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Mercury in Leo wants you to express yourself

When Mercury enters Leo on July 19th, our words, communications, and ideas get laced with oomph and sparkle. It’s time to express yourself and risk a bit of brattiness in the process. Nobody sees the world exactly as you do, and your perspective is a vital gift to the collective. Why keep it to yourself? 

A message for the masses

Indeed, we get to see just how infectious “word of mouth” is on July 23rd, when Mercury trines Jupiter. Jupiter adds growth potential and spreadability to your broadcasts. If you want something to go viral, choose this day to cast your messages into the collective. Equally, if you’re wanting to keep something under wraps, bear in mind that Jupiter’s influence around this date is far from subtle. Let the cat get your tongue accordingly. 

Choose your words carefully

Coming off the glow of good press, Mercury encounters some turbulence later in the month. July 26th, specifically, ushers in prickly egos and potential verbal sparring. Tread carefully around folks’ tender spots and maybe dial down the sass (for a minute, anyway). Between July 28th and July 30th, you’ll want to shatter any paradigms that you’ve outgrown — just make sure that your rebellion aligns with your deeper goals. Be patient with this process. The mood of the moment will have its say, but true transformation takes time to grow roots.

Your Mercury in Leo horoscopes are meant to be read as inspiration. If you know both your rising sign and Sun sign, please read both horoscopes. You’ll know which one resonates for you. Take what works and leave the rest. If you’d like to share this work, please credit the source and provide a link to this post or our website. Thank you for your support and for spreading this work around. We really appreciate it — and you.

The following horoscopes were written by Stephanie Warner.

Aries glyph for the horoscopes for Mars in Aries

Aries & Aries Rising

As Mercury enters Leo, get ready to geek out on the good things in life. In this sign, detail-oriented Mercury helps you map out the itinerary for your romps, vacays, and diversions. Though organized fun may sound like an oxymoron, having a game plan can free up mental space, helping you sink more deeply into your pleasures. 

Mercury in Leo will also help you weave the subtle threads of your creative projects together. Revel in the granular dimension of your painting, pottery, or guitar riff. Delight in the texture of your canvas or the minor chord that sets everything else off. 

If you’re experiencing an artistic block, use these weeks to converse with other creatives in your field. They may be able to fill in the gaps of your imaginative blindspots, or see a new angle into the work. 

July 23rd is a particularly bright day to kindle the flame of a passion project. Quiet your rational mind and let it flow from your fingertips. Then, on July 28th, push it further by breaking the genre rules. If art isn’t subversive, what’s the point?

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Taurus glyph for the horoscopes for Mars in Aries

Taurus & Taurus Rising

Mercury in Leo shines your attention to detail on all matters of home and family. Maybe it’s finally time to repaint your baseboards or clear the mystery jars from your fridge. Comb through your caregivers’ print photos and see if there are any gems you want to scan. Reinvigorate the recipes, card games, inside jokes, and lore that weave your chosen kin together. 

What golden thread can you bring to their greater dialogue? 

Mercury in Leo will also help you attend to the finer details of communing with your ancestors. Whether that means offering an altar pastry to a particularly hungry ghost or mapping out your family tree, those that came before are all ears.

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Gemini glyph for the horoscopes for Mars in Aries

Gemini & Gemini Rising

As Mercury enters Leo, your daily life gets infused with a new effervescence. Are you ready to treat the day-to-day like one long scavenger hunt? Start each day with a tarot pull and count the sheep of your gratitude as you drift to sleep. Imagine time as a generous medium that wants you to slay your to-do list and find moments for fun and frivolity. This cake can be had and eaten. 

Mercury in Leo also wants you to do your butterfly thing. Drink deeply from every hothouse bloom in your neighborhood. Drift between farmers markets, cafés, and flower shops. Flaunt your favorite looks for the neighborhood paparazzi and arrive fashionably late to the block party. 

July 23rd will be a golden day to map out the broader strokes of a writing or communications project. Later, July 28th will bring a thunderclap of insight to inspire new ideas for a blog, essay, or podcast. Dare to step out of the stream of the ordinary and deep-dive into innovative realms. Test-run your most electric takes on your audience and delight in the crackle of controversy. Somebody had to say it.

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Collage for Venus in Taurus

Cancer & Cancer Rising

As Mercury enters Leo, you’ll start to connect the dots of your finances. But you’ll also learn that part of gathering your rosebuds is simply feeling abundant. Indulge in the texture of silk against your skin, or treat yourself to the fine, local honey from the farmers’ market. 

Such small, sensuous moments will fill your spiritual piggy bank — and signal to the cosmos that you’re ready for a financial expansion too. Flex that abundance mindset. 

The next few weeks are also ideal for sinking into the detail-work of a hobby or talent. Whatever you can do to bring more organization to your scrapbooking, needlepoint, or spoon-playing — put in the extra love and elbow grease. You also never know what could happen if you Etsy or Shopify your wares. 

There’s an audience for everything with Mercury in Leo, so dare to weave your passions and side-hustles into something lucrative — and personally fulfilling.

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Leo glyph

Leo & Leo Rising

As Mercury enters your sign, it encourages you to take up more airspace with your personal plans, schemes, and sacred callings. Sometimes saying things out loud is the best way to speak them into existence. So let that cat out of the bag already. As you proclaim your desires, imagine your listeners (and the cosmos itself) as sacred oath-keepers who can hold you accountable in the coming weeks.

Use the expansive nature of July 23rd to cast a potent manifestation regarding your individuation. Rally the support of other seekers (past and present) who have taken a similar off-beat path. Trust the lily pads of synchronicity that materialize before you. Surrender to the calling that lights you up from within and burns brightly for the sake of itself. 

If July 30th has you craving words of external validation, do what you can to sink back into your intuition. By all means, gather advice and expertise — but know that your one wild life can only be lived by you. At a certain point, you must depart from your mentors and enter these enchanted woods alone.

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Virgo glyph

Virgo & Virgo Rising

As Mercury enters Leo, you may feel the need to resurrect your out-of-office signature. Dim all the lights, save for your salt lamp and beeswax tapers. Mercury is here to dial up the ASMR and sing you to sleep. 

Use the coming weeks to fine-tune the systems that will create ample space for your private time. Don’t be afraid to leave some conversations on hold. Activities like morning pages, or dream journaling, could help you map the nooks and crannies of your psyche. There’s gold in those subconscious hills. Better start exploring.

On July 23rd, a fortuitous pipeline opens between your rest and healing, so embrace your eye mask and weighted blanket. If inner turbulence keeps you from your shuteye later in the month, know that the storm will pass. In the meantime, try to befriend what goes bump in the night. Most worries start to deflate as you name them and acknowledge they’re there.

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Libra glyph

Libra & Libra Rising

As Mercury enters Leo, you might need to turn off the notifications in the group chat. Whether you’re weaving together friend groups or testing the mettle of your brainchild against an audience, suddenly everyone wants to bend your ear. So cast your words as wide as possible. Cross-pollination gives way to new harvests after all. 

The next few weeks will also show you that there’s nothing like a support group to keep you accountable to your dreams and schemes. If social facilitation helps unleash your oomph and creativity, sign up for a month of co-working, or research meet-ups and conferences in your field.

On July 23rd, a fruitful alliance or collaboration could be struck, so long as you circulate. Schmooze your heart out and RVSP to it all. If this co-conspirator has yet to manifest, write a list of their qualities and don’t be surprised if three of them materialize.

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Scorpio glyph

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

As Mercury enters Leo, your thoughts turn to the loftier heights of career, public offerings, and the mark you leave on the world. Find ways to bring your flair to the professional world and trust the career path that feels aligned with your own good vibrations. 

Though the words “sell yourself” might cause you to cringe, there is an art to standing out from a crowd of candidates. Whatever you do with that extra bit of swagger, showcase it via your resume, website, or job interview. A little faking-it-till-you-make-it will go a long way in the next few weeks, and Mercury is here to dial up the charm. 

The more you start to believe your own good press, the more it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Use July 23rd to pitch your most pie-in-the-sky professional scheme. On this day, you could sell a bicycle to a fish — so schedule your most promising job interview, staff meeting, or big launch accordingly.

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Sagittarius glyph

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

As Mercury enters Leo, it asks you to step out of the ordinary. Tickle your tastebuds with unfamiliar flavors. Transform a corner of your bedroom into a makeshift temple. Watch a film that comes from outside anyone’s algorithm. Some of life’s most transformative journeys don’t require a passport — only your willingness to be a humble student of mystery. 

With Mercury embracing the sprawling sweep of mythic time, you’ll be pondering your life from an aerial view. Explore the courses, master classes, meditation retreats, and spiritual paths that call you. Dare to be dramatic in your seeking. Show up at the cafe carting your heftiest book of spells. 

Use July 23rd to dream-board your most expansive future life — and hold nothing back. July 28th could follow with a breakthrough in your wisdom quest if you allow yourself to play. Discoveries are often made when the mind is blissfully absorbed in something else, so embrace distraction now and then.

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Capricorn glyph

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

As Mercury enters Leo, it’s time to submerge yourself in the intricate networks of exchange, sharing, lending, and debt that hold society together. A golden net of financial support is available, but you’ll need to keep your ear to the ground. Flip through your Rolodex twice. Turn over every last stone when it comes to loans, grants, stipends, scholarships, and lines of credit.

Mercury could also play the role of mediator, therapist, coach, and/or confidant as you dislodge some lingering grief debris. The more you can put words to your aches and pains, the less murky they will feel. Reframe your emotional landscape as something that can be mapped — a place that you can step in and out of it at will.

On July 23rd, dare to see the cosmos as one giant giving tree. Use the extra luck that comes with this day to send your grant proposals or manifest your dream collaborator. By asking for exactly what you need, you call it into existence. Be the squeaky wheel.

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Aquarius glyph

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

As Mercury enters Leo, your closest relationships offer their mirrors, reflecting the parts of you that are craving the stage. Allow your nearest and dearest to melt your aloofness and draw out your kittenish side. What makes you purr? It’s more than okay to indulge your inner diva from time to time and allow yourself to play. 

July 23rd asks you to scheme and dream with your nearest and dearest. Nurture those who switch on your megawatt smile and banish energy vampires from your court. When it comes to partnership, your words will be your torch in the coming weeks. That means no guesswork, telepathy, or silent treatments — just clearly communicated needs with as much warmth and candor as possible.

July 30th, on the other hand, could feel like communications passing in the night. Accept this as a day when connection isn’t forthcoming and use the time to clarify what you want — what you really, really want — when it comes to partnerships everlasting.

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Pisces glyph for horoscopes

Pisces & Pisces Rising

As Mercury enters Leo, it’s time to bring a hint of frivolity and fun to your daily toil. Whether that means working out the details of an office barbecue or breaking up your suit with “fun socks,” honor your need for a more playful workplace. 

If you feel like your creativity isn’t fully being utilized in your job, find ways to sprinkle it in and take note of the results. Whatever brings you to that sweet spot of work feeling like play, call it in. Life is too short to drag yourself from 9 to 5. What are the projects that leave you feeling revitalized? 

On July 23rd, invest in the tools of the trade, the office supplies, or the systems that will elevate your daily toil. It’s amazing what new perspectives a standing desk can bring. Just note that July 28th could bring some wild card moments to your work communications, memos, and data sharing. Back it up, then back it up again. 

Use the buzz in the air to mind-map your way to your next work breakthrough.

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