How To Handle a Man Who Is Playing Mind Games With You?

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  • Ways to know if he is playing mind games or not interested

I know of that weird feeling which comes up immediately you eventually discover that your man is playing games. But then, there are questions to give answers to. These questions will help to decipher whether your man is in his actual sense, playing games with you.

Ever thought of something like, “Is he playing mind games or not interested?” Have you tried to figure this out? In a scenario where Harry just bursts out suddenly with strange behaviors, it is very okay for Sandra to conclude that Harry is playing games. I know that a woman naturally would come to a conclusion 50x faster than a man and the pleasing side as you may not have known is that she is mostly are always right.

a guy playing game
Not this type of Game Play

Your man may be acting weird and feeling smart for whatever he is doing, but there are natural techniques you could initiate to make him understand that as a modern woman, you have options.

How To Handle a Man Who Is Playing Mind Games With You?

man playing games

Allow Him to Have Things His Way

You just discovered these newly found strange ways so let him have fun. Giving him that headstart to freedom on his new goofy path. I am sure your man wants you to embark on a journey of looking out for how to handle a man who plays games because if he didn’t, he’d be worried that you’re letting have things his way.

  • Does he feel like not wanting you around for the day? Perfect, go and don’t bother asking why at first. He will feel you don’t give a damn and will hurt him because he expects you to ask why.
  • You do not have to be around him for him to change his mind.
  • Games here games there; he’d get tired and run back with his tongue out like a dog to beg.

I can tell that most men love being dramatic in a relationship just like women. Oh wait, you did not know? Not only ladies have that feeling, but we men also do, but ours don’t last.

Mute Him

How to handle a man who plays games is quite more comfortable when there is this ‘no damn given’ kind of silence from you. The society already created the impression that as a woman, silence is your virtue. Well, it is time to prove that virtue to him and the community at large.

Instead of him to remain in that trance for long, he’ll start wondering why you aren’t coming along. Well, dude may be trying just to hurt you for a while but that is not necessary unless, from your own path, you had done something goofy too.

If your muting does not affect changes in his behavior within some days less than a week, it is time to be more cautious with the path you are threading. Your man may not find you or the relationship necessary anymore.

Be Absentminded but Attentive to Him

A female artiste once sang on being a man, and I wish to be a woman for at least a month. “Oh men who play games, I’d love to be your experiencer.” On a more serious note, a woman is supposed to be the ‘Angel of the house,’ according to the Victorian Ideology, the being that cares but the present situation means having to change from being that Angel.

You have made him understand that his actions don’t move you, so it’s time to be attentive. Being attentive will now give you more concise reasons for what is going on. At this point, you’d have to figure out why is he playing games or not interested at all.

During this period, he won’t just be overly quiet; he’ll ask questions that will require answers. Make the solutions available and do not drag on answers or question him back unnecessarily. Most women already get pissed and are like, “gosh, dude let’s call it off already!

Let Him Know that You Are Aware of the Game

At this point, how to handle a man who plays games is not a thing to sleep over with anymore. This is because you’ve had your stand already. At first, he’ll feel hurt but won’t show it. This is because he does not want you to know how powerful your reactions to his actions are.

Any sin in this? No. There are ways he’ll react on finding out that you understand all his gags. This should be the final phase of the game, the stage where you have to tidy up your mind for a more extended task if he doesn’t give in on time.

Is He Playing Mind Games or Not Interested?

Not too long ago, one of my female friends called in to make what I’d call a report on her relationship. Knowing quite well that I specialize in stuff like this, she felt that sense of security-impression that I passed on her. This means that she felt safe telling me anything about her, no matter how deep it may be.

According to her, her boyfriend of just four months recently put up different alienating acts and advances towards her. I was a bit surprised at how she said this, and so I asked if it was sex-related or something, but she said no. I had a piece of advice for her and this, of course, would be quite a task on her but she had no choice.

This subject is multiple being; is he playing mind games or not interested’. To perfect your mindset on how to know he is playing games with you, you emergently have to be conscious of these behaviors.

How to know a Man Playing Games

Constant Nagging

It is by nature, not the thing of a man to nag, but if your man does, it shows that everything and not just a thing is wrong.

Not Being Timely on Dates You Both Set

Okay, he walks in feeling unconcerned, and you ask why he’s showing up late, but his facial reaction already explains to you that nothing is wrong. This is indeed funny because he is already making it evident that games are what he enjoys at that moment.

A more vivid way that will tell more about his act behavior is that he’ll wait for you to initiate the conversation. Wait a minute, why should I be the man and you as the lady is leading the discussion? I’m not trying to be gendered here, but this is fact. This means that if I put up this attitude, something is wrong. It is either your fault or me just playing games.

Doing More than Enough Before Impressing Him a Bit

A man that loves you and is not playing you is impressed by the slightest you do. Even your walking posture entices him. He is always looking out for the least you will do so that he can worship you. I don’t know why you think it is okay for him not to be impressed by you. Maybe you feel you’re not doing enough, but you are, he does not care anymore.

Is he playing mind games or not interested in hurting you or something? Did you at a point, play your role bad? Maybe you’ll have to adjust or do something right if you ever did wrong or else he’ll focus on using those things for excuses.

Skipping His Roles

Skipping his role is the first thing you’ll find out in a game player. He is aware of the necessary things he should do but refuse to do them. Sometimes you’d find yourself getting stuck trying to do them.

Need I say more on this? Well, if you insist but understand that skipping his roles for no just reason isn’t the ideal. Playing his part well is what makes him the ideal man. I believe that you did not just love an ordinary man but a man with stuff you love about a man.

How to Know a Man who isn’t Interested in You?

On the other hand, it will be a different thing if he is not just interested in you. I mean that he may be trying to oust you or put an end to the love life. In this case, most men resort into f**king hell out of your body before departing from you. Acts like this are what I detest even as a man; it can be mentally derailing. So, if it turns out that he is not interested in you, here are what you should keep tabs on.

a guy who isn't interested in a girl
He shows he isn’t interested in knowing you –

He Forgets Your Important Days

Forget? It’s is such a big lie. He does not want to be bothered by activities that concern you. A loving man naturally would not forget his lover’s essential days. These days could be just any day you brought to his knowledge that it is vital for you.

His Approaches Turnout to Aggressive

Well, this is quite simple; No lady loves an aggressive man and no man would want to be aggressive unless with someone they are not interested in. Come to think of it, why should I be aggressive towards you if this interest exists in me for you.

I can occasionally be aggressive depending on what the occasion demands, but when a lady is involved, I can’t just be it at all. I love to be very Angelic before the ladies, not because I am a flirt but because ladies love to have nice guys around, am I lying? Don’t laugh, but it is true.

Nice guys may often turn out to be punkish, but as a lady, you’d still love him because there is this assurance that no physical hurt will come to you. in essence, an aggressive man wants it over in no time.

Your Presence Seem to Be a Burden on Him

I was talking to this female friend of mine who cited in the conversation that her man recently, at the verge of his ‘not interested’ shows mistakenly, out of anger said that he considers her challenging to contain. I did not rush into conclusion but questioned her on whether she has been doing certain annoying things of recent, and she claims she hasn’t. To further make my suspicions right, she also noted that her man gives no reason for his strange behaviors.

4 Ways on How to know he is playing games with you

The possibility that something other than him playing games with you is up. I include this because of the mail I found in Trash while coursing on my Gmail.

It is okay to think that he is playing games, but it could seriously be something else which you must find out before the conclusion.

How to know whether he is playing games with you may be a bit tedious and tricky in the sense that you may not be moved to believe whatever he tells you. I am a man, and so I know that we guys, just like women are fond of saying that everything is okay whereas hell has been let loose.

Excuses Become His Companions

While you are expecting Bob to show up before 09:00 am, he doesn’t. It is already 10:00 am, and you decide to give him a reminding call. He picks and pretends to have been busy or probably forgotten the time fixed. These are lies; he is aware of it. He considers you to be one of that burdensome stuff out there. How to know if he is playing games with you is not a thing to be confused with if this act goes on for a more extended period.

Are you still not convinced that after a series of excuses, Bob is playing you? Well, if you are not convinced, I am telling you that Bob is playing you on a big stage. He is either playing to abandon you or playing to revenge you. This is not logic but fact. Too many excuses will end him up, believing that you are so blind. Stop being myopic or instead stop making him think you are blind about what is going on.

He Doesn’t Introduce You to His Friends

The first people that know you as his lover are his friends. If you were already into him and he now does not introduce you to his friends again, hell is loose. If you guys had established a relationship already for some time now and his friends no longer regard your presence, then all I have to say is “hmm.” When I’m with my girl, going to meet my friends, they recognize her presence before giving a damn about me.

Friends, as you may not have known, are very vital in any relationship. The way they react is the way your relationship is going — lookout for their reactions.

Promises but Fails

If a guy promises you heaven, it means he can offer it but if he doesn’t fulfill at the end of the day, ‘run’. It is evident that more than one thing is wrong; either it is that he is a player of that he is trying to kill the love life.

He is Intimately Casual

Casual intimacy with you is another way on how to know he is playing games with you. He needs you around for pleasure and nothing more. You should be able to decipher this from how he talks, exceptionally while persuading you for sex.

It is better to fu*k with a man who makes it clear that his intense is to bed you rather than with a man who promises heaven and earth just for your pu**y.

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