7 Things Couples Must Have in Their Bedroom

A lockable door

Our bedroom door did not have a lock for the first several years we had children. We installed a child lock on our doorknob when our oldest began to open doors.

We now have a lock on the door, but it’s one of those that can be easily opened if you have anything flat. Although it may prevent our children, it’s about time to install a lock that requires a specific key to open.

A locked door serves as a physical boundary and does not have to be viewed negatively. It can give you and your partner more privacy while also signaling to your children that you are not currently available.

Whether you’re getting ready in the morning, having an important talk or marital meeting, or enjoying an intimate moment, the lock on your door signals to your children that they should return later. It can give you an extra minute to finish getting ready or conclude your chat without being interrupted suddenly.

Sound machine

A sound machine can help your marriage in a variety of ways! On a daily basis, it can help to muffle the sound of your spouse snoring or noises outside your window. A sound machine near your bed will help you sleep better. I’ve also heard couples swear by sound devices to relax them during intimate moments.

If you have children or live with other family members, keeping a sound machine near your door and/or heat vents can help to “soundproof” your home. It can also be a fantastic method to create some privacy when you’re having personal talks that you don’t want other people in the house to overhear.

Pictures of themselves

I once heard a terrific piece of advice: don’t adorn your bedroom with images of your children or other family members. If one of you happens to catch the eye of someone in your photos at an inconvenient time, it can ruin the mood. To that end, I usually recommend that couples decorate with photos of themselves as well as phrases or artifacts that mean something to them as a couple.

As a married couple, your room should be about the two of you. Use wedding images, selfies from wonderful dates or trips, your favorite love quotes, wedding song lyrics, and so on. They’re wonderful for reminding you and your partner of what’s essential and who you are at the heart of your relationship.

Mood lighting

Lighting has the ability to change the ambiance of a room very instantly! Simply by turning down the lights, you may change the mood of your room for a date night at home, pillow conversation, or intimate moments.

Simply shutting off the overhead light and depending on the lighting on your bedside table can help. I adore flameless candles, such as these ones, that can be used to beautify your home. They are activated by pressing a button on a remote that you can store in your bedside table drawer.

Blackout curtains

Because of the orientation of our property, our bedroom receives a lot of natural light throughout the day. Except when we want to sleep in or take a nap in the middle of the day, I adore it. We adore energy-saving curtains and recently upgraded to ones that are easier to open and close, allowing us to take advantage of natural light and make our room more pleasant during the day.

A storage box that locks

You may believe that no one will enter your room or dig through drawers or boxes and discover more personal material that you do not want to be discovered. But first, let me tell you about the time I arrived upstairs and found condoms all over the floor in the hall and in my bedroom.

Fortunately, its OIL-BASED LUBRICANT has a variety of applications, including this one. You can guarantee we ordered a lockable box to keep those kinds of goods out of reach of curious children. Look for a box that will fit beneath your bed or in your closet.

No clutter

We lived in flats for the first five years of our marriage and didn’t have a lot of extra storage space. Our bedroom also served as a storage space for food that didn’t fit in our kitchen cupboards. It also served as storage for everything we owned, as well as our workplace because we didn’t have somewhere else to put the desk.

I was very deliberate about what we allowed into our room when we moved into our house and had more space. We’ve used baskets to keep the miscellaneous stuff we each have in order. And I attempt to get rid of any mounds of paper or other items that don’t belong in our room.

Having a place that is free of clutter and other things that need to be taken care of offers numerous advantages. For one thing, it’s a much more welcoming and pleasant environment. Another reason to keep your bedroom tidy and clutter-free are that it will allow you to clear your mind and concentrate on your marriage. I’m not sure about you, but when there’s a mess, that’s all I can think about.

There are a lot of other items I’d like to have in our room. A deep soaking tub, a reading nook with two comfortable chairs, and a balconwhere we may relax. But the purpose of this piece isn’t to help you design your ideal bedroom.

My purpose in compiling this list was to give you some ideas and simple items you can add to your room to help make it more of a sanctuary for your marriage and a place where you can go to build your marriage.

What additional factors do you believe have contributed to your room serving as a place for you to retreat and reconnect as a couple?

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