Feb 14: Inner Guidance for Compassionate Self-Awareness by Johnson Chong

Inner Guidance is a full body inquiry process created by Amara Samata.  Johnson Chong is the first fully certified practitioner to offer this practice in Singapore.

This transformational experience accelerates our growth potential by connecting the mind, body, emotions and energetic awareness.  We sift through stories from a place of non-judgment and total awareness.  In the end, we release what needs to be released, and learn from all that was revealed to us.

Through the art of self-discovery inquiry, music, supported intuitive touch, archetypal sounds, and a no-agenda spirit of connecting to our individual truth, we re-program limiting belief systems and create a new way of being.


“I felt the chronic back pain that I had for 17 years leaving me in the Inner Guidance Session with Johnson. After a week, it is still gone.”  ~Silvana Shantidevi, Holistic Practitioner

“If you’re keen on knowing yourself better or examining any lingering issues, Johnson is a great guide. I attended Johnson’s Inner Guidance Workshops and they were extremely powerful, profound and eye-opening. I found it being a great alternative to therapy and I prefer how the music/ritual and simple dialogue helps you reach deeper levels of consciousness and perhaps truly connect with yourself and your surroundings.” ~Magdalena Gacek, Global Design Manager at SK-II


Listen to what Johnson Chong has to say

Date: Thurs 14 Feb 2019

Time: 1 – 4 p.m.

Fee: S$88 per person

Capacity: 10 persons

Venue: Sagehouse – 2F Dunbar Walk 459272

For enquiries, please email morelove@festoflove.com.

No refund but replacement allowed

About Johnson Chong

Johnson is a Self-Mastery Evolutionist to Self-Mastery Guide.  He coaches people who are seeking to return re-align with their authentic purpose.  He is the founder of Sagehouse and Creator of Exodus Retreats and has been based in Singapore for the past 5 years and has facilitated transformational retreats in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bali, Thailand, Malaysia, and internationally in Greece, North America and the Caribbean.  He has spent the past ten years synthesizing all of his experiences through his travels, teachings from his spiritual teachers, coaches and mentors into what he offers today.  His book Sage Sapien: From Karma to Dharma – a anecdotal compilation of deeply personal stories through a conscious and modern lens will be released in April of 2019.  What motivates Johnson on a daily basis is to continue sharing authentic experiences with those who are called to consciously reconnect to their inner mastery.

Website: https://sagehouse.sg

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