Horoscopes for Sun in Cancer, 2022

Read your horoscope for the Sun in Cancer

Welcome the seasonal solstice

This Cancer season is fertile. This Cancer season wants you to flourish. This Cancer season will provide exactly the nutrients your soil needs to yield a bountiful crop. The Sun’s entrance into Cancer on June 21st also marks a crucial threshold in our year: the seasonal Solstice. Happening on opposite ends of the year — once in December and once in June — the Solstice is all about what’s culminating. 

In the Southern Hemisphere, the darkest point of the year encourages reflection, a fruitful pause — time to take emotional stock. In the North, the light has reached its peak. This is a moment to give thanks and rejoice in all that’s ripened in your life. Acknowledge the projects you’ve carried. The friendships you’ve nurtured. The love you’re surrounded by. 

Notice what’s ripened in your area too. What bushes do the bees adore? What fruit or flowers can be plucked from your own neighborhood? Go on a foraging walk with friends. Reflect on how the light at this time of year influences your mood.

New Moon in Cancer is one of the best of the year

The Cancer New Moon on June 28th is one of the most auspicious New Moons of the year. As Luna receives the blessings of our cosmic fairy godmother, Jupiter, we have a beautiful opportunity to sow our plans for the future. 

With Jupiter’s fertilizer on tap, don’t be surprised if your endeavor rapidly takes on a life of its own. Launch the initiatives that feed you back. Trust that a combination of intuition, nurturance, and cosmic good luck will bring a delightful uplevel to your life. 

Later in the season, on July 16th, the Sun joins Mercury in a purifying cazimi (conjunction with the Sun). Cazimis have a way of bringing crystal-clear understanding to a situation. This is a time to tune in. Trust your intuition. Write down the wisdom that presents itself in a dream. Start conversations. Listen.

With the Sun in conversation with Neptune and Pluto as the season of the crab closes, remember that steady commitment to your dreams and ideals will transform your life (and the ripples will touch all your communities of care). 

Get obsessed with whatever makes you tick — and trust that it’s pining after you too. 

Your Sun in Cancer horoscopes are meant to be read as inspiration. If you know both your rising sign and sun sign, please read both horoscopes. You’ll know which one resonates more for you. Take what works for you, and leave the rest. If you want to share this work, please credit the source by quoting it and providing a link to this post and website. Thank you for your support and for spreading the work around. We really appreciate it and you.

The following horoscopes were written by Stephanie Warner.

Aries glyph

Aries & Aries Rising

This Cancer season is all about how you nurture your foundations. Whether it’s tending to your beloved garden patch, or creating altars in every room, commit to the practices that support you. 

If there’s a day you need extra manifestation mojo, the New Moon on June 28th will help you call in your dream abode — or uplevel your current quarters. Turn on the notifications for your favorite rental websites. Frequent thrift shops and garage sales to find new treasures. 

Bring the abundance home.  

This is also the time to reinvigorate the ancestral traditions, arts, recipes, and legacies that help you feel connected to your lineages. On July 16th, name all the ways in which you are ready to thrive. Bend the ears of your ancestors. 

They’re pulling every cosmic string they can for you when it comes to “no place like home”.

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Taurus glyph

Taurus & Taurus Rising

Cancer season is one of the most fertile moments this year to cast your word spells, dialogue with your tarot cards, and cultivate a pulse of abundance in the day-to-day. As the Sun brings illumination to your immediate environment, seek out pockets of sweetness within cafés, solidarity gardens, petting zoos, and farmers markets. Compliment a stranger. Save your pennies for wishes in your local fountain. 

June 28th brings one of the lushest New Moons all year. Use this day to initiate the podcast, blog, website, or email newsletter that simply feels “right” on a gut level. You might also devote this Moon to reinvigorating your daily gratitude, meditation, or writing practice. Rearrange your schedule to honor your rhythms. The more that you nurture the ritualistic dimension of life, the more it will care for you in return. 

On July 16th, let your intuition take you on a scavenger hunt through your neighborhood (or even your imagination). As a day ripe with cosmic intel, tune in to surprise transmissions. The answer you are looking for may arrive in the form of fortune cookies, graffiti, or the words of a trusted friend. 

The mundane is most magical.

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Gemini glyph

Gemini & Gemini Rising

For you, Cancer season is a time to reinvigorate your connection to money, security, and the talents that sustain your sense of self-worth. Whatever symbolizes comfort food of the soul — go for seconds. Move toward the practices, people, and places that teach you how to center generativity. If there’s any emotional fog to dispel around your abundance and thriving, the Sun in this area brings clarity.

The New Moon on June 28th wants you to have it all. Rally the money witches, courses, spreadsheets, and financial advice that will harness your momentum. Open a savings account. Set up a table of wares at your local farmer’s market. Dip a toe into long term investments. This is one of the most abundant New Moons of the year — sow your seedlings. 

Our money myths are often entangled with some pretty sticky feelings, but around July 16th, you burn through any obscuring fog. Your intuition will be on point around this day. Establish your financial cornerstones on a level that feels right to you. 

Think with your gut.

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Cancer glyph

Cancer & Cancer Rising

Welcome to your annual glow up — it’s Cancer season. Leave the wallflowers to their wallflowering and flaunt what you’ve got. Reframe your every hunch as calls to action. There are more nerve endings in your gut than your brain. Listen to them.  

On June 28th, the Cancer New Moon wants you to raise your magic wand and cast a deeply personal spell. Not only is this an exceptionally fertile New Moon, but its manifestation moxie is focused on you. Unveil your passion project. Tick an item off your bucket list. Let your intuition take the wheel and trust the path that simply feels right to you. No explanations needed.

If there was ever a time to write your personal manifesto, it’s July 16th. If you’re unsure about the first steps to take in your next heroic quest, keep your ears peeled for all manner of cosmic intel. Your daily card pull — even the coffee grounds — will all be trailing hints.

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Leo glyph

Leo & Leo Rising

Cancer season this year is extra lush, as the Sun brings its light over your inner realms. Make friends with the snooze button and your Out Of Office email tag. Adjust the mood lighting in your lion’s den. Settle in for the emotional replenishment that only sleep can provide. 

Whether it’s booking a meditation retreat, lingering a few extra minutes in corpse pose, or doubling down on your mind-emptying rituals, embrace everything that thrives behind closed eyelids. 

On July 16th, as the Sun conjoins Mercury, transmissions from your psyche will be hot off the presses. Let the tides of your emotions flow onto the page. Dive into your favorite guided meditation. Embrace the parts of yourself that flicker to life when nobody is watching. 

You may experience some resistance on July 19th in terms of taking your alone time. Register these reactions, but wave goodbye confidently. Even someone as sunny as you needs to switch on dark-mode occasionally. Your fans will be waiting for you on the other side of your bespoke silk eye mask. Promise.

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Virgo glyph

Virgo & Virgo Rising

Cancer season shines its fruitful light on the covens, collectives, knitting circles, and book clubs that nurture your sense of social belonging. For you, community only makes sense when it’s planted in soil fertilized by love, care, and emotional accountability. Just as the Moon has its phases, take stock of the friendships that are flourishing on their own and those that need a little TLC. 

The New Moon on June 28th is one of the most fertile times this year to manifest more interconnection. Move toward your fan club — the people hanging on your every word, or brushstroke, or line of code. Surrender to this need for witness, especially when it comes to your emotional landscape. Scour Eventbrite, or your café’s cork board to pinpoint the events where your people are lurking. Or start playing your own panpipes and see who follows.

On July 16th, the Sun conjoins Mercury. Switch on schmooze mode and keep your ears piqued for the cosmic wisdom flowing through your networks. The next day, a chance encounter could grow into a long and beautiful friendship or dreamy creative collaboration. Of all the kombucha joints in town!

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Libra glyph

Libra & Libra Rising

Is it lonely at the top? For you, this Cancer season is an opportunity to make sure your career, public offerings, and ambitious striving are emotionally aligned. The professional path that simply feels right to you requires no other justification. In a season of such ample professional opportunities, let your intuition light the way. 

The New Moon on June 28th offers an especially fruitful day to scatter your resumes, proposals, and big ideas to the generous wind. Build a vision board for your career. Trust that your dream project, offering, or life direction is eagerly awaiting your arrival. 

On July 19th, if a career growth spurt or uplevel is unleashing waves of emotion, take this as a sign that you’re onto something. Find ways to channel this energy into your professional ascent. With greater exposure and visibility comes increased responsibility, but this is an opportunity to make sure your public offerings are nurturing the collective.

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Scorpio glyph

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

Cancer season is an invitation to nurture your connection to spirit, learning, long-term plans, and far-flung journeys — including those of the mind. Clear ample space over the coming weeks for life’s bigger questions, including where you’re going and how you’re going to get there. 

Initiate panorama mode. 

There’s also endless possibility when you stay right where you are. Meditate on the light as it changes through the day. Spend an hour watching bees mine a bloom for honey. The Earth is a sacred text worthy of poring over.

Over the New Moon in Cancer on June 28th, trust the book that magically falls out of the shelf, or the Ted Talk that pulls a light bulb chain in your brain. Whether you’re drafting a proposal, browsing language schools, or building out the blocks of your 10-year plan — let your intuition be your lantern. 

On June 28th, your heroic quest gets rerouted by a welcome eureka moment. Seek out the lectures, cultural events, occult bookshops, and poetry slams that shift your frame on the world. 

Never stop asking why.

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Sagittarius glyph for the horoscopes for Sun in Gemini

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

Allow the lushness of Cancer season to open you to its generous financial rains. As one of the most fruitful New Moons of the year, use June 28th to turn over every mossy stone in terms of loans, grants, lines of credit, and stipends. Trust that simply by asking for help, the universe will send the entire cavalry. 

On July 16th, the auspicious Mercury cazimi (conjunction with the Sun) illuminates your tender places. Imagine the Sun’s warmth loosening the parts of your body still holding onto grief. Seek out the therapists, healing modalities, and trusted confidants that will help bring clarity to this journey.  

On July 17th, a pipeline could open between the universe’s coffers and your dream home. Use this day to feel out the funding bodies that could help transform your roost into a creative sanctuary. You could also use this day to embrace the ancestral lineages in need of healing (or the ones that could heal and inspire you).

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Capricorn glyph

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

This Cancer season, don’t go it alone. Move toward the warmth of the besties, true blues, and collaborators that celebrate the whole of you. Bask in their witness and return the favor. Surrender to the truth that life is an ongoing conversation. Approach every encounter, from the profound to the mundane, as a chance to learn more about your deepest emotional needs and desires. 

Over the New Moon in Cancer on June 28th, If there’s something that you need to feel nurtured and safe in your closest relationships — just ask. Even in Cancer season, telepathy is not a given. To grow with another is itself a long and beautifully messy process of negotiation. July 16th provides an opportunity to dream-board your ideal partnership. What are ten green flags that are non-negotiable? 

On July 19th, dare to “go there” with that special someone. Embrace the vulnerability that true intimacy requires. Break your poker face — if only for a split second.

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Aquarius glyph for horoscopes for Sun in Gemini

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

As one of the lushest Cancer seasons in a minute, settle for nothing less than the work, service, or daily sweat that satisfies a deep emotional need. Food prepared with heart simply tastes better and so it is with your labor. Even if it’s a task as humble as sweeping the kitchen, or creating a mind map, your emotional investment in your toil will pay dividends.

Use the generous New Moon on June 28th to initiate a side-hustle, health routine, or contract for services rendered that simply feels right on a heart level. 

Over July 16th, trust every tingle of your spidey senses when it comes to your working day. If a client, new hire, or contract feels off, heed your instincts. Something even more abundant will take its place.

Cancer season is also a time for nurturing your body. Trust that it knows what it needs. When it comes to self-care, if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. Simply show up to your mat, or journal, or daily farmer’s market run. By nurturing the practices that feed you, they will carry you through life’s stickier times too.

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Pisces glyph for horoscopes for Sun in Gemini

Pisces & Pisces Rising

Cancer season is extra lush this year, so double-down on your goddess-given right to schmooze, bliss out, and canoodle. The month between June 21st and July 22nd is the best period this year to reinvigorate your connection to pleasure and creative expression. 

Step 1: write a list of the things that fill your cup. Step 2: make them the centerpiece of your schedule. 

The New Moon on June 28th is one of the most generative New Moons of the year. Nurture your creative hatchlings. Give yourself a massage with your favorite essential oil. Play a game you loved as a child — even if it’s been a decade or three. Identify the treats, diversions, and passion projects that feed your inner self. 

Around July 16th, your crafts take on a voice of their own. Let the muses speak without censoring their messaging. Welcome what yearns to be expressed through you.

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