Sexiest And Hottest Places You Can Go Wild With Sex Beyond The Bed(41 Best Places For Sex)

Need new ideas to spice up your sex life? Well, sex isn’t just for the bedroom. Expand your boundaries, and fun! Here are the 41 best places to have sex.

Sometimes we all want to try new things in the bedroom. Let’s face it, sex in your bed over and over again gets a little boring. Having a list of the best places to have sex can be a great way to reignite your sex life. Go on! Get a little creative with your partner.

Many people like sex in strange and unusual places. Not only does it make sex seem a little more risqué, it’s also lots of fun! Often, when we first get together with someone, we can’t keep our hands off one another, and end up doing the deed in places we wouldn’t expect.

But over time, things change. And for many couples, sex is the missionary style, and experimenting in bed is flipping a coin to see who’s on top. How exciting!

What most couples don’t realize is that sex, just like everything else in life, needs a little variation once in a while. You don’t eat the same food every day, so why should sex be one rusty position every time?

If you want to keep the passion and the excitement of making love alive, you need to indulge in a bit of risqué business once in a while.

We can assure you that you’ll have some of the best sex of your lives in these sexy places to have sex! 

The 41 hottest, sexiest and the best places to have sex!

So, whether because you want to reignite the fire and fun in your sex life or perhaps you are with someone new and want to tick as many places off your lists as possible. Whatever the reason it’s great to have some inspiration. With that in mind read on to discover the 41 best places to have sex!

Best places to have sex at home

If you want to start off slow, expand your sexual repertoire by moving things outside the bedroom. You don’t have to go far. There are plenty of spaces around the home that make great places to have sex! Try these for starters:

1. On the kitchen table

The kitchen table is a great place to get hot and heavy. There are loads of different positions to try too! 

2. In the hallway

Get kinky in the corridor or hot and heavy in the hall. Just watch out for carpet burn!

3. In the shower

The shower is a great place for sex. It’s hot and steamy, wet and slippery—what’s not to love? A romantic and relaxing bath together makes a great alternative if you prefer a more romantic scene.

4. On the couch

It’s soft, comfortable, and covered in cushions. It’s almost as comfortable as your bed. Plus, the TV is right there so you can even put some porn on if you feel extra kinky.

5. In the garden shed

Why not take things to the bottom of the garden? There is something about the smell of soil and wood, that earthly, manly smell that really gets some people going!

6. In the walk-in closet

If you have enough space to walk into it, you have enough space to have sex in it. So, why not give it a try?

7. On a kitchen counter

Getting down to it on the kitchen counter can be seriously hot. Just make sure you haven’t left anything breakable/sharp on the side before you begin!

8. On top of the washing machine or dryer

Let’s face it, the added vibrations of the washing machine or dryer add an extra bit of excitement too!

Best places for sex outdoors

Heading into the great outdoors opens up a whole new world when it comes to great places to have sex!

9. In the garden

Your own back garden is a great place to start!

10. In a swimming pool

A swimming pool can be both romantic and super-hot at the same time!

11. In the sea

There is nothing quite like doing the deed in open water. If you are on holiday and the sea is warm there is nothing quite like it! 

12. On the hood of your car

Do it like they do in the movies and get kinky on the hood of your car.

13. On a sandy beach

A sandy beach can be super romantic—expect to find sand in every crevice for weeks to come though!

14. Under a waterfall

A waterfall is a totally romantic and fun place to have sex. If you can find one.

15. In a pile of leaves

Another great reason to look forward to the turning of the seasons!

16. In the mud

Why not let yourselves get dirty in more ways than one!

17. In a hot tub

A hot tub is the perfect outdoor place to have some grownup fun!

Best places where you can also get caught

18. At work

Sneaking off at work to have sex feels risky and that makes it incredibly hot. 

19. In a nightclub bathroom

So, it’s not the classiest of places—but it’s still fun!

20. Down the side of an alleyway

The risk of getting caught is high which only adds to the sexual tension.

21. In your best friend’s house

Sneaking off at a dinner or house party can be lots of fun. 

22. In your car

Your car is a great place to get hot and heavy. Maybe not while you drive though!

23. In the cinema

If you’ve got a row or two to yourselves, do you dare?

24. In a public toilet

A public toilet might sound gross to some, but to others it’s top of the list!

25. In the park

Okay, so this one is better to try after dusk. You don’t want kids or dogs around!

26. In a traffic jam

It certainly passes the time!

27. In the back of a taxi

Let’s hope the driver keeps his eyes to the front!

28. On an airplane

Mile high club anyone? 

29. In your broken-down car

If you wait for someone to come fix your car, what else are you supposed to do while you wait?

Just for fun

30. In a Jacuzzi

Heat, water, bubbles, what’s not to love?

31. At the gym

You can fit a double workout in!

31. On a country walk

Nature has never seemed so inviting!

32. In your parents’ bedroom

The ultimate act of rebellion!

33. In a barn

A barn is the perfect indoor/outdoor compromise.

34. On a waterbed

Want to have some silly and sexy fun? A waterbed can be the ideal solution.

35. On a boat

The gentle waves lapping at the sides, the bobbing up and down, the starry skies—how could you resist?

36. On a fur rug in front of an open fire

There is nothing more cozy and romantic. Watch out for sparks though!

37. On a motorbike

A seriously sexy ride!

38. On a balcony

A hotel or apartment balcony is a fun and slightly risqué place to try.

39. In a tent

Going to a festival? A tent is the perfect spot for some sexy respite.

40. On a bar

Have a lock in and get kinky on the bar! 

41. Amongst the hay bales


p data-skm-boomerang-el-2=”processed”>Get in touch with your inner farmer and frolic in the hay!

Try adding these 41 great places to have sex to your list of adventurous spots. Of course, there are millions more places that you could try. Depending on how risky and creative you want to get—why not let us know what your own spots are?!

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