Horoscopes for the Sun in Taurus, 2022

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Read your Taurus season horoscope to find out how the Sun in Taurus will impact you

Eclipse season begins and Venus cuddles up to Jupiter and Neptune

With the North Node of the Moon in Taurus, Taurus season brings eclipse season. And this might be the year when we learn that not all eclipses are created equal. 

For more on the lunar nodes, and what they have to do with eclipses, read this.

Between April 27th and April 30th, Venus joins the cuddle-fest between Jupiter, the planet of abundance, and Neptune, the spinner of dreams. This combination is heady, ecstatic, transcendental, divine. Odds are, we need this soul-irrigation at this point in the year. We’re craving the suppleness to trust and love and merge. 

Also: reality and its red flags will be distant memories, fading as fast as dreams upon waking. It will be easy to lose yourself with this line-up. There are healthy and not-so-healthy ways to do so.

A tale of two very different eclipses

On April 30th, Venus joins Jupiter on its degree of exaltation in Pisces, the pinnacle of honor in this sign. This is one of the most bejeweled alignments of the year, but on the same day as a total solar eclipse, the energy is far from stable. Rather than begin new ventures, this is a moment to rest and receive. Get fed. Get hydrated. Do something that makes you glow.

Venus rules this eclipse in Taurus, and with the planet of love so well-placed, there’s a chance this flickering of the lights could feel lighter than it sometimes does. There could be abundance, pleasure, and inspiration around this day, even if the foundations are wobbly.

The “wobble” of eclipse season will grow more apparent as we enter the month of May. On May 5th, the Sun conjoins Uranus, the planet of surprise and disruption. Whatever niggling thoughts we were ignoring while trance-dancing with Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune — they come crashing back into our awareness. 

As the Sun climbs into the jaws of the dragon (a.k.a. the North Node) on May 13th, the ambient volatility turns up a notch. The thing about the North Node — and North Node eclipses, like the one on April 30th — they’re hungry. And like anyone in a grocery store after forgetting to feed themselves, they may not always make the best choices.

The consequences reveal themselves May 15th, when the Sun squares Saturn on the same day as the lunar eclipse in Scorpio. In contrast to the nectar and bunny holes of the April 30th eclipse, this second outage occurs on the venom-laced dragon’s tail. This is the first of three eclipses we will experience in Scorpio. Occurring in a square to Saturn, the planet of reality checks, consequences, and restrictions, we won’t be able to ignore any inconvenient truths.

Balancing the hunger with letting go

Where North Node eclipses hunger for more, South Node eclipses empty out. In truth, we need both drives: to strive after what we want and to release what we no longer need. Often, shedding the dragon scales can be a little less comfortable, however.

Know that a longer story is playing out with these eclipse cycles. The nodes of the Moon will stay in Scorpio and Taurus until July 2023. What appears like an ending may be a miraculous beginning. There’s only one way to find out. 

*You can check out what planets you have in Taurus by reviewing the Chart tab of the CHANI app, and cast your spells accordingly. Our journal prompts, altar suggestions, and ritual will also guide you to make the most of this magic.

Your Sun in Taurus horoscopes are meant to be read as inspiration. If you know both your rising sign and sun sign, please read both horoscopes. You’ll know which one resonates more for you. Take what works for you, and leave the rest. If you want to share this work, please credit the source by quoting it and providing a link to this post and website. Thank you for your support and for spreading the work around. We really appreciate it and you.

The following horoscopes were written by Eliza Robertson.

Aries glyph

Aries & Aries Rising

Your finances are one area of life where you actually tend to be methodical. You plant new income streams like seedlings in earth. You take time with their nurturance, relishing every green inch of their growth. 

However, with Uranus in Taurus since 2018, your relationship with your resources has been metamorphosing. Now with the North Node here too, you might be rattling for more — more abundance, more security, more trust in feeling safe.

The eclipse on April 30th will magnify these themes. Whatever you’re striving for when it comes to your livelihood, your relationship with material security, or even your self-worth — you’re propelled by a gust of urgency. The urgency could be entirely self-created, but that doesn’t make it easier to ignore.

The balm of this moment relates to your mental health, as well as any habits you’ve had of getting in your own way. It’s not that these habits are banished entirely — that’s a lifelong work — but your interior realms are providing some respite. While it may feel hard to detect (or trust), you’re moving about the world with a halo of strength and protection.

On May 15th, the eclipse in Scorpio opens the sink drain in your place of grief, collaboration, and other people’s money. Any sorrows you’ve been clutching onto may start to claim less of your heart space. 

If you’re engaged in a collaboration, or you share resources with another person, or you’re currently seeking funds from outside sources, this eclipse in Scorpio could feel like an unplugging. It could feel like you’re losing something. At the same time, you’re weeding the plots, and preparing the soil, for something precious. 

It’s okay if you don’t know what that is yet.

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Taurus glyph

Taurus & Taurus Rising

And then the world found its way to Taurus-time. Suddenly you’re not the only one crushing roses with a mortar and pestle to extract their essential oils. Or you are. But your friends are more tolerant of your pacing.

This season though, the dappled light of the Taurus Sun may feel like a laser projector show. The solar eclipse on April 30th happens here, the place of your body, vitality, and sense of self. 

On a physical level, you may feel like you’re vibrating with energy, urgency, and desire. That could be desire in a romantic or erotic sense, or it could be a desire to claim your space in the world. Whatever you’re angling for, it may feel all-consuming at the end of April. You’re coming into your own in a beautiful (and possibly terrifying) way. 

Venus, who rules this eclipse, has been reveling in the suds of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. For you, that’s your place of community, so friends could play a role in what’s unfurling for you now. That, or you have a few witnesses for your glorious becoming. 

When we experience expansion in one area of life, we tend to witness a winnowing in another. For you, this relates to your partnerships and commitments. The Scorpio eclipse on May 15th could bring a letting go in this area: a release of old patterns or ways of being with each other. Your relationships will need to transform alongside you.

Remember that this is the first of three eclipses in Scorpio. The story is only beginning to unfold.

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Gemini glyph

Gemini & Gemini Rising

For you, Taurus season can mean nap season. There’s something about the reliable solidity of this earth sign that allows you to slow your Gemini wing beats. Taurus also coincides with your 12th House of solo time and retreat. This is the place where you give yourself permission to be anti-social for a minute. Where you apply your darting curiosity to your inner world, rather than the world outside. 

With an eclipse occurring in Taurus on April 30th, your inner world may feel less sturdy than usual. The ancients described the 12th House as the “place of self-undoing.” However you tend to unlace the threads of your progress, or feel frayed at the edges — those patterns may rear themselves at the end of April. 

With Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune all canoodling in Pisces, you may be experiencing incredible professional growth at the same time. In fact, that could be the trigger for some of your spin cycles. With praise and adulation come new ways we fear of letting people down. 

The next eclipse in the series, on May 15th, will happen in Scorpio, your place of work and wellness. Maybe you’ve worked yourself into such a frenzy that your body is now hollering at you to slow down. Or there’s some aspect of your daily toil, or a wellness routine, that needs modification. 

There’s a layer of dragon skin to molt in this area, but it won’t happen overnight. In fact, this is part of your metamorphosis over the coming year. There’s nothing for you to do now but give your body the rest and replenishment it craves.

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Cancer glyph

Cancer & Cancer Rising

Taurus is the community garden of your chart: where you gather with kindred souls and grow something together. With an eclipse in this area on April 30th, your crops may look a little mutated this year — like two-pronged carrots, or eggplants with oblong noses.

As the ruler of this eclipse, Venus, swims circles around Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces, your social life may weave into your intellectual or spiritual pursuits. Whether you’re in college, an astrology study group, book club, or a wisdom path of your own making — you’re hungry to share knowledge with the collective. 

And you’re hungry for friendship. You’re craving a deep sense of social belonging, which has possibly felt bumpy in recent years. Incredibly fertile at times, while also somehow precarious.

The Scorpio eclipse on May 15th will open the trapdoor in your place of pleasure and creativity. Fun may be harder to relax into. You may feel removed from the pleasures of your body — the foods that usually lift your spirits. The fragrances. The music. The touch. 

This is temporary — and it’s only the beginning. 

Until July 2023, you’re rewriting your relationship with creativity, sensuality, and fun. Except there’s actually nothing for you to do but ride these waves, and open yourself to delight in strange places. It may not be where you’ve looked for it in the past.

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Leo glyph

Leo & Leo Rising

Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent with a side-gig selling home-thrown earthenware, or an actor with IMDB credits, or a latte art champion barista — Taurus season brings visibility to your vocational sphere.

Except this year the lights are flickering. The eclipse on April 30th kindles your yearning for something more. With the ruler of this eclipse, Venus, basking in Pisces, your holding zone for everything you’ve loved and lost, your relationship with grief could be fuelling your appetite. The ways you’re striving on the world’s stage are helping to metabolize your sorrows. 

As your career blooms wide open, you might feel more removed from your relationship with family or home. The eclipse in Scorpio on May 15th, could initiate a tender goodbye or letting go. 

Maybe you’re shedding an identity that you’ve performed for family so that you can step into a more authentic role. Or maybe you’re turning away from certain responsibilities in order to give yourself more fully to your career. 

Eclipses can reveal where our lives are out of balance, and that might become obvious to you this Taurus season. However, it will take time — over a year — to recalibrate.

If there’s one thing that Scorpio, Taurus, and Leo all have in common, it’s the ability to burn slow. Despite all the urgency you may be feeling now, there’s no rush to figure anything out. Like lime trees fruiting, or crocuses sprouting from the earth: you have your own growth rhythm. You’re exactly on time.

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Virgo glyph

Virgo & Virgo Rising

For you, Taurus season smells like an old book, or the pebbles of frankincense burning on your altar. Taurus is the temple and library of your chart. This is the place where you merge with something larger — whether that’s Spirit, or philosophy, or some far-flung locale.

Around April 30th, you may not feel totally in control of your self-expansion. Your “merging” may occur with another heart or mind, as Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune soften the edges between you and other people. Right now, you’re exceptionally porous. Love becomes your greatest mentor: whether that’s romantic love, platonic love, or the love you feel for the cosmos or natural world.

This might also be a time when you meet a kindred teacher. Just be careful not to underestimate your own wisdom in this equation. 

The next eclipse, on May 15th, will flicker the lights in Scorpio, your place of communication, siblings, daily exchanges, rituals, and local environment. You’re letting go of something here. Maybe your relationship with a sibling is undergoing its own transformation, or you’re re-appraising how you work with words to express yourself. 

Facts you previously held to be true may reveal new facets or loopholes. In a way, isn’t there something freeing about that? Even truth is evolving — like you.

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Libra glyph

Libra & Libra Rising

When the Sun warms into Taurus, it lights the torches in your area of grief, collaboration, and the resources you share with other people. This is your place of lost and not yet found. The tender zone where you exchange parts of you with intimate others. Here, you deal in a currency of emotions, as well as more material mediums of exchange.

The eclipse on April 30th brings an in-rush of energy to this corner of your chart. You may be barreling into collaborations with other people — whether in love, art, or business. While you usually approach such ventures methodically, the North Node in Taurus brings a certain frenzy. If it feels vital to sign on the dotted line now — question your urgency. Is it real or self-concocted?

The next eclipse on May 15th will feel more cathartic. 

You’re letting something go when it comes to your relationship with money, livelihood, or material security. Maybe you’re stepping back from one income stream to find another more aligned with your values. Or maybe you’re actively trying to shed old narratives around money, or fears around scarcity, which have been keeping you stuck. 

However this eclipse season plays out, your focus will yo-yo between what belongs to you and what belongs to others. The answer is to find a way to balance these extremes, but this equilibrium will take time. The lunar nodes will remain in these signs until July 2023. Until then, there’s nothing for you to do but open to the current of change. Let it move you.

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Scorpio glyph

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

When the Sun melts into Taurus, it lights the beeswax tapers on your table for two. This is the place where you commit yourself to other people: whether in love, business partnership, or friendship. Since the North Node entered Taurus in January, you may be feeling especially ravenous for connection. The solar eclipse on April 30th will amplify this hunger.

Ironically, this might actually be a time when you experience new levels of pleasure and sensuality — with another person or solo. With Venus, who rules this eclipse (and your relationships more broadly), basking in Pisces, your body becomes a site of bliss. Think of all your surfaces that can experience delight: your tongue, your hands, the skin behind your ear.

As you probe new depths in your relationship with pleasure and other people, some aspect of your identity starts to recede. With the Scorpio eclipse on May 15th in particular, you’re releasing something essential. Maybe a persona that’s grown stale, or a role that no longer fits you. 

Your energy could feel low around this time as well. It will be crucial to rest as intensely as you play. Otherwise, there’s nothing for you to do but let the energies of this moment rock through you. Before the caterpillar sprouts its wings, there’s a phase where it must turn to mush. If your sense of self starts to feel wobbly at times, know that it’s all part of your metamorphosis.

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Sagittarius glyph

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

Taurus is the workshop of your chart, whether that looks like a science lab, coffee shop, or the rock where you catch a mobile signal. This is the place of grunt work, whatever that involves in your day-to-day. It’s also the area dedicated to your overall maintenance — from flossing teeth to lifting weights to juicing carrots to sifting clumps from the litter box. 

The solar eclipse on April 30th will make this part of your life the site of some frenzy. With the ruler of this eclipse, Venus, so well-placed in Pisces, it could be “good frenzy,” such as the havoc wreaked (and reeked) by freshly adopted kittens. Pisces corresponds to your place of home and family, so the chaos generated now may relate to a long-awaited domestic upgrade.

The Scorpio eclipse on May 15th could feel more shadowy. Because it occurs in the most hidden corner of your chart, you may not be able to put your thumb on what’s troubling you. Self-limiting habits or thoughts could snake back into your awareness around this time. Know that it’s only then, when such patterns reveal themselves, that you can begin the work of detangling them. 

That’s what these Scorpio eclipses will be about for you: shedding any part of your mental machinery that’s holding you back. You’re already an expert at bucking free from external fetters. You may as well apply the same standards — of freedom — to your own mind.

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Capricorn glyph

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

As the Sun warms the loam of Taurus season, heat trickles into the fun house of your chart. This is the place where you play and create. Whether that involves massaging clay into tea cups, or strumming a guitar, or roaming the pleasure centers of your body.

The eclipse on April 30th could bring a frantic urgency to how you have fun or express yourself. There could be so many ideas storming through you, you feel panicked you won’t get them all down. North Node eclipses have a way of kindling our desire and striving for “more” — whatever you’re yearning for more of.

The countermeasure is to slow down. You’re in a moment where your immediate environment is the source of beauty and inspiration. When was the last time you stopped to smell the plum blossoms? When did you last wipe a fragrance on your forearm to see how it entangled with your own musk? When did you last place a chocolate on your tongue and let it melt?

The next eclipse will occur in Scorpio, your place of friendship and community, on May 15th. There’s something you’re shedding in this area. Maybe you’re drifting away from friendships you’ve outgrown, or you’re entering new phases of them. You’re releasing old patterns of relating that glue you to flattened versions of yourself. 

Grow and let grow. This is the labor of how you evolve.

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Aquarius glyph

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

Taurus is the hearthstone of your chart: your house of home and family. Since 2018, and even more so since January, the scents, sounds, and textures of home may feel subtly estranging. The Taurus eclipse on April 30th could amplify these shifts.

Maybe your family is changing in a way that feels, quite literally, unsettling. Or your bid for more freedom at home is rustling some feathers. This is a North Node eclipse, and the North Node tends to make us hungry. What are you hungry for when it comes to a sense of home, rootedness, or belonging? 

This eclipse answers to Venus, who is luxuriating in Pisces, your place of livelihood and material security. You might actually find that your pockets are lined more generously than they have been in the past. Such changes of circumstance could seed questions around the kind of home or family you want to create for yourself. 

Acknowledge the questions as they arise, but don’t feel a need to answer them yet. 

The Scorpio eclipse on May 15th flickers the lights in your career sector. There’s something you’re turning away from here. Some aspect of your public life is starting to underwhelm you. Ask yourself whether you’re still living by the ideals and goals you set ten years ago. Consider how you’ve transformed since then. Because you have.

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Pisces glyph

Pisces & Pisces Rising

As the Sun beams into Taurus, it lights the black mirrors of your phone and other screens. This is the place of your daily exchanges — whether they arrive in the form of texts, emails, small talk with neighbors, or initials scratched in the bark of a tree. 

With an eclipse happening in this sign on April 30th, your local environment could be the site of some disturbance. Venus, who rules this eclipse, is currently swanning with Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces — so there’s a chance this could be a “disturbance” of a happy nature.

Like the distractedness of new love. Or the disorientation of a new city, where you can’t daydream through town on autopilot. Still, this is an eclipse. It’s an outage. Your communications and daily rhythms could feel on the fritz at the end of April.

Part 2 of this eclipse series is a bit like the heartburn following a decadent feast. With the dragon’s tail knotted around the Moon in Scorpio, the lunar eclipse on May 15th will open the sink drain in your place of higher education, spiritual pursuits, and travel. 

There’s something here you’re outgrowing, or moving beyond. Whether it’s a college program, or a less easily defined path of wisdom — something has lost its luster. Or it needs to shed its own scales to grow alongside you.

This is the first of three Scorpio eclipses. Whatever is coming to an end, remember that it’s only the beginning of something else for you to discover.

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