The Ultimate 2022 Gift Guide for Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

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If you’re shopping for a magnetic Scorpio or Scorpio rising, consider gifts that allow their intensity and strategic tendencies to thrive. Think: a goal-setting deck from design legend Debbie Millman that will encourage and inspire their plans, or a rich, dense charcoal eyeliner made from sustainable, organic, and local ingredients with low-waste packaging. 

In case you need more ideas, here are a few suggestions for that special Scorpio in your life:

Mars Planetary Candle from Gifted by FreeFrom

Image of Mars Planetary Candle from Gifted by FreeFrom

This small-batch planetary candle was poured at an auspicious time for Mars (Scorpio’s ruling planet) and supports courage and motivation. It’s made with pure beeswax and responsibly sourced ingredients, and 100% of the revenue goes directly to survivors of gender-based violence through our partnership with Gifted by FreeFrom. Shop Now →

The Right to Sex by Amia Srinivasan

This thrilling, sharp, and deeply humane work from philosopher Amia Srinivasan upends the way we discuss ― or avoid discussing ― the problems and politics of sex. Available through Rep Club, a Black-owned and woman-owned business, it seeks to transform many of our most urgent, provocative debates and asks what it might mean to be free. Shop Now →

Scorpio Zodiac Box from Gifted by FreeFrom

Image of Scorpio Zodiac Box from Gifted by FreeFrom

This sign-specific Zodiac Box features an intention-setting candle, activated charcoal soap, and a Scorpio essential oil blend for self-affirmation. Each of the products was handcrafted by survivor entrepreneurs for Gifted by FreeFrom and 100% of the revenue goes directly to survivors of gender-based violence. Shop Now →

When We Were Sisters by Fatimah Asghar

Written by fellow Scorpio Fatimah Asghar, this heartrending and lyrical book traces the intense bond of three orphaned siblings who, after their parents die, are left to raise one another. The novel tenderly examines the deep bonds and fractures of sisterhood, names the perils of being three Muslim American girls alone against the world, and illustrates how those who have lost everything might still make homes in one another. Shop Now →

The Deck of Plenty

Image of The Deck of Plenty

Featuring 82 cards and an accompanying wooden display stand, this daily affirmation deck will support your beloved Scorpio’s intuition. On each card, they’ll find either a written message or an illustration to spark new thoughts, prompt ideas, and inspire them in the coming year. Shop Now →

Viper Bodysuit from LeakYourSexTape

Image of Viper Bodysuit from LeakYourSexTape

This mesh, purple snake print bodysuit is an ode to one of the animals often associated with Scorpio. LeakYourSexTape is a company that was founded to create gender-neutral wear and help deconstruct the binary of masculine and feminine expression with sex-positive ideals for folk of all sizes and gender identities. Shop Now →

Fat and the Moon Eye Coal

Image of Fat and the Moon Eye Coal

Reminiscent of lava rocks, tourmaline crystals, and mystery, this dramatic eye coal combines all of Scorpio’s favorite things. Fat and the Moon is a company whose vision is to provide the highest quality, consciously handmade herbal body care products to those seeking natural and effective alternatives to chemical-filled products. Shop Now →

Ride and Cry Crew Sweater from Yumi Sakugawa

Image of Ride and Cry Crew Sweater from Yumi Sakugawa

This charming illustrated sweater is perfect for the emo Scorpio in your life. And it’s basically wearable art, so win-win. What’s more, it’s designed by Yumi Sakugawa — a second-generation Japanese-Okinawan-American interdisciplinary artist and author based in Los Angeles. Shop Now →

The Remarkable Life Deck by Debbie Millman

Image of The Remarkable Life Deck by Debbie Millman

From design legend — and Scorpio — Debbie Millman, this goal-setting deck will help turn big ambitions into clearly delineated goals that can be achieved over the course of a decade. Featuring 30 cards with generative prompts, an instructional booklet, and a workbook for creating a 10-year plan, it will make a meaningful gift for any Scorpio searching for clarity or contemplating a big life change. Shop Now →

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