relationship with Virgo’s ruling planet. Sphere + Sundry is a small business that makes magic materia and supplies its employees with full health, vision, and dental benefits, as well as 401(k) matching, paid vacation, and unlimited (often subsidized) leave for personal and family necessities. Shop Now →

Virgo Zodiac Box from Gifted by FreeFrom

Image of Virgo Zodiac Box from Gifted by FreeFrom

This sign-specific Zodiac Box features an intention-setting candle, lavender-oatmeal soap, and a Virgo essential oil blend for self-affirmation. Each of the products was handcrafted by survivor entrepreneurs for Gifted by FreeFrom and 100% of the revenue goes directly to survivors of gender-based violence. Shop Now →

Fennel Seeds from Diaspora Co.

Image of Fennel Seeds from Diaspora Co.

These fragrant fennel seeds are perfect for any Virgo foodie, or for Virgos looking to build an altar or make an offering to their ruling planet (Mercury). Grown on the Sakariya family farm, this variety of fennel comes from matriarch Bhanuben’s Indigenous seed collection and elevates everything from meatballs to cakes to altars. And just like all Diaspora Co. products, it’s rooted in equity through fair trade. Shop Now →

How We Heal by Alexandra Elle

Brimming with encouragement and delivered with Alex Elle’s signature warmth and candor, this is a must-have companion for any Virgo that wants to unlock their inner wisdom and confidence to heal on their own. Available through Rep Club, a Black-owned and woman-owned business, this book includes journaling rituals, accessible tools for processing difficult emotions, and restorative meditations to ease the mind. Shop Now →

Intention Incense Papers from UnitedOther

Image of Intention Incense Papers from UnitedOther

These intention papers will fill any ritual-loving Virgo with delight. When ignited, they release a fragrant smoke that carries the prayers, visions, intentions, and manifestations of whoever lit them into the cosmos. Founded and owned by Ellen Nyugen, UnitedOther is an LA-based business that offers hand-crafted and small-batch ritual accouterments. Shop Now →

DIY Flower Vase from Zero Waste Store

Image of DIY Flower Vase from Zero Waste Store

This beginner-friendly pottery kit includes everything needed to let your beloved Virgo get crafty and sculpt a one-of-a-kind vase. Plus, there’s no waste involved —  Zero Waste Store strives to be the world’s most trusted online platform where eco-centric individuals can shop carefully vetted brands and low-waste swaps with ease. Shop Now →

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