Hunger + Release: Your Guide to the Spring 2022 Eclipse Season

Collage for the Spring 2022 Eclipse Season

What is an eclipse?

Eclipses occur when three objects move into alignment. For lunar eclipses, the Earth is between the Moon and the Sun, resulting in the Moon being shadowed. For solar eclipses, it’s Luna that finds itself between the Earth and the Sun, while the Sun performs its vanishing act.

Eclipses occur when a New or Full Moon occurs close to a lunar node. The lunar nodes represent two points where the Moon’s orbital path crosses the ecliptic (the plane of the earth’s orbit around the Sun). As theoretical points in space, the North and South Nodes are always exactly opposite each other. Therefore, lunar nodes connect opposite houses in your chart, and their topics will feed into your soul’s development across your lifetime. 

While the nodes are points in space and not planets, they are given astrological significance. In fact some astrologies focus on them almost completely. 

The North Node is known as a place of insatiable hunger and questing into the unknown. The South Node is known as a place of release and letting go. It’s your astrological comfort zone and can describe both your gifts and points of inertia.

When will the spring 2022 eclipses occur — and in what signs?

On April 30th, the solar eclipse in Taurus arrives. This eclipse introduces a plot twist in the hunger and purging of the lunar nodes. If you look back to the lunar eclipse in Taurus on November 19th, 2021, this was the first act in the eclipse series in Taurus-Scorpio. Look to the house that hosts Taurus in your chart to get a clue as to what area of your life is rewilding.

On May 15th (or 16th, depending on your timezone) our first total solar eclipse in Scorpio will help us understand what needs to be released in our lives. This is a day best spent in quiet reflection, as we sit with the discomfort of everything that’s beginning to bottom out. We soothe ourselves with the knowledge that by lightening our loads we can take a quantum leap forward. Look to the house that hosts Scorpio in your chart to get a sense as to what area of your life is going through a deep exfoliation.

Since this eclipse will square Saturn, a heavy feeling of responsibility may accompany this purge. We can’t always get what we want, but Saturn will ensure we get exactly what we need for our soul’s flourishing.

Eclipses bring disruption

Symbolically, the smudging out of the luminaries evokes an instinctual awe, fear, and wonder. As the clockwork dance of the Sun and the Moon measures out our days, a disruption of their steady light is a breach in the natural order of things. Eclipses are best spent in quiet contemplation, accompanied by gentle self-care. Eclipse energy can be disruptive and even a bit volatile, so these are events to observe rather than channel. 

How to work with this eclipse season

  • Read your North Node horoscope (for the eclipse on April 30th) and your South Node horoscope (for the eclipse on May 15th/16th) on the homepage of the CHANI app.
    • What part of your horoscopes resonates for you? What themes has the North Node in Taurus/South Node in Scorpio brought to light in this part of your life? 
  • Learn more about your natal North Node and South Node placements in the chart tab of the app. 
    • What signs are your Node North and South Node in? What houses are they in? How does this show up for you?
  • Listen to the reading for your rising sign in the Workshop section.
    • According to your reading — where and how is this eclipse showing up for you? What house is it moving through?
  • Check if the Nodes are making transits to your chart by checking out the Transits tab in the app.
    • If any, what planets or points in your natal chart are being transited by the Nodes? How is this showing up for you?
  • Ground yourself by listening to a guided meditation or affirmation within our meditations library. 

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