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Mars enters Aries for a fiery homecoming

After patrolling Pisces with shark-like cunning over the past several weeks, Mars shakes off the brine to arrive at Aries’ arid shores. This is Mars’ homecoming to its fiery domain.

From May 24th to July 4th, Mars in Aries ignites our “want and you shall receive” drive. It’s time to test our will, steel our resolve, and propel headlong into the frontlines of our aspirations. Aries’ terrain in your chart reveals where you are a warrior, sharpening your sword against the hardest stone.


Channeling Mars’ fiery, propulsive state won’t guarantee immunity from stage fright. Simply showing up, despite our doubt, takes true grit. Tempering our inner champion asks us to hold our visceral fear and gut reactions with piercing awareness. 

Mars conjunct Jupiter fuels our desire for a quest

Before launching into the fray, every protector needs a banner to fly: an inspiring meta-narrative that defines their quest. 

Mars’ conjunction with buoyant Jupiter on May 29th reunites us with the meaning behind our struggle and sacrifice. Jupiter stokes Mars’ flames, carrying enthusiasm into the stratosphere and ushering in expansive opportunity.

Old scars may twinge anew on June 15th, when Mars meets Chiron, the healer who has a way of soothing ~everyone else’s~ wounds. Though Jupiter endows us with a bumper crop of boons and a side plate of zeal, we may ponder our readiness. 

What defenses need patching? What conduits of the soul need clearing so that we may run on full power?

On June 27th, Mars collaborates with Saturn, providing structure for our willpower, so we can manifest our goals in reality. Then, Mars in Aries takes the ring for its final round on July 1st: a cathartic square-off with Pluto, the planet of shadow and mystery.

Though skirmishes erupt around grapples for control, and sparks may fly, we enter Hades’ lair in finest form.

Your Mars in Aries horoscopes are meant to be read as inspiration. If you know both your rising sign and sun sign, please read both horoscopes. You’ll know which one resonates more for you. Take what works for you, and leave the rest. If you want to share this work, please credit the source by quoting it and providing a link to this post and website. Thank you for your support and for spreading the work around. We really appreciate it and you.

The following horoscopes were written by Debra Stapleton (Starfruit Astrology).

Aries glyph for the horoscopes for Mars in Aries

Aries & Aries Rising

When Mars blazes home to Aries, the world catches up to your speed: full throttle. Mars in Aries eats rocket fuel for breakfast. It’s fast, furious, and fire-powered. From now until the beginning of July, this fuel is yours to harness.

By May 29th, you’ve grown to match the epic proportions of your life quest — a suddenly accelerated journey. Thrilling as it is to charge full-speed, take time to stay the course. Note the fine line between heroism and hubris.

Your impatience may flare around June 15th, when Mars joins up with Chiron. You know how you get when few can keep pace with your pace? If the trailblazer life feels lonely, go back and rescue those allies you’ve left in the dust. 

If the fumes you’re racing on start to run out, a commitment to structure — not just speed — will help you reach the finish line. Especially around June 27th, you find the fortitude to drag social projects out of the mud and break new collective ground. 

When Mars clashes with Pluto on July 1st, there could be a power skirmish in your public or professional life. Despite temptations to the contrary, brute force and comebacks are not the answers to all conflict. Practice the fine art of de-escalation, and discover what doors open when you meet other people halfway.

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Taurus glyph for the horoscopes for Mars in Aries

Taurus & Taurus Rising

As the rest of the world seems eager to break out, you feel called to go within. Mars’ passage through Aries guides you to face your interiors. With courage, you survey the dark for what you’d rather not see. Stay with what you discover. Let Mars’ heat smoke out the haunted corners of your psyche. 

Banish the ghosts holding you down and holding you back. 

Everyone knows you’re a lover, not a fighter. Yet around June 15th, you stare down your complex relationship with conflict. Remember: it’s human to feel anger, and it’s adult to express it. Healing lies within doing so and realizing that not every honest conversation has to devolve into a bitter spat.

By late June, you’ll find your deep inner work has empowered you to rise to your professional potential. With an energy boost that appears from nowhere, you bear new loads of responsibility and commitment. Understanding how you get in your own way clears your ascent. 

As July opens, your retreat may reveal a chasm in your faith. Lean on wise spiritual elders to carry you through. Yet also ask questions. If you don’t like the answers, find out why.

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Gemini glyph for the horoscopes for Mars in Aries

Gemini & Gemini Rising

Your agenda sizzles with initiative as Mars sears through your arena of alliances and collectives. The planet of protection rouses you to rally comrades and lift communal spirits. 

Remember, your squad at heart is fighting for the same cause. Don’t get discouraged if your social life feels like a chaotic scramble at times. Mars’ conjunction with Jupiter promises a unifying philosophy to herd your allies under one mission statement.

The merger between Mars and Chiron on June 15th reveals the redemptive potential of your social initiatives. The ways your community holds and heals you informs the advocate you’ve become in your collective.

On June 27th, constructive links form between your disciplined spiritual study and social efforts, adding rigor to your exuberant community energy. Shared pipe dreams are great, but so is showing up for the work and laying down the foundations.

July arrives with a hard rattle to your house of endings, grief, and joined resources. While Mars asks you to spearhead collectives, Pluto pulls you underground to process mental anguish. Though daunting, this passage teaches you how to hold fast and let go, all at once.

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Cancer glyph

Cancer & Cancer Rising

Can you feel the heat? It’s Mars rekindling the flame of your higher calling. Aglow with purpose, you’re slashing dry foliage to clear space for your platform. Though this entrepreneurial zeal may seem at odds with your protective crab shell nature, it’s your time to emerge and shine. 

On May 29th, Mars joins gift-giving Jupiter in Aries, and the stadium roars. All gazes are on you (a mixed blessing for Cancer types), and they’re cheering you on. 

As a healer and nurturer, you find purpose in comforting those who suffer. Explore teaching and mentoring as ways to pass your flame forward and expand your reach.

Around June 15th, set aside time to caress your scars. Remember the struggles they’ve memorialized in your flesh. Perhaps brandishing your healing process is the authenticity your public needs now?

As vulnerable as this may be. 

When Mars rocks your public terrain, it sends shockwaves to the relational ground Pluto’s been tilling since 2008. These tectonic shifts reset the power balance between your career and partnerships. Note how your recent successes may prompt you to renegotiate long term expectations with your important others.

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Leo glyph

Leo & Leo Rising

Propelled on far-reaching journeys, literal and philosophical, you feel your lion’s heart thunder again. As Mars comes home to your house of higher learning and spirituality, your world opens anew. When Mars joins Jupiter on May 29th, they launch you into bold opportunities and passionate educational pursuits. 

Feeling fenced in, as you have been as of late, is a veritable thorn in your paw. You might feel that ache around June 15th, yet this moment also brings a warming tonic of freedom. Revivified by unfolding adventures, you find more to share with your partners and collaborators. This newfound spaciousness nourishes your capacity to commit.

As a child of fire, it’s easy for you to become enraptured in your passions. Or wholly consumed. Mars’ square with Pluto in your house of health and service unearths an unavoidable warning of burn-out. Your mission is to make your wellness routines an enduring bedrock upon which your spirit may thrive.

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Virgo glyph

Virgo & Virgo Rising

Vexations over where you’ve pooled resources may increase as Mars brings your house of shared assets to a boil. Knowing with whom to cast your lot can be tricky when you’re a devotee of details. The bee in your bonnet is abuzz for bookkeeping and calculating.

Mars’ conjunction with Jupiter on May 29th enlarges your perspective and possibilities. Fast and furious opportunities present to improve shared wealth that may feel too good to be true. Remember, you can always pop on your analyst specs to measure new enthusiasms against long term goals.

When Mars and Chiron merge mid-June, it may awaken the grief-laced layers of this complex area of your life. Trust amid interdependence is tender, especially if you’ve been burned in the past. Release any anguish or old agreements that bear no fruit.

By the end of June, you’ll feel a collaborative feedback loop coursing through your shared assets and daily agenda. The stability of your routines supports your fiery collaborations. 

Your bold initiatives with shared resources may clash with your creative process and need for pleasure at the beginning of July. As this tension reaches a crescendo, find a way to sustainably redistribute your energy. Pick your battles. In between, power up with sensuous delights.

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Libra glyph

Libra & Libra Rising

Mars in Aries ignites your urge to merge, teaching you that asserting can be flirting. Turns out, the diplomat and the daredevil might have everything they need for the long haul.

As Mars and Jupiter connect on May 29th, you’re ready for your joyride. Right now, it feels good to be in the moment, alive in the most exhilarating company.

By mid-June, desires sharpen into pangs of concern. Old abrasions from past disappointments ache again. You wonder if you’ve really got the energy to sustain a new major connection. Though the past may echo, history won’t repeat if you’re conscious of your patterns — and aware of how you’ve grown.

Meanwhile, Saturn has been strengthening your capacity for creativity and romance since late 2020. As Mars and Saturn collaborate, the energies of action and endurance play well together. This moment offers support for your relational sphere. Perhaps it’s not just a flash in the pan?

The Mars / Pluto square of early July may unearth profound truths from your roots. As you plunge deeper into passionate connection, you must reckon with the potent forces that skew your equilibrium. Come home to what stabilizes you as you weather this transformative storm.

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Scorpio glyph

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

When Mars enters Aries in late May, it powers up your forge of health and service. Mars (the ruler of Scorpio) is in fine form, sharpening your tool kit until it gleams. As you hammer away at your day-to-day workflow, your energy feels bottomless. The more you do, the more you can do.

Good thing you’re on fire, because Mars and Jupiter conspire to bring you big boons. You forget to feel exhausted. The word “yes” bursts forth from your mouth before you’ve considered how you’ll actually tend so many irons in the fire.

Yet, like every titan before you, you’re sometimes too strong for your own good. Your will gallops while your earthly container needs rest. As Mars catches up with Chiron mid-June, you’re reminded to not take your recuperative powers for granted.

It may be that you’re in a feast or famine line of work, where it’s hard to say no. But you can say yes to small breathers. You can drink peppermint tea. Sliced cucumber feels good on your aching eyeballs. When Saturn and Mars meld collaboratively, you strike a steady balance between your work and home life.

July opens with mounting tensions between your workflow and communications. Crossed wires send sparks flying that may ignite power struggles and burnout. A community showdown or sibling rivalry may flare. Remember to fight fair. Take care to not feed this flame.

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Sagittarius glyph

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

Mars in Aries stokes the flames of your pleasure pursuits and creative expression. Especially around May 29th, when Mars joins Jupiter, your inspiration soars to new heights. Your wish for what you release into the world is that it will make it a little better.

You also hope that your creative offering is as healing to others as it was for you to craft. When Mars and Chiron connect mid-June, you reflect on times when you poured out your passions, only to be rejected. Visionaries like you are often underappreciated in their time. Yet, you’d never trade your courageous life on the cutting edge. 

Saturn in Aquarius has been fortifying your communications and deepening your commitment to neighbors and siblings (or people who feel like siblings) since late 2020. By the end of June, your creative energy is flowing throughout your writing projects, communications, and neighborhood activities. 

You have the dream, always, but at this point in the year, you have the follow-through too.

While Mars and Pluto are at loggerheads in early July, you’re challenged to reconcile the realities of your personal resources with the energy you need to create. It’s normal to grapple with fears around lack — your creative furnace requires a lot of fuel. Be honest about what you can deliver. If running on fumes, pause before you drive yourself to exhaustion. 

You’re spontaneous and daring in many ways, yet you’re actually pretty systematic when it comes to your resources. These systems are there for a reason. Sometimes the most thrilling thing is to step back and witness the structure you set in place actually function.

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Capricorn glyph

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

Come late May, your hearth is ablaze as the guiding light you’re organizing your life around. As Mars heats your house of ancestry and lineage, you tap into old power lines laid by those who came before you. When Mars and Jupiter unite on May 29th, they ignite the spiritual traditions and philosophies you’ve inherited. 

Along the way, you uncover old stories of family wounds. By mid-June, Mars and Chiron prompt you to take action on mending any loose ends of your lineage. Living with courage is an offering to this long line of warriors. Light your torch with their stories of overcoming and carry their flame forward.

Since late 2020, Saturn has tested and strengthened your responsibility with personal resources. As Saturn and Mars collaborate in late June, you’ll find that your foundations are well-laid.

The beginning of July is marked by a potent tug-of-war between the transformative forces coursing through your sense of self, and the fervent activity on your home front. Fortify and nourish yourself. Guard your vitality and energy with unwavering resolve.

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Aquarius glyph

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

Suddenly, after years of isolation, you’re abuzz in your neighborhood again. The embers of writing projects and local initiatives catch flame and flourish. When Mars and Jupiter combine forces on May 29th, they enlarge the scope of your learning projects, communications, daily offerings, and neighborhood activity.

Your healing lies in rekindling the local fire pits, around which stories are told and connections are made. Picking up where you left off in community leadership, you can’t help but notice glaring holes in the local fabric. You set to work on a fervent reweaving project.

When Mars collaborates with Saturn at the end of June, they embolden your sense of responsibility and duty. In a way, you’ve been the avatar for these qualities since late 2020. Now, your steadiness and dependability receives a vitality shot of rocket fuel.

As July opens, Mars’ square to Pluto in Capricorn rattles your taproots into the collective unconscious. This is your psyche’s underground terrain. If fears arise, or self-doubt looms, remember who you are, and where you belong.

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Pisces glyph for horoscopes

Pisces & Pisces Rising

For you, wealth is simply a tool to bring you what you value as you pass through this material world. You do, however, enjoy the thrill of spending. As Mars blows the lock off your bank safe, resources tumble into your hands, and back into your projects.

Jupiter’s time in Pisces waters brought you home to the shores of who you truly are. Now, with Mars and Jupiter setting your place of money ablaze, resources balloon the more you teach, support, and offer your gifts to the world.

As Chiron and Mars join in mid-June, you continue to uncouple your value as a being from how much you earn. It feels cathartic to let it flow and let it go. 

Since late 2020, Saturn in Aquarius has been strengthening your commitment to mining the collective unconsciousness for hard-wrought gold. By the end of June, new resources stream from these excavations. Ultimately, your long-term commitment to the process will bring home the gold, despite your urgency to grow certain money trees overnight.

July opens with a powerful encounter between your values and the transformative alliances and collectives you are connecting to now. Power struggles may arise that draw on your energetic resources. If comparison bingo is activating your scarcity fears, remember you aren’t privy to the whole picture. 

Only you know the contours of your own life. Pour your energy there instead.

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