I Can’t Believe My Mother Abandoned Me At Birth Because Of This

I know some fathers don’t care a bit about their children or family but what about the mother who goes through the pain of carrying the pregnancy for 9 months and that of delivery.

I have heard of mother abandoning babies but never thought it could happen to me. I’m a 20-year-old undergraduate in the university. I stay with my grandparents because my parents are separated. I was brought up by my paternal grandmother since when I was few months old. According to my grandmum, my mum abandoned me because of our low-level status.

She said my mum thought my dad was from a rich family but realised he belong to the middle class and she was already pregnant. Her excuse then was that she can’t marry into a poor family. After waiting for few years thinking she would return, my dad had to remarry.

She had also married another man. Now after 16 years of childlessness, she suddenly resurfaced. She wants me in her life, she want to be a mother to me after abandoning me for years. I returned home from school last week only to meet some people begging my grandmum for forgiveness.

She did her best not to have introduced me to them. She told me their mission after they have left. Even though she brought me to this world, I don’t want her at all. My father also stood his ground that he doesn’t want her near me. What if she hasn’t been barren would she have remembered she has a child somewhere? Too late for her.

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