Best Wedding Night Tips For Newly Married Couples

The first sexual meeting is the most fascinating thought for anybody. Most people do a lot of preparations before this meeting. The first meeting lays the foundation of the future sexual relations. It is supposed to be the most important event in the life of the newly couple.

Making the First Wedding  Night Experience Special for Both Partners: The Importance of Gentle Initiation and Understanding

First night experience is more important for woman than for the man. The man should initiate his wife into sex gently. The man should keep himself under control during the foreplay before first sexual union. The prelude, with all its tender affection and admiration, kisses, embraces, gentle caresses should be given the major importance. No woman expects to remove all her clothes on first night. Every woman is not so shy and chaste. At first night, try to be natural. Talk about her hobbies, interest and acquaint each other with your family details.

Never rush to accomplish the marriage by physical and advances with all its tender affection and admiration, embraces, kisses, gentle caresses should be given the admiration by kissing that part. The women open up very gradually. The man should be sensitive enough to judge his wife reaction by her facial expression and gestures. Steadily arouse her sexual feelings to move towards the desired goal.

The first most important work is the defloration or the rupture of the hymen. This is located at the opening to the vagina. Hymen makes the boundary between the external and part of the genitals which develop from the skin and the internal structures of the sexual reproductive system. In some women the hymen may be more or less retained as a perforated, soft sheet of the skin, in some women this tissue present during infancy seems to dissolve with growth, so that only slight remnants are seen as soft tags around the vaginal entrance.

In some cases the hymen is usually thick or strong. Forceful entry of a penis will overcome the obstruction. Though the women may feel some discomfort. Sometimes, the pain caused by hymen rupture obstruct with the enjoyment of first coitus. But this pain and discomfort will not last longer.

The emotional meeting and knowing of each other is far more important for a long loving relationship. Keep in mind your care and affection last much longer in the memories of your wife than any other things.

The Importance of First Contact on a Wedding Night:

First contact on a wedding night is not limited to only physical contact, but also bounded to the mental and spiritual contact. It is believed that in this moment, two bodies become one life and leads to the golden future of a successful life. It is also said that its foundation should be very strong so that the ups and downs of time could not make relationship spoil. On the night of beginning of a relationship, couple needs to understand each other. Often, couple prefers to go somewhere outside after marriage like on mountainous place or on private place in solitude and have the curiosity to know each other deeply. Because it is very difficult for newlywed couple to understand each other at a house filled with relatives and other families who have come to the wedding. It is prevalent in all countries and is equally important everywhere.

If you are not able to become the true life partner of your new bride, then you will not be able to become a partner on the bed and your bride will start considering you as bad and lustful person and consider herself as scapegoat. Therefore, the moments of the first meeting are very precious moments in life. If a man is not able to handle himself with haste on his rude behavior then unfortunately his wedding night turns into night.

Today’s, girls are also educated and understand the current scenario of the society well. Due to which every girl keeps a happy picture of her married life in her heart and wants her husband according to the same picture. If the husband is successful in winning the heart of his new bride, then it is definitely the beginning of his married life.

It is said that on the first night, the husband should never be rash for sexual intercourse rather he should praise every object like appearance, color, eyes, lips, nose, face texture and clothes etc. Do not praise the beauty and qualities of any other girl or woman in front of your new bride because it will affect your wife and she will not be able to give full support to you. First, subdue the mind of your wife and keep control over yourself to a limit. Once she will be enamored by you as a lover and successful man, she will surrender herself to you with happiness and full support. For the new bride, first time cohabitation is painful so first of all taking care of her sufferings and try to remove her hesitation slowly.

In my opinion, intake of alcohol or any drugs should not be consumed in wedding night else it might have a bad effect on their upcoming married life. This night comes only once in a life and women and men tie the memories of this night in a knot for the rest of their lives. Some ignorant people believe that it is necessary to have blood come on the first night from brides vaginal and it is a sign of bride’s character. This is not true, their concepts are absolutely wrong. Because some girls have very tight vaginal membranes while others have very thin and soft membranes which may burst due to childhood injuries such as involving into sports, get up and down from buses and trains and through a rapid jerk etc. As a result of bursting of membranes before sex, there is no question of blood come from brides vaginal. So in absence of blood, do not doubt in vain on character of your new bride. Otherwise, married life will become a flame of sorrows and your whole life will be devastated.

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