The Ultimate 2022 Gift Guide for Pisces and Pisces Rising

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If you’re shopping for a creative and empathetic Pisces or Pisces rising, lean in to their motivation to taste all of life and wander the full spectrum of the human condition. Think: a Jupiter candle that supports wisdom and abundance, or Boundaries in a Bottle to remind them that it’s okay to honor their bounds as they experience everything the world has to offer.

In case you need more ideas, here are a few suggestions for that special Pisces in your life:

The Deck of Plenty

Image of The Deck of Plenty

Featuring 82 cards and an accompanying wooden display stand, this daily affirmation deck will support your always-supportive Pisces pals. On each card, they’ll find either a written message or an illustration to spark new thoughts, prompt ideas, and inspire them in the coming year. Shop Now →

Hydra Highlighter Stick from Noto Botanics

Image of Hydra Highlighter Stick from Noto Botanics

This vegan, organic highlighter will keep your beloved water sign dewy and hydrated. It’s also formulated by beauty and industry expert Gloria Noto using high-performance plant-based ingredients for genderless, multi-use function. Shop Now →

Jupiter Planetary Candle from Gifted by Freefrom

Image of Jupiter Planetary Candle from Gifted by Freefrom

This small-batch planetary candle was poured at an auspicious time for Jupiter (Pisces’ ruling planet) and supports wisdom and abundance. It’s made with pure beeswax and responsibly sourced ingredients, and 100% of the revenue goes directly to survivors of gender-based violence through our partnership with Gifted by FreeFrom. Shop Now →

Pisces Zodiac Box from Gifted by FreeFrom

Image of Pisces Zodiac Box from Gifted by FreeFrom

This sign-specific Zodiac Box features an intention-setting candle, lavender-eucalyptus soap, and Pisces essential oil blend for self-affirmation.  Each of the products was handcrafted by survivor entrepreneurs for Gifted by FreeFrom and 100% of the revenue goes directly to survivors of gender-based violence. Shop Now →

KITTEN Boots from SYRO

Image of KITTEN Boots from SYRO

These KITTEN boots are made with raw canvas so your creative Pisces can personalize their own fab footwear (they’re the sign that rules the feet, after all). Each pair comes with a bottle polymer medium so their masterpieces can be sealed. Founded by Shaobo Han and Henry Bae, SYRO is a gender non-conforming footwear brand that exists beyond the binary for people with big feet who want to wear heels. Shop Now →

Women Talk Money

This searing and fearless anthology of essays explores the profound impact of money on women’s lives. Edited by prominent feminist and writer Rebecca Walker, the collection includes previously unpublished works by trailblazing writers, activists, and models, such as Alice Walker, Tressie McMillan Cottom, Rachel Cargle, Tracy McMillan, Cameron Russell, Sonya Renee Taylor, Adrienne Maree Brown, and more — all of which promise to inspire your dearest Pisces to advocate for themselves financially. Shop Now →

Chromat Swimwear

Image of Chromat Swimwear

Drawing from founder Becca McCharen-Tran’s background in architecture, these future-forward swimsuits are designed for people of all shapes and sizes. Plus, their pieces are made with regenerated nylon spun from fishing nets and post-consumer plastic bottles that are produced within a closed loop, which means they can be recycled infinitely without loss of quality. A perfect gift for your favorite fish. Shop Now →

The Trio Set from the Natural Love Company

Image of The Trio Set from the Natural Love Company

This trio set includes Pisces-approved bottles of organic, vegan, and cruelty-free natural lube, sex-toy-friendly cleaner, and rose geranium and ylang-ylang massage oil. Plus, each bottle is 100% plastic free and biodegradable. Shop Now →

Boundaries in a Bottle from Dori Midnight

Image of Boundaries in a Bottle from Dori Midnight

Witchcrafted with essences of yarrow, spider full moon, rosemary, echinacea, cedar, black tourmaline, citrine, smoky quartz, snowflake, obsidian, stone circle, salt, and essential oils of pine and cedar, this clearing and protecting spray is a reminder for every generous Pisces that it’s not only okay, but really good to set boundaries. Dori Midnight is a Kohenet, interfaith minister, community care practitioner, ritual leader, and writer oriented toward healing and liberation. Shop Now →

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