7 Ways to Ask Your Boyfriend for Money And Get It Easily

If you’ve already read this article I wrote previously on Tricks to Ask Your Boyfriend for Money and Make Him Give You then this article will not be so hard for you to understand. So, if I understand you properly, you’re searching for the best approach on how to ask your boyfriend for money, without looking like you are demanding, right? Without a doubt, there is no explanation for being broke, especially when you have a boyfriend.

The reality is that most guys like watching their women beg for money because it puts them in control and they will always feel superior. In case you didn’t know, most men become annoyed when their girlfriends don’t ask for money.

Meanwhile, why do so many guys behave as if they despise spending money on women? Or, to put it another way, why do guys become irritated when a female brings up the subject of money?

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The reason for this is simple: there is a fine line between requesting money and being an arrogant girlfriend. Making your partner give you money becomes a significant problem if you cross the line to the other side of continuous requests or arrogant demands.

If this is your scenario, I’ll teach you how to ask your boyfriend for money in a manner that will get him to give you money. When you make a man spend money on you, it doesn’t imply he loves you; rather, it means he has something special in mind for you.

So, here are the instructions on how to ask your boyfriend for money nicely and receive the money without wasting too much time:

7 Ways to Ask Your Boyfriend for Money And Get It Easily - Hisparadise.com

Things to Consider Before Asking Money from your Boyfriend

There are certain conditions that may influence your odds of obtaining money from your boyfriend, even if you gently ask him. These conditions must be met and followed strictly if you want to get money from your boyfriend.

They include;


You must ensure that he is in the finest of spirits. The ‘Give and Take’ technique comes into play in this situation. If you don’t want to go for an exchange, you should wait until he is completely satisfied before approaching him.


A good approach to consider if you are looking for how to ask your boyfriend for money is the current state of environment you are both in. Moods and the environment are inextricably linked. You should never contact your lover to demand money when he is at work. It’s usually a location where people avoid talking about money.

You can ask for money from your partner when the atmosphere is ideal like in the bedroom, when swimming together, or while spending time at the beach. Environments make it easier to entertain money demands; in most instances, they give you the exact amount you ask for.


It would be unfair to ask your partner for money as soon as he complains about being broke or having insufficient funds. None of these techniques will work if you are insensitive enough to do so.

Keep an eye on the right time and ask when it’s time. I usually advise you to ask your partner for money a few days before his pay day. He may include your request in his budget for the next month and pay you once he is paid.

After Sex

If you are in a romantic relationship with your boyfriend, asking for money from him shouldn’t be a big deal. In fact, while having sex or immediately after the first round of sex, ask for money from him persistently until he succumbs and promises to give you money.

This trick has a 90% chance of working because he is either enjoying the sex or he wishes to enjoy more.

7 Ways to Ask Your Boyfriend for Money And Get It Easily

7 Ways to Ask Your Boyfriend for Money And Get It Easily - Hisparadise.com

Here, I will provide effective tips that will make your boyfriend give you money when you ask politely. Although there is no assurance that asking for money from your boyfriend will result in him giving you the money, but you can always try your luck. You can get your partner to send you money by following the steps below:

Here’s how to ask your boyfriend for money:

Tell him he’s special

After you’ve explained why you need the money, tell your partner how much you value him. Also, tell him you’re comfortable asking for money from the people you care about, and that he’s loved.

More than 90% of the time, women tell their boyfriends that they would not gently seek money from them if they did not mean so much to them.

When you gently ask your boyfriend for money, you may use the following phrases to persuade him to give it to you:

Because you’re my lover, I feel completely at ease asking you for money. I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t have to.

I admire and love you so much, and that is why I am asking you for money as you know I wouldn’t request money from other guys.

Because of the love I have for you, I have stayed put with you and I feel I deserve money from you.

Make a psychological request for money

Use the psychological element of making a nice money request to persuade your partner to give you money. For example, the words you say should be triggering, and your body language should be romantic if you’re together.

By body language, I don’t mean you should entice him simply to get some cash; rather, your body language should remind him of what you both have in common: love.

For example, to get money from your boyfriend, you could use things like “my love,” “our,” “sharing,” “please,” “together,” “we,” and so on.

If you’re together, your body language may indicate that you’re remorseful on the outside but happy on the inside. The reason for this is because it reveals your babyish side to your lover, giving him the impression that you are down to earth for him.

Here’s what your boyfriend will then do: He will give you a kiss or a hug and offer you the money.

Describe why you need the funds

He is not your husband, as we both know. Of course, a spouse is not the same as a boyfriend, and you don’t want your guy to believe that the relationship is all about money, particularly if he is rich.

He will provide you money when you need it for difficult circumstances since he knows how essential it is for you to get the money.

If your reason(s) for wanting money is unimportant, he may come up with an excuse not to give you money. Meanwhile, if you’re in a committed relationship, expressing why you need money shouldn’t be difficult. But don’t say that you’re entitled to the money because you’ve given yourself to him.

You’re giving your lover the idea that you only love him for his money if you offer yourself to him because you need money favours.

Make a list of your needs

If you’re having trouble asking your partner for money, the first thing you should do is write out your requirements. Simply figure out what you need the money for and how much you’ll need to fix the issue.

Estimate the cost of the money you’ll need, but don’t tell your partner how much it will cost. Instead, once you’ve informed him of the issue, you may let him estimate the cost on his own.

He will either estimate a cost that is greater or lower than your estimate. If it is lower, tell him so; otherwise, don’t tell him that the quantity you need is less.

Method of Giving and Taking

Have something to trade at the time and then seek money as soon as possible. So, let’s say you got money from your lover for a week and spent it quicker than you expected. Another approach if you are looking for how to ask your boyfriend for money without seeming forceful is to utilize this technique.

You must discover something he desires, assist him in achieving it, and then make the request while it is still hot and he is grateful.

  • Does he need assistance in the preparation of certain dishes? If so, assist him in preparing such foods.
  • He’s probably horny, so you could go down with him.
  • He has to straighten things out; assist him in doing so.

Your request should be spontaneous and new to him, which means you haven’t told him about it previously.

7 Ways to Ask Your Boyfriend for Money And Get It Easily - Hisparadise.com

Ask for a loan from your boyfriend

This trick on how to ask your boyfriend for money does not necessarily mean you will pay your boyfriend the money you loaned. Here’s is how this trick plays out;

  • First of all, ask for a loan from your boyfriend.
  • Although he is not likely to give you a loan, he will give you some part of the money without expecting you to pay it back.
  • Surely the money you need as a loan must be far greater than what you need, so when he gives you the money which he does not expect you to pay back, you would have some substantial amount of money with you.

Incessant complaints and murmuring

Here is another tick on how to ask your boyfriend for money. However, this trick works best when your boyfriend is in a happy mood. Perhaps, if you ask your boyfriend for cash, and he says he does not have it, continue asking by complaining that you are broke until he gives you the money.


As a lady, asking your boyfriend for money demands you to have some form of strategy or else you will be regarded as materialistic and shown the exit door. This is why I have compiled this article to educate you on how to ask your boyfriend for money.

Before asking your boyfriend for money, be sure you are ready to offer him something in return. Do not pester him with questions all the time to give the impression that you are an overbearing girlfriend.

Avoid unnecessary money demands, courteous or not, while he is not in the greatest financial situation. Finally, if you’re wondering if the question on how to ask your boyfriend for money sounds alright, always try to look for his best mood and the best environment.

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