First Date Ideas – Discover the Best Options for Your First Date

When the girl or guy you just asked out says yes, you are hit by a killer feeling. You could bite a tiger if you had to. And yet, only a few moments later, you find yourself running around like a squirrel trying to find information on what to do on a first date. Let’s get the first date ideas.

Why is the first date so important? Because, if you really, really like the person, you want to make sure that the first date isn’t the last one. You want to go out again, hence, there is this quest for perfection. You have to be perfect. And if you’re not, you think that the person will think your a jackass, dump you and get the thing over with. More on dating and dating tips.

First Date Ideas – What to Do on a Date

Not true. You can be completely natural, talk normally, NOT show off and yet earn a second date. Unless of course, you’re one of those guys who owns 3 tarantulas or one of those girls who sees ghosts outside their window. (Kidding!) A lot of people think that the first date is one which involves great scrutiny. Well it is, but then so is the rest of the relationship. So relax and go through this small guide on what to do on a first date. Because, well, you have to plan a little!

What to Do on a First Date with a Girl – First Date Ideas

Well, since I feel more boys are asking the question what to do on a first date, it only makes more sense to address their concerns first! Do not go over the top. Do not go for that fine dining caviar and stuff, unless of course, that’s where you go all the time! Be normal. Take a good clean bath and dress reasonably well. Don’t try a new shirt or a new hairstyle which you have never tried before. Take a good hard look in the mirror before leaving. More on what to wear on a first date.

Now once you’re on a date, act normal. Our dating system demands chivalry, so open any doors and pull up any chairs which the girl may come across. After all, you’ve probably known this person for a while. You’ve at least had that one conversation where you asked her out. Ask her about what she does, what are her likes and dislikes. Be cool. Think of it as if you’re going out with your friends. And most importantly, listen. A lot of guys start looking elsewhere, fidgeting and yawning when the girl is talking. What’s that all about? Stop it and listen! Back to the topic about chivalry, guys pay for the first date. Don’t ask me why. We just do.

What to do on a first date at the movies?

A lot of us guys with unbridled libidos might just try their luck in the dark, since it looks all romantic. Forget about it. No intimacy on the first date. Don’t even put your arm around her. In fact, don’t go for horror movies as it is a recipe for closeness. Don’t even see romantic films since you might give the signal that you want to take the relationship forward. That’s the two things you want to avoid on a date: physical intimacy and signs that you want to take the relationship forward. In fact, don’t go for a movie at all. I feel that it is one of the worst first date ideas. Go somewhere you can talk and get to know each other better. Perhaps you could use more dating tips for men.

What to Do on a First Date with a Guy

Although I wish there were more such girls who took this effort for me, there are indeed very few girls who’d look up what to do on a first date. But then again, I can only dream that it happens one day and write these basic guidelines on what I, or any other guy would expect from a girl!

First date tip for girls: dress well. And by well, I do not mean wear revealing clothes. A lot of girls try too hard and send out a lot of wrong signals. Dress up decently, but look pretty. Do your hair really well. Unfortunately, looks matter a lot to us guys, and if we can try our hands at being chivalrous, you ought to try your best at being pretty too! Another thing, don’t try to be what you’re not. Guys aren’t all that dumb. If you know that your date is into basketball, and you think you can impress him by reading up a little but about the game on the web, forget it. Because we’ll see right through you. Talk about YOUR likes, and YOUR interests, because that’s probably what the guy wants to know. Don’t tell us how the Celtics are doing really well in the league. We already know that. Maybe you’d like some more relationship advice for women?

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