How Soon Is Your Ship Sinking?

We all know the story of the ship called Titanic and how it sank, leading to the death of so many people that were on that ship, even our favorite’s character “jack” couldn’t make it.

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The movie called Titanic was never an interesting movie to me, why? Because Jack has to loose his life trying to save rose and that got me pissed off. I know so many of you are on my side on this, but this is not my main point of writing because the end point of it, the ship sanked. This leading to the question: How soon is your ship sinking?

Thomas Andrew, chief naval architect of the shipyard, made us to understand that the ship can never sink. In his own words “God himself can’t sink this ship” a statement like this can tell us that he was so confidence of his ship, not until the ship hit an ice Berg in few hours after he made the statement, his confidence level dropped down. In other words, will you be able to overcome the ice Berg?

In this article, ship here refers to your life and ice Berg your end. We have pass the stage were no one wants to talk about death, because everyone is afraid to die, but truth be told, as far there is life, there is death. Are you prepared because death can come anytime.

I did some findings regarding the ship, and found out that the ship after been sank, is still way down the sea nobody has ever thought of bringing it out, and with time the materials use in building the ship has been deteriorating, and till now, the story of the ship is still spread everywhere. This is a positive thing about the story but for the ship to still be lying down below the sea, without anyone bringing it out is a negative thing. We all have a positive and Negative part as humans, but is your positive life greater than that of your negative life??

Growing up, I have always been taught about the soon coming of Jesus Christ and how we should prepare for his second coming. “the ice Berg”. How soon is he coming? Is a question I have always asked. Matt 24:14 (NLT) made us to understand that: And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.  This has always been my take on the word and I believe so many of us has same understanding. But what if you meet your ice Berg on the way before the coming of the Lord, is that not you end?

The day you die is the day you hit your ice Berg your world has come to an end and your ship sinks, oh yes! It is the day your ship sinks. What then happens to your life? Why not plan on how your end will be, be good to people at all times. Sometimes I pray to God to give me the opportunity to help people, no matter how small it is. Put smile on people’s face. Bless someone with what you have because when your end comes your properties can’t be of help to you.

 Thomas Andrew made money on the day his ship sanked, but on that same day he died. Was he able to spend the money? This is where I always say vanity is vanity. I believe if he had knew he was going to die on that day, he would have made it free, but you never can tell when you will hit the ice Berg, but always be ready at all times for the second coming of Christ.

Jesus is coming soon, how soon are you expecting him??

How soon is your ship sinking??

Will you be able to overcome the ice Berg?

• Get ready!!

By.. Tafri Oghenetejiri Tessy.

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