How to Have a New Year’s Relationship Check-in

When the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve, many of us turned to one another for a kiss and we celebrated. Did you take stock of how the last year has been, and think about what the new year will bring?

Very few of us sit down with our partner, the most important one in our life, to have a relationship check-in and make resolutions for our relationship. Below we present some helpful questions to ask and topics to explore, and provide you with an exercise to make the process easier for you. Finally, we’ll make some recommendations for resolutions to ensure that this year is the best year yet for your relationship.

Getting Started

It’s no secret that relationships take work. All couples have misunderstandings, distractions, and disagreements, and it takes commitment to bridge the gaps between us when they occur. One gift the near year gives us is the opportunity for one or more intimate conversations to check the vitals in our marriage. Where do you start?

The most logical place to start is to share your reflections about your own life with your partner. Under ideal relationship conditions, you would already be fully aware of one another’s current hopes, goals, and most importantly, life dreams. But the rush of every day always seems to get in the way. The jobs, kids, extended family, and other challenges life throws our way. So instead of plunging into an intense conversation, how about preparing yourself by just sticking a toe into the water first?

The perfect way to start would be a more lighthearted Q&A session with some help from our Card Decks App that will let you deepen your connection. So make some popcorn, brew up a pot of coffee or hot cocoa, get cozy with your partner, and just talk.

New Year’s Relationship Check-in

As you start a check-in of your relationship, you’ll find it’s much easier to target the areas that are working well. If you can also address the issues that need attention without getting agitated, you can set goals for the relationship.

To help you both in this process, we’ve provided a quiz to give you lots of fodder for discussion. Sign up for our mailing list by adding your email below and we’ll send the quiz directly to your inbox.

New Year’s Relationship Resolutions

Once you’ve completed the exercise above, you and your partner have done the hard work to evaluate the health of your relationship. Hopefully you’ll come out of the process with a greater understanding of each other and your relationship.

After you decide on your resolutions, be sure to discuss how you will observe and measure the results of your work toward your mutual goals. We recommend revisiting them on a regular basis so you can stay on target throughout the year.

Make your relationship your New Year’s resolution and reap the benefits of a happy, healthy, and meaningful year!

This article was originally published on The Center for Relationship Wellness blog and has been edited with permission from its original version.

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