How She Committed Suicide Because Of body shaming

I wished she was alive to witness this day, But sadly, My younger sister has gone forever.

Here I knelt down infront of her gràve, Carrying beautiful flowers on my hand, With tears rolling down from my eyes.

For more than a minute, I couldn’t say a single word, I only bent down my head, crying uncontrollably.

Evertime, she would be crying, saying her beauty has been deteriorated.

Before I could raise up my head, My cloth had been wet with tears.

“Dammy, My beautiful younger sister, Happy posthumous birthday. I don’t know if you’re hearing me or not, But if you’re, I want to tell you that you remained beautiful in my eyes. I love you so much! ” I said, As tears started rolling down from my eyes again.

Even after dropping the flower on my hand on her gràve, I still found it so very hard to stand up and leave, Because I couldn’t believe dammy, My younger sister has gone.

Damilola, My younger sister, was born with a beautiful and pretty face. Her comeliness was attractive so much that everybody in our neighborhood loved to carry her around. They all loved to play with damilola, My younger sister, when she was still an infant.

But on one faithful and wōeful day, Damilola was just eleven years old then, Neither me or my parents was around. So Damilola wanted to cook by herself using the gas cooker, But while trying to set fire on the gas cooker, It exploded, And Damilola’s face was būrnt. She lost one of her eyes.

Ever since that day, Damilola has been living in sòrròw. Everytime, she would be looking at her pictures; the ones she had before the incident, and the one she had after the incident.

Evertime, she would be crying, saying her beauty has been deteriorated.

As a brother who loved his sister very much, I would always try everything I could to make her smile and happy.

“Dammy, You’re even prettier than before. I love you like this. Keep glittering, My beautiful princess ” I always told her this.

Whenever this was whispered to her ears, She would grin cheerfully.

“Thank you, My irreplaceable brother. I love you too”

This continued for two years. Though, Damilola was always being būllied, bōdyshàmed and brōwbeaten by her friends and people, But whenever she told me, I would make sure that I made her happy.

On Damilola’s twelve years birthday, She was so very happy on that day, She woke up early, she was all excited. I could see she was happy, so I threw her a brotherly joke.

“Dammy, dammy,!! Won’t you even wait for me to sing for you? ” I said.

She smiled

“When I’m back. Don’t worry!” She responded.

Mummy and daddy were also at home. They also wanted to surprise her with gifts, But she didn’t wait at all. She went to school excitedly.

Before Damilola could return back from school, Mum and Dad had gone out. I was the only one remained at home.

Damilola returned back from school at exactly twelve o’clock pm, with tears on her face. She was crying flowingly.

Damilola doesn’t come back home from school at that time, so I knew something was wrong.

“Dammy, what happened? ” I asked.

She told me not to worry but I pestered her till she confessed.

On that day in school, Damilola, My younger sister was būllìed and bodyshàmed by one of their female teachers in school. She called her “one eyed stūpìd Girl” because she couldn’t see what she showed her clearly. So the whole class exploded with laughter. This made Damilola, My younger sister feel bád and dèpprèssed.

“I don’t think I can hold this anymore ” Damilola said, Crying bìtterly.

“Common.. Stop that. I’m coming. I’ll go to your school now and she will règrèt it” I said, as I stood up angrìly.

I went to Dammy’s school and I met the teacher there. Before she could utter a word, I had slapped her two times.

“Rūbbish” I said, as I left.

The rest teachers were even calling me, But I just shouted

“She bodyshàmed my younger sister”.

But sadly, as I got home, I met Damilola rolling on the floor, Holding her stomach, as she was groaning in pain.

“Dammmmy, what happened? ” I placed her head on my lap.

Then I saw a bottle of pòisonous substance on her hand.

“Wait, Dammy, Where did you get this? ” I was sweating hotly.

All she could utter was

“Thanks for your love bro. I can’t take it anymore “.

“Dammy, Hold on, Please, You’ll be fine ” I was stammering, as I was crying.

As I tried to lift her up, she breathed down, And died.

Damilola, My younger sister died on my hand.

Let say no to body-shaming, No to bullyìng and No to emotional blackmailing.

Emotional trauma is not a child’s play.


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.

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