Episode Two- Who Helped Me?

Mrs Happiness opened her eyes and tried to get up, but felt a sharp pain in her skull. She looked up, and was wondering what happened, still trying her best to lift herself up, but passed out again, after the pains choked her badly.

Who is she? And were is her husband? Dr. Clement asked the Nurses. As there were putting heads together, trying to figure out, who she was, Lisa came in with a flask, containing food but was stopped by the nurses behind the counter.

She went to her bestie’s pool party, and didn’t returned untill the next day. No knowledge about the incident that took place in the house. With her kind of Lifestyle, she unlocked the door and bash into the house, no one was home and for the first time, everyone left the house at ones. Quickly brought out her phone and try contacting her mom, but to no avail and didn’t care to call Lisa , to her Lisa is just an house help, so she can’t waste her airtime to call.

All she believes is that, her mom has gone to office and Lisa to the market, so she invited her friends online to come over, just to keep her busy .

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“Am her housemaid” Lisa replied the Nurse, that asked her, who she was to Mrs Happiness. During the conversation, Dr. Clement had to lead her to the ward, in which Mrs Happiness was receiving treatments. It was a private ward, it contains just two patients, and the other was an elderly woman in her mid-70s.  Just as Lisa step into the ward, a young man came to check on the other patient, whom was said to be his mother.
He was informed by the Dr that, his mom will be discharged in two days.

It was already late, and no one has returned, her mom didn’t pick her calls, neither did Lisa returned from market as she believed initially. Still wasn’t bothered about the disappearance of her mom and the housemaid. She decided to go online to make some video calls with her friends as usual.

Lisa left the hospital very early to prepare breakfast, since the meal she brought had sour, because Mrs Happiness was still sleeping. Few minutes later after Lisa left the ward, Mrs Happiness woke up, but was too weak to get up, she tried but her strength failed her. As she was was trying, suddenly felt a soft palm rest on her hands, she turned to looked.

Kate wokeup very early and left her room to the sitting room, she felt something uncertain within her, went back to the room to get her phone, she heard the sound of the doors lock from the sitting being opened, rush out to see who was that. Then bumb into Lisa, who broke the news of what happened. Lisa left for the kitchen to prepare the meal, but Kate couldn’t believe what she heard, and was confused, so she move quickly to dress up, so as to follow Lisa back to the hospital.

The gentle touch and warmth smile on his face melted the heart of Mrs Happiness, but was still wondering how she ended up in the hospital.

Dr. Clement walked in to check on her, on seeing her siting upright put on a broad smile, “You are getting stronger” he whispered to her ear. The young man who helped Mrs Happiness to sit, turned to his mother(the other patient in the ward) instructed her to comply with the nurses, that her grand- children will come very soon, because he was about to leave for work.

Lisa walked in with Kate, and was happy to see Mrs Happiness her madam, sitting and discussing with the doctor. Kate move and sat beside her mother,and started with tons of questions. Lisa narrated what happened to Her madam,who was very eager to know what really happened that resulted on hospital bed.

I saw you on the floor with blood, gushing out from your forehead, the housemaid was trying to explain to her,then suddenly Mrs Happiness remembered that she was dancing out her sorrows that very night, then slipped and bash her head on the door, which swung open.

Lisa whose thought was that her madam, was murdered shouted and fainted, now Wondering who brought Mrs Happiness to the hospital? Because she woke up and saw a note besides her.

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