How to Work with Astrology in 2023

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If there’s one phrase that captures the theme of 2023, it’s “the self.” Meaning: self-advocacy. Self-sovereignty. Self-development. Self-knowledge. Self-adjustment. Self-love. It could also mean self-interest, self-obsession, and all-around selfishness — but it doesn’t have to. 

Astrology is a powerful tool that can serve all of the above, depending on how you use it. And with 2023 so focused on the self, this year is a great opportunity to deepen your relationship with astrology. When you unpack your birth chart — your unique cosmic makeup that depends on your birth time and place — you access compassion and understanding for yourself. And when you get to know your chart intimately, you unlock the wisdom and guidance buried deep within it, as well as the ability to course-correct when and where you need to.

If astrology is new to you, welcome. If it’s woven into the fabric of your life, we’re glad you’re here. No matter what your exposure is, this post will equip you with ways to work with, and alongside, astrology in 2023.

#1: First, learn the keys to your birth chart

In order to understand how the astrology of 2023 will affect you, you’ll need to understand how it will impact your birth chart, and therefore your life. 

Now, your birth (or “natal”) chart may appear like an overwhelming web of symbols at first, so we suggest focusing on the most important components of it: your Sun, Moon, and rising sign (also known as your “ascendant”). 

🌞 Your Sun

This is the sign that everyone tends to know. Your Sun — and the house (read: life area) it lands in — indicates how and where you shine. It points toward your purpose in life. But the way your Sun interacts with other planets also explains the gifts and challenges you’ll encounter while following that purpose. For a full reading of your Sun sign, download the CHANI app and explore the information in the Me tab.

🌝 Your Moon

Your Moon sign — and the house it lands in — reveals how and where you meet your physical and emotional needs. Your Moon’s engagement with the other planets illuminates how other people and situations impact your emotional and physical landscape. For a full reading of your Moon sign, download the CHANI app and explore the information in the Me tab.

🚀 Your rising sign (and its ruler)

Your rising sign represents your motivation and what you want to be known for. But because every sign in the zodiac is ruled by a particular planet, the planet that rules your rising sign also says a tremendous amount about the direction your life needs to take. You can think of your rising-sign ruler as your personal steersperson. Wherever it lands in your chart will reveal insights into your mission in life. This also means that anything this planet does in 2023 will have a personal impact on you. For a full reading of your rising sign, download the CHANI app and explore the information in the Me tab.

To learn what planet rules your rising sign, you can also check out this article on planetary rulers. Once you know your rising-sign ruler, you can track the planet’s movements throughout the year in the Transits tab of the CHANI app, via the Astrology of the Week Ahead podcast, and through your Current Sky horoscopes, which are updated in real-time — but more on that in the next section.

#2: Track the transits

Once you have a basic understanding of your birth chart, you can start to learn about what the latest transits (or planetary movements) mean for you. 

Your birth chart is divided into 12 different life areas, which astrologers call “houses” (we break these down in detail in this article). That means when a transiting planet enters a new house, it has an impact on that specific area of your life. The same happens when a transiting planet makes contact with one of your natal placements. Put simply: Your birth chart tells you about yourself, while the current astrology tells you what to focus on right now.

Why is this important? For one, it’s useful to know what’s going on astrologically when you’re going through pivotal life transitions. Understanding the cosmic themes at play helps us make sense of things. And frankly, it’s a relief to know the end date when we’re experiencing a challenging transit. The reverse is true as well: You’ll want to know what auspicious dates to make use of. This is especially important if you’re planning major events over the coming year, such as a wedding, applying to college, or a job interview. By tracking the current movements of the planets, you learn what days to plan for — and which ones to steer clear of (if you can). It’s like having a wise cosmic counselor as your personal assistant.  

So how do you track the transits?

🪐 Review the Transits tab of the CHANI app 

This section of the app is entirely devoted to how the planets interact with your unique birth chart — and, therefore, your life. It tells you what areas of life will be impacted by the transits occurring, as well as what themes to expect. Note that your transits update every single day, so remember to check this area often.

🔮 Read your Current Sky horoscopes

Located at the bottom of the Today section of the CHANI app homepage, these horoscopes are updated every time a planet changes signs and are specific to how that planet will impact your life, depending on your rising sign. You’ll receive a notification every time a major shift occurs, so you’ll never miss a beat.

👀 Keep tabs on what the week has in store 

Listen to the Astrology of the Week Ahead podcast, which discusses the astrology of the week and what it might mean for us all, as well as Your Reading, which is specific to your rising sign. Both are located in the This Week section of the CHANI app homepage and are updated every Sunday. Additionally, be sure to read your Daily Horoscopes in the Today section, as they highlight the most important themes of each day through the lens of your rising sign.

🌎 Glean an overview of the year’s astrology 

Learn how the astrology of 2023 will impact you specifically by purchasing the guidebook for your rising sign. Your 2023 Guidebook is a 100+ page digital resource packed with personalized readings, rituals, and affirmations to help you navigate the coming year. Because 2023’s astrology will show up for everyone in different ways depending on their rising sign, each guidebook is uniquely tailored to reflect the areas of life for that particular sign. In your guidebook, we examine each astrological moment in detail and provide exercises to support you through every twist and turn. Since it’s a written resource, you can refer back to it again and again, and complete the activities as the transits unfold.

🌌 Reflect on how the astrology impacts you — as it happens

Listen to our 2023 Year Ahead audio readings, which highlight the major astrological moments of 2023 and how they will affect your life across each quarter of the year. This series also comes with journal prompts, rituals, altar suggestions, and meditations around 2023’s key themes so you can make the most of 2023’s astrology as it occurs. (Note that these readings are included in CHANI app Premium subscriptions, but they can also be purchased here.)

#3: Build a relationship with the planets

There are many ways to work with astrological events as they unfold — and to prep for them before they happen — but these are a few more of our favorite strategies.

🌼 Affirm yourself daily

Words are powerful. Every time you affirm yourself rather than cut yourself down, you nurture your belief in your potential, making even the most trying astrological obstacles easier to move through. If you don’t know where to start, try our Deck of Plenty — an 82-card deck for daily affirmation and inspiration. On each card, you’ll find either a written message or an illustration to spark new thoughts, prompt ideas, and support you on your journey. The best part: There’s no wrong way to use it. You can pull a card whenever you like. Because of this, it makes a wonderful ally for all that 2023 will bring.

🕯️ Engage in ritual

One of the best ways to nurture your relationship with the planets and signs is to practice ritual. Rituals can be anything you want them to be: drawing a tarot card, lighting a candle or incense, reciting a prayer, meditating, etc. If you need a little inspiration, we have candles specifically designed to call in the magic of the cosmos. Our Planetary and Zodiac Candles are each made with a variety of carefully selected, responsibly sourced ingredients that are directly linked to the planet that rules them. You can use them to add potency to your altars, or simply connect with the primary planets or signs in your chart.

✏️ Get organized

Sometimes it’s just helpful to have it all down in writing. If you need some help, we have an Astro Planner for that. Think of it as your map, compass, and companion for the year. It’s filled with 282 pages of rituals, reflections, exercises, astro cheat sheets, planetary movements, and daily and monthly calendars that allow you to plan out your year, track your intention for each day, and make the most of the current astrology. (We also think it’s gorgeous, but we’re biased.)

However you choose to work with astrology this year, know that you have resources — and allies — at your disposal. There are endless tools to integrate upheaval, call in the bounty, and live your best life. Just remember we’re all in this together, cheering each other on.


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