Love Letters from Venus in Leo

Love Letters from Venus in Leo Collage

After all of the disruptive astrology in July and August, Venus in Leo arrives to bring a spoonful of honey to help the medicine go down.

When the planet of love moves into Leo on August 11th, it brings a salve to the tension. It reminds us of the connection, beauty, and art that link us together, even in the most gnarly of circumstances. And it refocuses our attention on the healing, defiant, grandiose elixir that is always available to us: love. 

Love courses through us in the face of every loss and change. It connects us. It demands of us. It transforms us. It nourishes us. It inspires us. It humbles us. And it begins again. Every single day. 

The following Venus in Leo horoscopes are our love letters to every sign. Re-read them as you need. Interpretive-dance them if you like. Then share them with your beloveds, and anyone who might need a pick-me-up. 

If you know your Sun sign, rising sign, moon sign, and Venus sign, feel free to read them all. (To check your placements, pull up your chart in the CHANI app or via our online chart tool.) You’ll know which ones resonate for you. Take what moves you and leave the rest.


Dear Aries and Aries rising,

We love your bravery. We love your willingness to dive in first, to get the party (or revolution) started. You remind us that every day is a new chance. You remind us to play — even if your version of play is an extreme sport, like paragliding or mountaineering. We love the way you bring those you care for into your creative orbit. We love your joy, and the way you share it unreservedly. You remind us to live and laugh and seek out pleasure with the most unburdened version of our hearts. Your love is not for the faint-hearted — and we love that most of all.

Dear Taurus and Taurus rising,

We love your groundedness. We love the way you can make a conversation, meal, or shared space feel like a nurturing rest stop. You remind us how important it is to care for foundations and protect the routines that anchor us. We love your ability to make a home out of love. To treat love as an evolving root system. You remind us to never underestimate the tender support of a boiling kettle, wildflowers for the table, or a cozy sweater when we need it most. You are the heart’s steady rhythm. Your love reminds us of the support carrying us, no matter where we go or find ourselves.

Dear Gemini and Gemini rising,

We love your charm. We love your roving mind. We love your storytelling. We love your willingness to let a day surprise you. We love your insistence that our everyday worlds — our conversations with neighbors, strangers, and chosen kin — are endless sources of connection. You keep our minds open and curious. You remind us that a quick call, wave, or note can replenish our hearts. That love is everywhere and always, even when it feels out of view.

Dear Cancer and Cancer rising,

We love your care. We love your superpower listening skills. We love how you’re not afraid to be reflective, even when the world rushes us all. We love your ability to detect the emotional undercurrents in the room. You remind us that abundance comes in many forms: snacks, snuggles, and heart-to-heart hangs. We love your psychic moments. Your ability to make any place feel like home, and any loved one feel like kin. And we love it when you care for yourself just as methodically as you tend to everyone else.

Dear Leo and Leo rising,

We love your radiance. We love your celebration. We love your fierce loyalty to honoring your sense of self. We love the way you help all your beloveds to shine. How you lure their lions out. How you’re not too shy to dance, or play, or roar. We love how you crown each person who enters your orbit. How you recognize their majesty, their sovereignty. We love how you lead — with your heart. How you view the world through gold-tinted glasses. And we love how we look through your gold-tinted glasses — like our whole, true selves.

Dear Virgo and Virgo rising,

We love your thoroughness. We love your attention to detail, ritual, and order. We love your courage to hold space for the shadowed parts of those you love. We love how you nurture without fanfare. You remind us that the overlooked aspects of ourselves are just as deserving of devotion. We love how you notice everything, and everyone. We love when you witness our flaws, messes, and mistakes, and practice the transformational power of acceptance. We love it, especially, when you offer this gift to yourself.

Dear Libra and Libra rising,

We love your charm. We love your fairness. We love your style, your art, and your beauty. You remind us that balance and justice are active pursuits: like holding a handstand. The effort is never “done” or “achieved” (yet you make it look easy). We love how you show up for your community. We love how you model interdependence. How you transform others with your love, and how you let yourself be transformed as well. And we love it when you hold your ground and risk displeasing others in order to stay true to you. 

Dear Scorpio and Scorpio rising,

We love your unflinching attention. We love your willingness to probe into the underbelly of emotion. We love your uncanny ability to read any room, heart, or circumstance. You remind us of what’s possible when we dare to let our guards down. You remind us of the alchemical power of union and how important it is to stay close to the mystery of the moment. Your love doesn’t happen at random, which is why it’s so powerful, potent, and transformative.

Dear Sagittarius and Sagittarius rising,

We love your unquenchable spirit. We love your daring. We love your urge to learn, live, and love beyond the world you know. We love your hunger to experience more, always. You teach us how to love like it’s an adventure. You remind us of the power of dreaming outside the box. You remind us love is an endless terrain to explore. You remind us of the power of optimism, of saying yes, of taking risks that the heart says hell yes to.

Dear Capricorn and Capricorn rising,

We love your steadfastness. We love your resilience. We love your stalwart ability to commit. You remind us that love is a gateway. You know firsthand that life feels more joyful when we share our bounty. Similarly, burdens are easier to carry when we express our grief. You remind us of the power of mutual support and how to keep one hoof on dry land no matter how deep we dive. You’re not daunted by challenges or shadow realms. You let them fuel you and light the way.

Dear Aquarius and Aquarius rising,

We love your honesty. We love your hacker brain. We love your willingness to break with tradition and create new solutions for old problems. We love your ability to dream — then put those dreams in writing, or blueprints. And despite your casual, irresistible, unintentional hard-to-get demeanor, you show us how love fosters collaboration in the most tender parts of our lives.

Dear Pisces and Pisces rising,

We love your poetry. We love your zaniness. We love the way a song, a glance, a book — anything, everything — nurtures your connection to the world. (And beyond the world.) We love that you empathize so deeply with other beings that you sometimes identify more with the neighbor’s cat, or a birch tree. We love your ability to keep calm and apply a face mask, even in the midst of a busy day. The more you look after your own wellness, the more your heart shines out to the world. And we need more of that radiance.

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