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Welcome to your brave new world

When Pluto enters Aquarius on March 23rd at 5:13 am PT — leaving Capricorn for the first time since 2008 — the social order begins to rumble. Pluto is the planet of wealth, power, secrets, mystery, death, transformation, and shadow journeys. In Aquarius — a sign motivated by the needs of the collective — Pluto empowers the masses to organize, mobilize, and disrupt the systems that have failed us. 

The last time Pluto passed through Aquarius was between 1777 and 1798, an epoch that coincided with the French and American revolutions. While history never repeats itself exactly, we can expect dizzying technological advancements, climate crises, and social shifts to alter the world as we know it. With Pluto in and out of Aquarius until 2044, the responsibility falls to us to create new worlds in a time of old paradigms collapsing.

A teaser of change to come

While Pluto will eventually root in Aquarius for two decades, it will only stay in this sign for three months in 2023, thanks to its retrograde cycle. That means this first dip into the Aquarius corner of your chart is only a teaser of change to come. 

Notice what shifts in your life as Pluto lodges in a different sector of your chart. Though this preview is the thesis statement of a much longer social experiment, pay attention to its whispers. Open the doors that disturb you. Ask the questions you’ve been avoiding. Put out your feelers into the shadows.  

If it feels like something’s gotta give in an area of your life, plot the first steps of a total system upgrade. Bear in mind that Pluto plays a long game, and so must you. You’ll have ample time to dismantle the systems or structures that are no longer load-bearing and draft the blueprints for your transformation. Times of transition are rarely comfortable, but the silver lining is that we’re in this together. Our social networks become powerful shock absorbers as we collectively begin again. 

Your Pluto in Aquarius horoscopes are meant to be read as inspiration. If you know both your rising sign and Sun sign, please read both horoscopes. You’ll know which one resonates for you. Take what works and leave the rest. If you’d like to share this work, please credit the source and provide a link to this post or our website. Thank you for your support and for spreading this work around. We really appreciate it — and you.

The following horoscopes were written by Stephanie Warner.

Aries & Aries Rising

As Pluto enters Aquarius, the lay of your community’s land starts to shapeshift. Take note of the collectives, activists, clubs, and organizations that share your hunger for social change. Do a serious inventory as well of the power dynamics within your networks, even if it risks upsetting the status quo. 

Listen in over the next three months. Whether it’s a demonstration happening in your city, or your friends’ unique strategies of subverting the status quo, notice what’s percolating in your communities.

However things shake out, the age of fair weather friends is over. Clear space for the comrades that can help you evolve as an activist, agitator, and agent for change. Surf the waves of revolution alongside the rebels, heretics, poets, and techno futurists who aren’t afraid to leave the old world behind.

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Taurus glyph

Taurus & Taurus Rising

As Pluto enters Aquarius, your professional world starts to rumble. If you find yourself at a crossroads in your general life direction, embrace the adventure that awaits. Raise your professional sails to the winds of societal change. 

From the reality check of the climate crisis to the bottoming out of the current system’s short-term gains, there’s no longer any such thing as “business as usual”. And you’re willing to rock a few boats to answer this call from the future. 

Pluto asks for brutal honesty, so if there are shadows to confront in your professional self, ask the hard questions. Pinpoint what needs to be transformed in your field and the part you’ll play in the demolition. 

Get accustomed to feeling a bit vulnerable as you peel back the layers of your public life. Whether it’s imposter syndrome, blocks around taking on more responsibility, or glaring inequities in your industry, it’s time to tunnel deep into the origins of these stories. Or to blow the whistle if nobody else will. 

With Pluto in Aquarius, you are free to liberate yourself from the professional status quo and take the aerial view. Over the coming months you’ll perceive the bigger picture of how your public offering will latch into the collective tapestry of sweeping social change.

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Gemini glyph

Gemini & Gemini Rising

As Pluto enters Aquarius, it’s back to the future in all your mental quests, spiritual paths, and long-range plans. Whether it’s myth-making through memes, cutting edge research, or coding your first VR game, your mind will be tantalized by everything on the fringes of knowledge. 

In the coming three months, you’re a lightning rod for downloads that will have you pounding the head-exploding emoji. Whatever insights start flowing through you, you’ll want to tunnel deep into these rabbit holes or side quests. It’s also important to keep one foot on the ground and match your hardcore study seshes with equal rest and grounding. 

Listen to your body before tirelessly chasing down your next special interest.

Pluto’s time in Aquarius is more of an initial call to adventure, as your curiosity chip is upgraded. Open yourself to the courses, teachings, bucket list items, and backpacking trips that will transform you. Don’t be surprised if old perceptions of the world cave in as you deepen your ability to pierce through the veil.

Roll up your sleeves and submerge yourself in the mysteries beyond peer-review or polite society. The thorniest research questions will be the richest — so dare to go there.

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Cancer glyph

Cancer & Cancer Rising

As Pluto enters Aquarius, you plunge into the full complexity of sharing resources with another. Whether it’s the first whispers of a crowdfunding campaign, or opening a joint bank account with your spouse, your life is transformed when you join financial forces. 

Though Pluto’s three months in Aquarius are the first act of a much longer drama, use this time to put your feelers out. Dare to slip into the DMs of the cutting edge patrons, collectives, benefactors and collaborators that draw out your own potency. 

In Aquarius, Pluto is motivated by profound social change. Car pools, solidarity gardens, and Patreon subscriptions might feel like drops in the bucket, but these acts of community support will combine into a massive wave.

The 8th House is also where we confront the loss and grief that accompany this messy business of being a human. Pluto’s willingness to plunge the deepest emotional caverns will help you alchemize this sorrow into potent wisdom. In fact, your journey through the entire emotional spectrum can uplift and inspire the collective. 

Finally, if you’re daunted by the big feelings emerging in this part of your chart, enlist a money coach, death doula, or therapist to hold the space for sifting through these shadows. As ever with Pluto, deep subconscious fears or blocks could arise around debt or relinquishing control — but these hard questions are worth facing.

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Leo glyph

Leo & Leo Rising

As Pluto enters Aquarius, the unions you forge with others will catalyze massive change — collectively and personally. Whether it’s with a therapist, a business partner, a beloved, or your best friend, you’re ready to experience new depths of intimacy within all your 1:1 dynamics. 

As the others in your life mirror your evolution, you’ll be uncovering your own deepest desires in merging, love, and belonging. In fact, the people that push your buttons have the richest lessons to teach you, if you’re willing to perceive the larger patterns unfolding. 

Pluto’s first three months in Aquarius nudges you to give an honest appraisal of your partnerships. Anything that’s been swept under the rug in terms of power imbalances, grudges, triggers, or boundaries — it’s time to recalibrate those bonds. 

Or to go a step further: rip up the floorboards and pinpoint the origins of what activates you in any given relationship. The people worth your time and energy will be willing to explore the basement with you. And to befriend its ghosts.

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Virgo glyph

Virgo & Virgo Rising

As Pluto enters Aquarius, your working world is on the threshold of a potent shift. Maybe even a total system upgrade. Industry standards could be bottoming out, as the systems that made sense in the old world are swept away by waves of social change. 

It’s a “get real or go home” kind of energy, so roll your sleeves up and start asking the hard questions about how your business or side hustle can be future-proofed. 

Collective action, strikes, or whistle blowing could be on the roster if your employers refuse to answer the call of this seachange. There’s no end to your bargaining power if you dare to confront the injustices together. 

Though Pluto’s three months in Aquarius is only a prelude to a much longer unfolding, you’ll begin to sense where the cracks are forming, and what areas of your toil require a pivot. Or for you to jump a sinking ship altogether. 

It’s no longer enough to clock in and then numb out — you want a job that allows you to pour your gifts into the collective for the benefit of all. A role that pushes you to uncover your own potency too as you discover how to be of service in the world to come.

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Libra glyph

Libra & Libra Rising

With Pluto’s shift into Aquarius, your creative drives are set to be transformed — possibly forever. No more filler when it comes to life’s delights: you want the kind of self-expression that changes you. The jam session or film that shifts something in your soul. 

With Pluto in a sign oriented toward the collective, plugging into the hive-mind jumpstarts your pleasure principle. Whether it’s an electronic music festival or ecstatic dance over Zoom, a little social facilitation is exhilarating right now. 

If you’ve been playing it safe as an artist, use the coming months to blow the lid off your practice. Allow your inner churning of desire to ignite your practice. If it makes you uncomfortable, you’re likely hot on the trail of something juicy. 

One thing’s clear: you won’t be afraid to bring your creativity into taboo or subversive places. Allow your art to smash the status quo to smithereens. Then collage brave new worlds from the fragments.

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Scorpio glyph

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

As Pluto enters Aquarius, your home and family life are set for an overhaul. Sometimes finding our place in the world requires a massive transformation and a willingness to shed what feels safe. Whether this means starting a family, moving in with an arts collective, or taking your first stab at homesteading, you’re ready to embrace a full system upgrade.

During this initial stint in Aquarius, Pluto reveals what needs to be uprooted in your quest for deeper anchorage. If your current living space leaves you with no space to spread your wings, start exploring other options. Turn the notifications on for your favorite rental sites. Scour the cork boards in your cafe. Scout new neighborhoods.

Home often means our inner circle: the folks and furred familiars in our corner through thick and thin. If you’re still searching for those who feel like kin, explore the clubs, collectives, and message boards where like-minded people congregate. 

Or risk hitching your wagon to a group completely out of your comfort zone. You never know: family might be a group of punk coders, hedge witches, or the improv group down the road.

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Sagittarius glyph

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

As Pluto enters Aquarius, you’ll be uncovering the true potency of your words and ideas. Your backlog of trivia will prove to be anything but trivial, as the data you’ve gathered sheds light on deeper patterns. If you’ve been gathering receipts on issues of power and corruption in your own backyard, it’s time to blow the whistle.

Though Pluto will only be in Aquarius for a brief three months in 2023, start laying down the foundations of the social media platform, podcast, website, or email newsletter that will allow your mind to make some waves. 

As Pluto brings its wrecking ball through the social order as we know it, you will be its spokesperson. Its underworld errand person. Its muckraking journalist or punk Substacker. Though it’s not always comfortable being the messenger in tumultuous times, the more you speak truth to power, the more alive you’ll feel. 

First you need to make peace with the fact of trolls, righteous keyboard warriors, or AI chatbots burying your message. Trust that even in this age of automation, the truth will shine through the static. And your conviction will empower the collective too.

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Capricorn glyph

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

As Pluto enters Aquarius, the lay of your financial lands starts to shapeshift. Certain stories that you’ve carried about money no longer pass muster — so onto the compost heap they go. When it comes to safety and security, your most primordial emotions could be shifting too, as you embrace a brave new era in your material world. 

Cutting edge technology, bookkeeping apps, and unconventional investments will be part of the uplevel. Fortune favors the future savvy now, but it will be important to sort the fads from the sound investments. 

Though Pluto’s three months in Aquarius is a prelude for a much longer unfolding, you can use this time to dismantle the systems, habits, and limiting beliefs blocking your abundance. Whether it’s a generational trauma seeded in times of scarcity, or your own blocks around tracking spending, even the most entrenched pattern can be shifted. It just requires your willingness to face it head on. 

Enlist the support of a money couch, financial advisor, or a trusted friend to hold the space for this process of deconstruction. Remember that currency flows and is never truly stuck.

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Aquarius glyph

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

Pluto’s entrance into Aquarius marks a potent threshold in your most personal paths, passion projects, and sense of identity. The gift of the coming months will be the reminder that you’re never stuck. No pigeon hole, self-limiting belief, or social norm can stop your metamorphosis. Your sense of self only becomes stronger as you chew your way through your chrysalis. 

But first, Pluto requires your vulnerability. Your trust in the process. Your willingness to embrace the potency you’re meant to wield in this rapidly changing world. 

You may even find yourself as a face of this new epoch. Simply bringing your raw, authentic, and unfinished self to the world will set a powerful example.

Though Pluto’s first three months in Aquarius is the first act of a longer story, it’s time to get clear about the layers you want to shed. A ritual of donating clothes you no longer wear, or inking new myths on your skin, can mark this threshold moment. And remember: it’s never too late to begin again.

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Pisces glyph

Pisces & Pisces Rising

As Pluto enters Aquarius, transformation finds you in your most liminal realms: between the pages of your dream journal, during your wanderings with noise-canceling headphones, or within the shadowy depths of your subconscious. Make it your mission to sift through the layers of your inner realms in the coming three months. 

There’s gold to uncover when you let yourself “go dark”. 

If ever there was a time to batten the hatches of your bat cave: this is it. Honor Pluto’s first act by investing in the silk pillow cases, black out curtains, and lavender eye pillows that will up your snoozing game. Start taking the power of a good night’s sleep seriously by carving out time to herd those electric sheep. 

Advocating for your right to alone time and privacy is revolutionary in this epoch of oversharing and tech surveillance. The more that you can clear out the noise, the more space you’ll have to dismantle the self-limiting thought patterns or habits blocking your evolution. 

As a deeper healing journey unfolds, consider enlisting the support of a therapist, a friend, or an online support group. You don’t have to venture into the wilds of your psyche alone.

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