The Availability of Conflict-Free Diamonds on Rare Carat

Over the years, it has been the concern of many diamond buyers if the diamonds they bought were produced ethically. This drastic concern spurred industry diamond leaders to implement better working conditions, from safety to wages, distribution, and even supply chain tracking.

With much appreciation and gratitude, changes have occurred. Today, the Kimberly Process’ is one of the most recognized methods for producing ethical conflict-free diamonds.

The diamonds available on Rare Carat follow the Kimberly Process, and thus, all are conflict-free, meaning there is no association with any sort of conflict from very low wages, poor working conditions, safety, human rights concerns, and more.

Rare Carat ranks number one in America’s diamond online marketplace, not just because of the ‘Kimberly Process but also because of the exceptional customer service, fast delivery, unbiased advice, tailored recommendations, and competitive pricing.

Diamond Origins

Knowing where a diamond originated from and how it came to be is important to distinguish them wisely. Normally, they are formed from a deep part of the earth and crystallize over millions of years.

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Later they burst out from pipes ‘deep underground and formed the deposits that are excavated today. While companies resort to technology and machines extract them, some people exploit poor communities by making them perform manual labor.

Now, as technology advances and awareness rises among consumers and investors grown throughout the years. The diamond industry has created ways to source their diamonds ethically by establishing a firm commitment that no blood diamonds and any unethical practices will be tolerated.

Exploitation Leads to Blood Diamonds

In addition to the backbreaking, underpaid labor, the mined gems are used for trade, fund civil or internal wars within the country, and sustain illegal activities. With warlords and rebels threatening and terrorizing locals, they can enslave people to dig up these precious rare gems and sell them, resulting in wars. The cruelty and violence that come with diamonds mined in these conditions are known as ‘blood diamonds.’

The Advantage of Purchasing a Lab-Made Diamond

With issues arising from blood diamonds, lab-grown gems were made to increase the market’s trust. Rare Carat has partnered with ethical vendors to create exquisite luxurious gems that have the same and identical chemical composition and physical appearance as precious natural gems; people can have peace of mind and assurance that the diamonds they purchased from Rare Carat are ethical and genuine.

How much is a lab-grown diamond?

The price of a lab-grown diamond can range from $1,000 to $2,000. The price of a lab-grown diamond will vary depending on the cut, shape, carat weight, color, clarity, and certification. Buyers looking for the best place to buy lab-grown diamonds can feel confident with Rare Carat, and their reliable team of expert gemologists has verified every vendor and where their sources come from, as well as the process it takes took to produce them.


Rare Carat is known for its stand to procure the finest, the highest quality, and conflict-free diamonds. To minimize and prevent circumstances that involve blood diamonds, The United Nations developed ‘Kimberley Process, which requires their member countries to undergo a certification procedure and ensure they are conflict-free.

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The diamonds people buy at Rare Carat are certified with Kimberley Certification. With solid proof of certification, one cannot doubt the authenticity of the diamonds they buy. Proving not only ethical practices but the earned reputation of a vendor.

The Rare Carat team is always ready to answer any inquiries that may arise with their diamonds. The mined gems have to be certified during the entire process, from mining, polishing, and cutting to selling. Rare Carat pride itself as a supplier of conflict-free diamonds and obtained Kimberly Certification.


Gifting diamonds need not come with the price of harming people and contributing to the illegal activities of shady organizations. Rare Carat lives up to the reputation of selling only ethically sourced, conflict-free diamonds. Rare Carat’s esteemed status comes from its advocacy and transparency.

The value of high-quality diamonds does not compromise the safety of people and their living conditions. It’s not surprising that with these ethics in mind, Buyers can rest confident that whether they choose a natural or lab-created diamond, all are ethically sourced and strictly follows the Kimberly Process.

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