Key Dates for Career and Money in 2023

Collage for Key Date for Career and Money in 2023

Here are the key dates for career and money in 2023. These dates are selected with auspicious Mercury, Sun, Mars, and Jupiter moments in mind. Work with Mercury for goals involving communication or writing; the Sun for visibility and confidence; Mars for motivation and drive; and Jupiter for wisdom and abundance. As well, the selected New Moons are potent for setting new goals or intentions.

January 7th at 4:57 am PT: Mercury Rx conjoins the Sun (cazimi) in Capricorn

Ingenious hacks arrive out of the blue in the systems that support your work and cashflow. Think outside the box — or better yet, imagine a world without boxes. 

January 21st at 12:53 pm PT: New Moon in Aquarius (sextiling abundant Jupiter in Aries at 5:09 pm PT)

With this New Moon, call in a professional future that you might not even have words for yet. Build and it will come. 

January 24th at 5:30 pm PT: Sun in Aquarius sextiles Jupiter in Aries

Fortune follows those who forge their own path and follow the beat of their own professional drum. 

January 29th 5:45 pm PT: Sun in Aquarius trines Mars in Gemini

This day is full of momentum and bright ideas. Embrace innovation and the cutting edge when taking your career to the next level. 

March 27th at 11:50 pm PT: Mercury conjoins Jupiter in Aries

An ideal date for your school presentation or TEDx talk — communication spreads far and wide on this day. 

March 30th 12:03 pm PT: Mars in Cancer trines Saturn in Pisces

Stamina, grit, and a dash of intuition, provide the keys to your professional success today. 

April 11th at 3:07 pm PT: Jupiter conjoins the Sun (cazimi) in Aries

With the Sun exalted in Aries, joining forces with the planet of abundance, this day dawns a brave new era in your money-making schemes and professional dreams. Just make sure to add a dash of humility too. 

May 1st at 4:28 pm PT: Mercury conjoins the Sun (cazimi) in Taurus

Career and money insights are dropping off the vine, especially when you slow down. Get concrete about next steps — but take your time. 

June 1st at 5:54 pm PT: Jupiter conjoins the North Node in Taurus

This is a day of epic appetites when it comes to your worldly success. Just make sure you’ve placed your bet on the right career or money dragon. Slow and steady wins this race.

June 30th at 10:06 pm PT: Mercury conjoins the Sun (cazimi) in Cancer 

An ideal for presentations and exams. You’re eloquent on this day, and your intuition is off the charts. Just remember to follow your heart — it knows best. 

August 1st at 1:45 pm PT: Mars in Virgo trines Jupiter in Taurus

Prepare for a bold leap in your career or finances today — but break it down into its less-daunting parts first. An airtight business plan is the key to your success. 

August 6th at 5:03 pm PT: Sun in Leo squares Jupiter in Taurus 

On this day, you are sovereign of your professional field. Sometimes we need a dash of bravado to push past our fears or limitations. Fake what needs a little faking. The rest will come. 

September 6th at 4:09 am PT: Mercury conjoins the Sun (cazimi) in Virgo 

Insights abound on this day. Bring your most strategic thinking to your dreams for career or financial growth. 

September 14th at 6:40 pm PT: New Moon in Virgo (in a wide trine with Jupiter in Taurus)

It’s never too late to kickstart the initiatives, crowdfunding, and career campaigns that will nourish the planet. Start with your tiny corner of the professional world and lead by example. 

November 17th at 9:42 pm PT: Sun conjoins Mars (cazimi) in Scorpio

If ever there was a day to seize your professional ambition by its horns — it’s this. Close the gap between your reality and the career of your dreams. If it activates strong emotions, you’re hot on the trail.

December 7th at 8:09 pm PT: Mercury in Capricorn trines Jupiter in Taurus

This is the last good date for communication, learning, teaching, technology, and travel before Mercury stations retrograde on December 12th. Share your insights around.

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