10 Tricks To Get Your Girlfriend To Admit She Cheated On You

We have created a list of 10 Tricks To Get Your Girlfriend To Admit She Cheated On You that can help you achieve that goal. Although characteristics of a cheating woman can be identified through some logical methods, tricking her into admitting her mistakes may not be that simple. And to help you with that, we have created a list of 10 Tricks To Get Your Girlfriend To Admit She Cheated On You that can help you achieve that goal.

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You know she did it. You can feel it and probably prove it too. But before rushing into that quarrelsome confrontation, wouldn’t it be better to have a classic old confession. No blame game and no twisting of facts. Knowing how to get your girlfriend to admit she cheated on you can not only help you avoid an ugly fight, but can also provide you with the closure your heart has been aching for.

10 Tricks To Get Your Girlfriend To Admit She Cheated On You

10 Tricks To Get Your Girlfriend To Admit She Cheated On You
10 Tricks To Get Your Girlfriend To Admit She Cheated On You – Hisparadise.com

My friend Mark, recently opened up to me about his relationship situation. He said “I think my girlfriend is cheating but I can’t prove it!” It was a tricky situation as although most relationships experience conflicts, the shady seed of mistrust in a relationship can be extremely destructive. So, to help Mark and protect him from accusing his girlfriend without a solid reason, I advised him to look out for a few signs.

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Facts about cheating girlfriends are not difficult to find. If you observe some inconsistent changes in her behavior, lack of communication or bad communication, or a busier schedule that she is not ready to discuss about, then there are high chances that she has someone new in her life. It is often seen that a woman who is talks for about 30-60 minutes per day with her partner. However, an unfaithful woman might not want to communicate with her partner for more than five minutes.

But are these signs sufficient to confirm that she is seeing someone else behind your back? Maybe, no! Just ticking off the characteristics of a cheating woman are not enough to prove your point. To free your mind with this seed of doubt and mistrust, and to save yourself from losing your mind, hearing the truth from her mouth is the only way. However, to get partner to admit cheating, you need to have a solid plan. By using these 11 tricks on how to get your girlfriend to admit she cheated, you can successfully propel that much needed confession.

1. Call her credit card statement to the witness box

If your problem is that your girlfriend is not admitting to cheating, then relax. Because although she can refuse to confess her mistakes, her credit card statement cannot! To get your woman to confess she’s cheating can be a difficult task. It may involve lots of arguments and fact twisting. But that cannot be the case with her financial history.

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Your girlfriend’s credit card statements are a great way of deducing whether she has been cheating on you. If she is seeing someone behind your back, then her statements will speak about it. Her bank expenses and history are clearly indicative of what, when and where she spends her money on.

And the best part is, with a solid proof like an inexplicable bank transaction, she simply can’t deny the expenses that she most probably incurred on her romantic rendezvous with someone else. All this transaction history can prove to be a strong pillar in making your cheating girlfriend crack and admitting that she cheated on you.

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2. Slyly lay out that guilt trap

Straight up asking your girlfriend if she cheated seems to be an easy way to get the truth out. But rarely is it so simple. Sometimes we get carried away by emotions and lose track of all the closure we needed in the first place. Emotions are powerful enough to tangle anyone’s wit let alone a lover who has been cheated on.

Thus, it is extremely important to use these emotions to get the truth we deserve. And a very effective and somewhat tricky way to make your girlfriend admit that she cheated on you is to entangle her in a carefully laid guilt trap. It is often seen, that to make someone confess the truth, you have to make them realise the gravity of their lies.

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Try and start by being nice to your woman. Show your support, your trust, and express how grateful you are to have her in your life. If possible, entrust more emotional responsibilities on her. After seeing you shower your love like this out of the blue, she might begin to feel a bit uncomfortable. This discomfort may be a product of the guilt she feels because of the wrong deeds she has been committing. The moment she gives in to this guilt, that moment you will have your truth in front of you.

3. Propose a serious ‘next step’ for your relationship

To know how to get your girlfriend to admit she cheated, you need to know some facts about cheating girlfriends first. Proposing a serious next step for your relationship like moving in together, getting engaged or married, adopting a pet, or simply telling your parents about your relationship can force your girlfriend to admit she has been not true to you.

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One of the most prominent characteristics of a cheating woman includes her being a commitment-phobe, i.e she might be too scared of commitment. She might not want to take things up a notch as she does not want her lover to find out about it. She may even suggest you to keep your relationship hush as she has not yet made up her mind about what to do with you and the relationship you share together. Constant nudging into taking this next step might vex her, and she may confess her infidelity to justify her actions.

4. Pretend you know exactly what’s going on

If you think you have substantial evidence of your girlfriend cheating on you but she is not admitting to cheating no matter what, then you can confront her by saying “I know exactly what you have been up to!” If you already know the name of the guy, she has been cheating on you with, then this is a great time to bring that up.

Here are some questions to ask a cheating girlfriend to extract a confession. The best part is this can also be a great ‘How to trick your girlfriend into admitting she cheated over text’ trick. To get partner to admit cheating, you can start the conversation by asking her “Don’t you think we should talk about whatever is going on between you and [the name of the person she is seeing]?” Or “Is there anything you would like to tell me?” If she senses that you already know about her lover, then she might give in and let the cat out of the bag, thus confirming your suspicion.

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However, if she is still keen on not admitting to cheating, then bluffing can be an effective way of making her admit her mistakes. Guide her into telling what she did by offering details built on the facts and evidences you already have. For example, you can tell her “Last night you were not home and you said you were at Sarah’s. However, I called up Sarah and got to know you weren’t there.” Then supply the narrative you think is true and then you will see your girlfriend make corrections and filling in the details about what really happened.

5. Ensnare her with the jealousy trap

There are chances that some cheating girlfriends may lack the virtue of guilt. And for these tough to crack ladies, one must go in a completely different direction. Instead of persuading her soul to confess, poke her jealousy bone to let the shocking truth out. Yes you can use jealousy to your advantage to figure out the truth! Simply put, try to make her so jealous that she speaks the truth about her cheating just to show you she doesn’t even care about you anymore. The feeling of jealousy might force her to question her place in this relationship dynamic. She might feel that all her sneaking away is not worth as you are already out of love with her.

To exercise this technique, just play very nice to one of your female friends. Start hanging out with her frequently without informing your girlfriend. However, make sure that your girlfriend comes to know about your meetings from a different source.

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Seeing you sneaking away like this might trigger the rage inside her. And this anger might then compel her to say or do something that can indicate her desire to end things with you and let the cat out of the bag. She may tell you the truth just to prove that she is better and can have a better man than you in her life.

6. Be a psychological Ninja

To know how to get your girlfriend to admit she cheated, you have to have a sound knowledge of body language and psychology. Sometimes you may have a smart cheater around you and to trick them you need to constantly be on your toes. Your girlfriend might successfully convince you with a false story. But you have to ask the same question again and again after a period of time to check if her answers vary.

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Also, noticing certain signs like fidgeting, avoiding eye contact, changes in dressing style, or you coming across some gifts or purchases you have no idea about can help you trap her. Some questions to ask a cheating girlfriend to trick her into admitting might be “Where did you get [a particular item] from? Or “What were you doing last Saturday?” or “My friend said she saw you earlier with. Who was he?”

7. Float the idea of an open relationship

Sometimes it’s best to bait your girlfriend directly into admitting that she has cheated on you. To do this, you could just start off a casual conversation on relationships involving polygamy and how the idea of an open marriage or relationship with your partner would sound.

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This may lead to an inner urge for you girlfriend to pounce on this idea so as to save herself from the moral toll she has been paying due to cheating on you. She, most probably would be supportive and if this area is explored a bit more with a welcoming attitude, she might even confess to have been cheated on you.

8. Check her cell phone

“I think my girlfriend is cheating but I can’t prove it.” If you catch yourself saying this often, then it’s time to give your mind some peace. Drawing healthy boundaries and respecting each other’s privacy is fundamental in any relationship. But when you know that your partner is disrespecting you and your love, sometimes taking up some extreme steps becomes necessary.

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If you want to know how to trick your girlfriend into admitting she cheated over text or in person, then her cell phone might be the only option for you. The best source of information of your girlfriend cheating can be found in this tiny little device she uses to communicate and fix up plans with an abominable someone. To make your girlfriend admit to have been cheating, you could simply scour through her chats, texts and other media. This can provide you concrete evidences to make sure that your girlfriend has been cheating and since these are facts, there is no denying these.

9. Get her to go on a vacation

If your girlfriend is not admitting to cheating, take her to a vacation! Sounds weird? But it’s not! If your girlfriend’s a cheater, she would definitely make excuses the moment she hears about a romantic vacation, especially a long one which she may have always dreamt of. The thought of being away with you for a long period implicitly means staying away from her new loved one.

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Also, even if she agrees to go out, she definitely would spend some time alone in order to converse with that person and this should be fairly noticeable on a romantic vacation. When asked for explanation about these specific characteristics, she definitely would snap and have to admit it.

10. Catch her red-handed

In many cases, partners resort to admitting to cheating years later. This is because it gives them sufficient time to cook up a good story or use this as an excuse to end the relationship when they are done with you. But getting a confession when the deed was done will give you the power to decide the fate of the relationship and would not end up making you feel used.

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So, don’t give her the chance of admitting to cheating years later. Instead try everything in your power to seek the truth. Out of all ‘How to get your girlfriend to admit she cheated’ tricks, this one might be a bit controversial. As catching your girlfriend red-handed might require you to carefully track her each and every move. It might also require you to hire a private detective or use some immoral tactics to extract the information she has been hiding from you.

As soon as you catch her and her lover together, extracting a confession would not be a problem. She will blurt out the truth and you won’t even have to wonder about how to get your girlfriend to admit she cheated ever again.

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