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Venus brings sensual pleasures

On May 28th, Venus enters Taurus. Ample and assured, Venus in Taurus helps us to center and appreciate the interconnectedness of the natural world. The organic rhythms of nature are healing, plain and simple. Venus in Taurus teaches us this through all it has dominion over. 

Sensuality is how life sustains itself. Shame does not exist in a forest, jungle, or desert. Pleasure promotes growth. The beauty of a rose entices us all, big and small.

As Venus in Taurus beckons us towards all that delights, it encourages us to do so steadily, slowly, and sustainably. By nurturing what holds us, we become aware that we are a part of a whole. Bearing witness to beauty’s animating force in our lives affirms our beauty too. Lingering long enough to bear witness to the beauty in our lives is a practice to put front and center now. 

A hunger for radical love

Venus’ first major moment in Taurus is with Uranus, the planet of disruption, on June 11th. This merger stimulates non-conforming desires and a rebellious non-conformity in the collective. 

We suddenly see beauty where we never noticed it before. Also, we’d all benefit by breaking up with our people-pleasing patterns. 

This radical love proliferates on June 16th, when Venus crosses the North Node of the Moon. The North Node, described by the ancients as the head of a dragon, amplifies Venus’ longing into insatiable hunger. With this kind of astrology, we can often feel as though we’ll never get enough of what we crave.

Question any yearning that pulls you out of your center, forever chasing promises of fulfillment. Is it worth it if it leaves you feeling empty, depleted, or unsatisfied?

On June 18th, Venus is embroiled in two very different energies on the same day. First, it’s a square with Saturn, the planet of boundaries and discipline. A tug of war ensues between what we’d like to indulge, and what we need to limit in our lives. What abundant hedges need pruning to bear long term fruit?

Next, Venus slips from Saturn’s stern gaze into the fogs of Neptune. This exchange expands our hearts and pollinates our imagination. We wander in an alluring daydream that carries us far from duties and cares.

On June 21st, Pluto, cloaked in mystery, comes prowling onto the floor. As Venus makes a trine to Pluto, deep, transformative passions awaken. Tango with this enchanting stranger. 

Your Venus in Taurus horoscopes are meant to be read as inspiration. If you know both your rising sign and sun sign, please read both horoscopes. You’ll know which one resonates more for you. Take what works for you, and leave the rest. If you want to share this work, please credit the source by quoting it and providing a link to this post and website. Thank you for your support and for spreading the work around. We really appreciate it and you.

The following horoscopes were written by Debra Stapleton (Starfruit Astrology).

Aries glyph for the horoscopes for Mars in Aries

Aries & Aries Rising

As a trailblazer, you act fast, and travel light. Yet, when it comes to your resources, you’re all about accumulation. Venus’ homecoming to Taurus has you stocking your grain houses, and gathering all that you can hold to fortify yourself. It’s a good time to marinate in an abundance mindset and gratitude for a full reservoir. 

Around June 11th, you’re feeling experimental with your resources. Venus’ merger with Uranus, the planet of invention, inspires new ways to earn and spend sudden windfalls. Notice how sometimes, the more you have, the more you crave. On June 16th, pause if you’re voraciously chasing shadow-gains that rapidly dwindle your tangible reserves.

While Venus serves up high fiscal returns, reserve these to smooth out any surprise dips in your income. These days, the only constant in your financial universe is change.

June 18th may deliver mixed messages to navigate while managing your bounty. First, Venus squares off with Saturn, grinding your longing to relax and indulge against what your alliances expect from you. Though a collective duty may feel burdensome, stay lucid.

When Venus and Pluto connect on June 21st, they join forces to ground your career transformations into palpable security. Appreciate how empowering it’s been to face your fears on the public stage. While celebrating hard-earned rewards, also take stock of soul-deep benefits that can’t be quantified.

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Taurus glyph for the horoscopes for Mars in Aries

Taurus & Taurus Rising

As Venus comes home to your house of self, your focus is beauty. Radiating your own luxurious, assured glow, Venus’ blessings help you feel grounded, present, and receptive to the sweetness in your life. Soak this elixir up by indulging in the most delicious self-care. Take recharging naps. Savor all that brings you comfort.

As Venus catches up to Uranus on June 11th, you’re yearning for reinvention. Over the last few years, you’ve been learning to be more adaptable. As Venus and Uranus offer a fertile matrix to bloom your radical authenticity, you free yourself from limiting identities.

Your self-reinvention project may become all consuming by June 16th. While avidly trying on new identities for size, stay true to your dependable, enduring core. Like a well-worn pair of jeans, your innermost essence will always be your best fit.

As June 18th arrives, career demands may draw heavily on your vitality. Who you’ve become is tested and put on the line. In your new-found confidence, take care to not overcommit. Remember how easy it is to get spread thin and depleted.

When Venus trines Pluto on June 21st, reflect on how restoring your sense of self has transformed your faith. A new-found philosophy of beauty and harmony fortifies you.

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Gemini glyph for the horoscopes for Mars in Aries

Gemini & Gemini Rising

On May 28th, Venus beckons you to retreat within. Amid a recent flurry of social activity, an old pattern has arisen that needs your care. When June 11th arrives, mine your depths for fresh insight on how you might sometimes get in your own way.

Around June 16th, be driven toward what you crave, but do not let your cravings drive you. Instead, reach for your desires while grounded in agency and honesty.

As Venus squares off with Saturn on June 18th, your internal work may challenge you to reshape your guiding philosophy. Do your long term plans or pursuits support your inner callings? Can you translate your vast knowledge into practical wisdom?

As you commit to your internal healing, your compassion grows. 

When Venus and Pluto connect on June 21st, notice how self-love has transformed your shadowy interiors. While privately facing fears and expressing grief, your empowerment radiates for the world to see.

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Collage for Venus in Taurus

Cancer & Cancer Rising

When Venus enters your place of community, your networks grow new supportive branches. Use Venus’ time in Taurus to gather with friends and spend some time on the collective endeavors that provide you with the most sustenance. 

If the aim in mind is communal prosperity, find the folks that know how to show up for more than their own agenda. Growing any garden requires everyone involved to get good and dirty. Make sure no-one on the job feels above the work.   

When you think back to 2018, and all the new friends you began cross-pollinating with, what stands out to you about that time? Were there turning points others helped you make? Old wounds that new friendships helped to heal?  

As Venus conjoins Uranus on June 11th, you may be circling back to some of these root systems. See how far you’ve grown together. What experiments worked? Which were merely an avenue to other re-inventions? 

Your hunger for interconnection is insatiable in 2022, but definitely peaks mid-June. Think quality over quantity as you ponder new memberships and committee roles. Pivot your focus to the wealth of collaboration that surrounds you. What do you most want to grow with this collective talent? What systems do you need in place to support it? 

With Neptune’s influence in the picture later on, you find ways to transcend perceived limits by reconnecting with your guiding philosophy. 

Visualize how you want your communities to co-conspire with you.

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Leo glyph

Leo & Leo Rising

Now’s the time to pitch your projects and proposals — especially if they’re groundbreaking. Until June 22nd, Venus in Taurus blesses you with cosmic good lighting in your public and professional roles. Do you, and trust your charm to do at least some of the talking.

Uranus has been reinventing who you thought you were going to be when you grew up since 2018. Around June 11th, appreciate the grace that led you to your unlikely new callings. Also, stay curious about happy accidents that reveal innovative opportunities.

Around June 16th, you’re reminded that you can’t (and probably shouldn’t try to) please everyone. Still — you are more than your public roles. As you recalibrate the balance between your professional life and personal life yet again, recall that these lives have one thing in common: you. 

Nurture the allies and partners that have a stake in your thriving. Have a stake in their thriving too.

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Virgo glyph

Virgo & Virgo Rising

When Venus comes home to your 9th House of higher learning, your long term plans, study paths, and spiritual pursuits are guided by a helping hand. Venus has a way of attracting people into our sphere — but it helps if you know what you’re looking for.

Seek out the mentors, teachers, and guides that connect to the future you want to live. Get curious about who falls in your life at just the right moment. Trust the timing. 

Around June 11th, freedom will be at least one of your prerequisites. Notice, however, if your urge to follow your bliss feels unquenchable. Do delegate. Do ask for support. But remember: it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. You can be free and still dote on the details that ground you.

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Libra glyph

Libra & Libra Rising

Venus in Taurus is your investment broker. Your couples’ therapist. Your collaboration coach. With Venus blessing the part of your chart that has to do with outside money until June 22nd, abundance comes in the form of loans, grants, and bursaries.

Leave a vase of flowers for Venus as you type out your personal statements or applications. Dress up for the moment you’re ready to press “submit.” Burn rose incense. With Venus in Taurus, all these pitches and proposals are your rituals. 

This area of your chart also relates to your mental health and grief processes. Be gentle with yourself if anxieties emerge. Seek out the solace of nature, or any environment you find soothing. 

Around June 11th, Venus’ merger with Uranus will invite a wildcard energy into your financial exchanges and healing processes. Open yourself to unorthodox solutions, yet beware of wanting too much from something, someone, or a situation. 

Keep your sense of security rooted in tangible goals.

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Scorpio glyph

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

Venus traipsing through your house of enduring commitment may have you saying “I do” to mutually beneficial unions. For you, it’s the season to surrender to interconnection and trust.

Venus’ meeting with Uranus on June 11th introduces a wild card element into your relational field. Unlikely mergers beckon. Be open to adaptable arrangements, and explore radical agreements to find what benefits everyone. 

Your urge to merge may become all-consuming around June 16th. Though hungry for long-term stability, consider how much you can sustainably give to another. Try giving new relationships a little nurturing space to flourish. 

How to hold both relationship abundance and the responsibilities of your home life becomes a central question around June 18th. 

Know that you are that balance beam. You are the thread between everyone who has loved you. You are the meeting place. Love has always been a renewable resource, and there’s more than enough to go around. 

Also, respect your own limits. Listen to your energy levels. Your resting states require your devotion too.

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Sagittarius glyph

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

Starting on May 28th, Venus in Taurus brings beautiful stability to your workflow. Here, you till a fertile garden, unearthing treasures as you labor for what you love. 

While radical Uranus has been reinventing your work-life lately, your health routines may have become ungrounded, or in need of much reinvention. Venus in this area helps steady your restless energy, revealing how radical self-care can be. 

Fill your toolkit with new ways to nourish and fortify yourself. Book the massage. The hair cut. Dig out the essential oils. Adorn your eyes with cucumber. Pamper thyself. 

Around June 16th, you may find it hard to say no to new work projects. Though hungry for more, always evaluate the energetic cost. Then, pace yourself by switching to a methodical slow-burn.

It has been said that the wise do things slowly. Enjoy the process — not just the finish line.

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Capricorn glyph

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

Venus in Taurus brings you pleasure. Venus in Taurus brings you inspiration. Venus in Taurus brings you romance, play, and sweetness of doing nothing. Venus in Taurus wants to know: when was the last time you luxuriated? 

This is luxury in your own terms, of course, and pleasure however you define it. With Venus sidling up to Uranus on June 11th, you’re not bound by anyone else’s terms and conditions. 

The same goes for your creative projects. The muses are whispering in your ear until June 22nd. Don’t censor them. Whether your creative urges manifest through your green thumb, or ceramics, or cake decorating, or writing, or music, or photography, or (fill in the blank) — heed the urge to propagate. 

The world needs your creative hatchlings.

This is how your soul speaks. It’s how your inner child speaks. Let them play.

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Aquarius glyph

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

Venus in Taurus arrives with fresh cut flowers and paint swatches to adorn your sense of home. Luxuriating in your nest is on the menu until June 22nd. The thrift shops and yard sales in your town become your scavenger hunt. 

How does the mood of your abode shift with warmer hued lightbulbs? What plants do you cohabitate with? Could there be more of them? 

These aren’t superficial adjustments. If home is where your heart is: get comfy. 

Reinventing the very idea of home may also be a theme as Venus and Uranus conjoin on June 11th. Where and how you reside are going through changes that transcend the aesthetic realm. Consider how you can foster a sense of home amid the necessity to adapt.

When Venus and Pluto collaborate on June 21st, they nurture your underground root system. Tend to your ancestral altar. Pour your forebears a cup of tea, along with your own libation. While you’re at it, consider what you want to bring with you from those who came before, and what you want to cut free.

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Pisces glyph for horoscopes

Pisces & Pisces Rising

Starting on May 28th, Venus in Taurus brings charm and circumstance to your local and daily life. Visit the farmers’ markets, parks, and tea parlors that draw you to them. Get to know the faces there. Introduce yourself. 

Daily life might get a little loud or frenetic around June 11th, when Venus slinks up to Uranus. But this might be more about how exciting and unexpected events fill your dance card. Focus on what you can sustainably foster. It’s incredible how fast you can spread yourself thin when enthralled in possibility.

Turn to your daily rituals to get grounded again. Add a little flora to your altar. Adorn yourself in the textiles that feel good on your skin, no matter what they look like on the outside. 

If you feel busy all the time, comb through your calendar and decide what can wait. Pencil in blocks of time for you to recharge. Get nothing done. On purpose.

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