6 Ways to Counteract Culture’s Take on Sex

Ever wondered what sex has to do with a car battery or chewing gum advertisement? Society believes that sex sells. Advertisers use sexual imagery to capture their audience’s attention. Little wonder that sex appeal is sprinkled everywhere, whichever side you turn. Our music, radio, TV, advertisements, movies, magazines, social platforms, and other entertainment avenues reek of sexual imagery. Tragically, we even have these sexual innuendos sneaked into kids’ programs and cartoons.  Culture portrays sex as casual, cheap, and within reach. After all, everyone is involved in it. This sexually charged environment does little to help as we seek to live holy lives and as we raise our children. Seeing that Christians are called to be the light of the world, the onus is on us to pass on the right message about sex both to our kids and to society. Here are 6 ways to counter culture’s take on sex.Photo Credit: ©Unsplash/Gift Habeshaw

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