Feb 20: Stirring Up Your Sensual Self-Care by The Red Shed

The Red Shed…Theme for February 2019 (in partnership with Festival of Love):  “Stirring Up Your Sensual Self-Care”

Why Sensual Self-Care?

The connection between pleasure and health is so vital for women. An embodied sensual women is empowered with the energy and vitality of love. A healthy women has the energy to make a difference in the world, achieve her goal, be a leader, and create transformations. Activating the full power of our feminine sensuality is an essential life practice in healing ourselves and the world.

Our sexual energy is our life force – it is the pulse of ecstatic energy moving through our bodies throughout our lives, supporting our health, creativity and longevity.

It’s a powerful sacred sensual force that deserves to be truly honoured, celebrated and protected.

Self-care is necessary to create health and well-being. It is the foundation of a thriving vibrant body, mind and spirit. 

Women have a natural special stress response called “Tend and Befriend”, when we experience stress we can reduce it by engaging in caring activities or connecting with other women, which creates oxytocin – the hormone of love.

Sensual self-care enhances oxytocin, the love hormone, which supports our feminine health, sexuality and vitality.

Through honouring the arts of traditional women healers around the world, we can recognise the sacred nature of why women healers, medicine women and midwives from diverse cultures have utilised the practices of touch, massage, sacred movements, and pampering to support women’s health and well-being.

Take your self-care to new levels and re-ignite your feminine sensual energy, confidence and passion at The Red Shed today! 

Date: Wed 20 Feb 2019

Time: 7:30-10:30p.m.

Fee: Minimum donation S$15 + one dish/snack to share

Capacity: 10 ladies

Venue: Bukit Batok West Ave 6 (location exact given once confirmed in attendance)

For enquiries, please email morelove@festoflove.com.

No refund but replacement allowed

About The “RED SHED” …
Calling All Maidens, Mothers and Wise-Women!
(*also includes those from LGBT community who feel you are more of the feminine and would like to join)

The RED SHED is a place where women can gather each month to meditate, consult each other, share their experiences and channel wisdom for themselves, each other, and the wider community. It is a place where women are cherished, nurtured and support one another, where they can rest and rejuvenate.

What is the Red Shed?

The Red Shed is a sacred space aligned with the natural lunar cycles for women where we can learn to reclaim our power and light as divine and loving goddesses that we are. These fun and soul-nourishing events enable you to align with your inner self, other women and the greater cycles as we gather around the time of the new moon to reflect upon the lessons of our last lunar cycle and focus and intention for the coming month. Through the suppression of the Divine Feminine, women have disconnected from our true natures.

Most women are so focused on getting through each day, fulfilling roles and pleasing everyone that they forget about themselves and who they are. Depression and anxiety rates are at all time high. Do you think this is because women are happy? Is the current ‘formula’ for life the key to a fulfilled life? These statistics are showing us that it is time to review the way we live our lives.

Often these days, it is not man who put women down, but other women, in the effort to compete and be better than each other. Really it is to prove that we are worthy because deep inside we have disconnected from the essence of who we are. It is time for women to support each other to bring out the diamonds and gems inside!

About Lisa Tan-Koh

Lisa Tan-Koh is a “Divine Love Whisperer” and the embodiment of the Sacred Feminine who knows by experience on how to balance the demands of being a mother, business owner, wife and most importantly, a Wild Woman. Her work has seen her help many women (and men) in facing the challenges of modern living on the work, home and personal fronts. Her speciality is in helping women rediscover their feminine selves and integrating the essence of the Wild Sacred Woman into their lives through ‘Slow Living’ and Self-Care practices, ultimately leading them ‘Home’ within.

Her company, Maven Communications Pte Ltd, which she founded with her husband Lionel, runs workshops, talks, as well as provide mind clearing and coaching sessions. Lisa’s work includes the areas of: Clearing in Motion (CIM), Clearing One’s Past, Communication Mastery, Death & Dying, Depression, Women’s Real Living, Life Purpose, Personal Boundaries Personal Power & Clarity, Relationship & Relating, Sex/Sexuality & Romance, Spiritual Problems, Stuck Life Conditions and Transitioning in Work & Life, and Ceremonial Guidance.

Website: http://mavencomms.com/wordpress/


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