Feb 21: Cherish Your Temperament (Dance Movement Therapy) by Dr. Kayo Sakamoto

Cherish Your Temperament – Introduction to Dance Movement Therapy for Those Who Get Easily Exhausted of the World by Dr. Kayo Sakamoto

The world grows fast; so do the opportunities to meet people. For those who find it challenging to catch up, Dance Movement Therapy (DMT), which is the psychotherapeutic use of dance or body movement, can help integrate of emotion (heart), cognition (brain), and the body in individuals.

In this 90-min workshop, Kayo will first introduce the idea of Sensory Processing Sensitivity–those with high measure of this trait are called Highly Sensitive Persons, or HSPs, and how and why this matters to some people. She will then conduct several dance/movement activities to help participants notice, acknowledge, and express their own temperament, which potentially enhance their confidence and give them energy to interact to other people and the world in their own charming ways.

Anybody who are seeking better harmony between self and the world will be welcomed.

What participants can expect: Basic idea about high sensitivity and why this matters, and movement experience which could help participants notice, acknowledge, and express their temperament

Date: Thurs 21 Feb 2019

Time: 7:30 – 9:00pm

Fee: S$20 per person

Capacity: 20 persons

Venue: Haque Centre, 89A Desker Road, Singapore 209611

Directions: Click here.

For enquiries, please email morelove@festoflove.com.

No refund but replacement allowed

About Dr. Kayo Sakamoto

Kayo Sakamoto, PhD (Cognitive Science), is a Researcher, Dancer, and Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) Enthusiast. DMT unites two of her passions—the science to cognition/conscious thought and the art of self-expression. Currently, she is pursuing a diploma in DMT at Artsphere dance academy in Pune, India—stimulating and enhancing her cultural sensitivity at psychosomatic levels as well.

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