Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide: The Dos and Don’ts, 2022

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On May 10th, Mercury stations retrograde and will be so until June 3rd. (Read your horoscope for Mercury in Gemini and learn about important dates to keep in mind during the retrograde.) By now, we all know the deal: Mercury retrograde is blamed for everything that goes wrong under the sun. It is the kitchen sink of pop astrology. This is a wildly unfair habit we have formed. 

However, it is not without reason. 

So many Mercury retrogrades end up being times of absolute chaos. Times where so much seems to turn to mush. Weeks where no matter what our intentions, we are clowned by the cosmos. This trickster, taunter, heckler can be unrelenting until we learn its lessons. And even then. 

Humility is our only safeguard, and the eternal lesson of this far too regular astrological occurrence. Learn it willingly and remember it always.
Here are some tips to help you survive this and every Mercury retrograde.

Dos and Don’t of Mercury retrograde

✅ Do:

  • Schedule extra time for everything.
  • Assume things will not go as planned. 
  • Expect delays.
  • Laugh at yourself when you make the most obvious of mistakes. Part of the point of this transit is remembering that you aren’t above learning its lessons.
  • Whatever you can to maximize your patience and prioritize calm.
  • See this time as a way to streamline your life.
  • Think of this as a moment to update your systems (internal and external). 
  • Reflect, edit, organize, review, rethink, and notice what you naturally return to or remember. 
  • Use your weekly workshops in the CHANI app to work with the lessons that each week’s astrology will bring you.
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🛑 Don’t:

  • Fear Mercury retrograde. It may be a pain, but remember that worrying is praying for what you don’t want. 
  • Put your life on hold. There are some things you should put off if you can, but otherwise, just leave a little wiggle room for hiccups. Again, don’t fear this moment, just be wise to it. 
  • Buy tickets or plan events during this time if you can avoid it. If you can’t avoid it, plan on the fact that some changes will need to be made after the retrograde period is over. And maybe during it.  
  • Plan for big launches or major changes to the way you do things during this time if you can help it (unless you plan to do so on May 21st when Mercury is cazimi. Even then, you may want to work with an astrologer to get the best time possible for this moment).

Read your horoscope to see how this Mercury retrograde in Gemini is impacting you!

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