The Spiritual Meaning Of Not Dreaming (And Why It’s Not A Bad Thing)

Dreams have always been an important part of our lives. Some people believe that dreams are hidden messages from the subconscious, while others take them with a pinch of salt.

Whether you’re on one side or the other, I get you. Dreams have never been properly researched, and no one can really say what they are. And that’s the magic. Unexplored or unknown things are attractive and attention-grabbing.

If you visit our blog regularly, you probably know that I follow in the footsteps of my grandmother, an avid dream interpreter. I love all the books on dream interpretation and spirituality that I inherited from her as they have so much depth compared to today’s modern books on spirituality or dream interpretations. So all interpretations or articles about spiritual meanings on my blog come from old dream dictionaries and her notebooks.

The spiritual meaning of not having dreams

Some time ago, a friend of mine asked me what the spiritual meaning of not dreaming is. People often come to me with questions like this because they know I interpret dreams “Wait, what do you mean not dreaming? Are you sure you do not just forget them?” I asked her. “I’m 100% sure I am not dreaming. I can sleep 5 hours or 9 hours; I can be tired or rested. I just never dream!” she said.

I didn’t know what to say because I always have dreams, or I slowly start to recall them throughout the day. I couldn’t answer her question, but I kept thinking about it. It was like she put a bug in my head, and I had to figure out the meaning and essence of the thing to get the bug out of my head.

These are the three spiritual meanings of not dreaming that I managed to find in old books and personal notes on spirituality and dreaming.

Spiritual Cleansing

The first and most common spiritual reason why you’re not having dreams is spiritual cleansing. Imagine you want to clean the oven. It doesn’t necessarily have to be unplugged, but it must be empty, with no dishes, pots, or pans.

Much like when we go through unconscious spiritual cleansing, our minds must be empty and not distracted by anything. And when is the best moment we have no conscious control over our thoughts and bodies? While sleeping!

Spiritual cleansing is the process of releasing negative energy or spirits from your body, mind, and soul. This negative energy can hold you back from creating a beautiful life filled with peace and happiness. It is something that makes your life more difficult, but it is hard to remove it on your own.

You may feel so much negativity or unhappiness in your life, and you may even know that you should cleanse your spirit, but you don’t know how to do it. That’s why your subconscious has started working on it on its own without your intervention or effort.

Ultimately, if you have asked your guardian angels or other spiritual beings for help in removing something negative from your life, not having dreams is a sign that they are working on cleansing your spirit. Either way, not dreaming is a good sign, and it’s for your good. If you are going through a spiritual cleansing, it will not last forever. Sooner or later, you will dream again.

Spiritual Awakening

When you don’t dream, your conscious mind is in control and fully aware of whatever is happening around you. Not dreaming means not letting the mind get distracted as you are in a mindful state. Your conscious mind can hear, see and understand better without irrelevant distractions, even though you are not really aware of it while you sleep.

This helps to awaken your subconscious mind and connect with your inner guidance or higher self. As you go about your day, your mind is constantly working and processing the thousands of thoughts and things it sees, hears, feels, and thinks, so it doesn’t have room to connect to your higher self (unless you decide to do so through meditation or other technique.)

To understand this better, your subconscious needs to connect with your higher self to awaken all the potential that lies dormant in you, but since you are not helping it in any way (perhaps you are in a constant rush, not meditating, or are afraid of anything spiritual), sleep is the only means by which your conscious mind “shuts down” and your subconscious mind can kick into high gear.

You’re not dreaming because your soul is awakening spiritually. This can help to bring clarity to your life and move your forward in the right direction.

You need to reconnect with your intuition

The absence of dreams can be a sign that you are not connected to the source, meaning your intuition and higher self. This phenomenon is very common in people who feel lost in life or who do not understand their life purpose. They probably feel that way because they question everything or don’t listen to that little voice inside that speaks to them.

Perhaps these people question all that is beyond human understanding and thus have been deprived of dreams to realize that we are not just flesh and bones, but millions of atoms that vibrate and attract things, thoughts, and persons vibrating on the same level, and that dreams are more than random thoughts or memories.

Not having dreams is kind of a wake-up call to think about what dreams really mean to you and why you do not have them. It’s not a bad curse, just a wake-up call to be more open-minded and not question everything that cannot be logically explained.

If you’re not having dreams, you may start thinking about the reasons which may change your perspective on the spiritual side of your life and the essence of being or the deeper meaning of your dreams.

Why not having dreams is not a bad thing

Not having dreams is not something that will last forever. It is only a transitional phase of your life when you are spiritually awakening or cleansing, and your mind must be empty and clear, free of thoughts and dreams. It can take a week, and it can take months.

Instead of wondering, “Why am I not dreaming anymore,” ask yourself, “What is the reason I am not dreaming? What changes have I noticed in my life? What can I change? Why do I miss dreams so much now when I almost ignored them before?”

Reasons why you are not dreaming

Spiritual awakening: When you are not dreaming, your consciousness is beyond the physical body. You are in a state of bliss where your soul connects to the Divine Source. Thus, you’re spiritually awakening during sleep.

Spiritual cleansing: During spiritual cleansing, your mind must be empty, free of thoughts and dreams. That’s why you’re not dreaming.

Wake-up call: Your intuition is that little voice that speaks (sometimes screams) to you, but you ignore it. Not having dreams is a kind of wake-up call to listen more to what comes from within.

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