Feb 24: Bhakti Sound Journey with “Dr Foo” – Retuning to Love that Binds us All

Crossing the bridge from your mind to your heart, what will you find on the other side? Immerse in a meditative sound journey into the depths of your emotions and subconscious and reconnect with the vibration of love that knows no separation or boundary. Embrace your imperfections and release old patterns and emotions that do not serve, through the power of sound meditation and dance.

Experience a seamless sound journey melodically woven across electronic, world and live instrumental soundscapes – specially curated by a professional DJ well versed in sound healing science and meditation practices from Eastern traditions. Dive into ambient soundscapes laden with binaural beats and healing frequencies for relaxing mind, body and soul. Get entranced by mystical and blissful world music from ethnic cultures, let your hearts open to sacred mantras and various wondrous string instruments, your bodies open to soulful beats and tribal rhythms. Bath in the overtones of live sound healing instrumentals across all spectrums. Talented guest musician(s) will also be invited to add their magic to the vibrations.

Just like a lotus flower sprouts from dark and murky beginnings beneath the water, it gradually grows to rise above adversity, shining its beautiful petals to the world and spreading its symbol of purity within us all. This sound journey will encompass that of the lotus, as we transmute the dark/shadow emotions into the light. Lift the covers of what’s underneath, you will find the answers you seek. The truth will reveal your heart’s desire, then you will know what sets you on fire.

More details:

Beginning by setting our intentions for the session, we connect with stillness and allow the sounds to entrain us to deeper alpha and theta brainwave states. Allowing the silence between sounds to envelop our beings, we delve deeper into emotions and memories, unpleasant or pleasant, stored in the subconscious. Surrendering to the percussive trance rhythms that may come in midway during the journey, we allow our bodies or minds to shake off, release or get in touch with these emotions. Moving on to the home stretch, we journey deeper into the heart space and discover just how connected we all are, in the common language of sacred vibrations and melodic bliss. Then we will find that the journey has only just began.

We are all made of vibrations, and the most impactful way to create deep change or harmony within is through vibration, aka sound. ‘You are what you eat’ is a mantra often repeated, but many will soon add ‘You are what you listen to’ as well for this new phase. All thoughts, disease and emotions carry specific frequencies, and by prescribing the right sounds we can feed the kind of vibrational state we desire. The science of cymatics has already shown how sound vibration changes the structure of matter. So we welcome you to tune into frequencies meant to empower your heart space and bring more Bhakti into your life.

Date: Sun 24 Feb 2019

Time:  4:15 – 6p.m.

Fee: S$35.00 for 1, S$60.00 for 2

Capacity: 15 pax (cosy space – limited availability, sign up now!)

Venue: Lakshmi House, 43, Jalan Merah Saga, Singapore 278115 (3rd floor, staircase between Daily Scoop & Dentist)

Directions: Nearest MRT Holland Village

For enquiries, please email morelove@festoflove.com.

No refund but replacement allowed

About Dr Foo

Sek Sheng, also known as ‘Dr Foo’, is a DJ who plays consciously driven electronic and world music. He believes that everything in the universe is interconnected, and sound and music can serve a higher purpose of awakening that connection to your true self and oneness with all. Dr Foo’s sounds interlace deep progressive, house & trance with ethnic / cross cultural elements ranging from nature sounds, flutes, tablas, singing bowls etc to sacred mantras. As a professional DJ and producer of 7 years, having played at clubs and venues around Singapore & Melbourne with a darker trance style, a spiritual awakening in 2015 has seen him transition to Conscious/ Ecstatic Dance events where he plays a full spectrum of music that facilitates healing, meditation and energy release in participants. The process of embracing one’s darkness and transmuting towards higher divine vibrations and realisations is one that holds dear to Dr Foo, and is a trademark of his sound journeys. Always curious about the effects of vibration and sound, Dr Foo has been taking up sound healing courses from experts in the field from the US and Bali. Dr Foo is also an avid meditator and yogi, having done courses on Vipassana/Buddhist meditation as well as Chakra sadhana in the Satyananda Yoga tradition.

Music: https://soundcloud.com/drfoo

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrFoo.Music


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